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Excerpt From Pages 216-217 of A History of the Township and Village of Howell Michigan - 1911

October 2, 1892, fire broke out in the basement of Isaac Bush's grocery on Grand River street, between Division and State streets. The flue stop had fallen out of the chimney in the basement. People in the store adjoining, burned out some papers and truck, in their stove.  The fire was drawn down through the chimney, with the result already given.  It had a good headway before discovered and was soon beyond control.  All the buildings in that block, fronting on Grand River street, exept the east store were burned. The loss was estimated at $75,000.

Among the heavy loosers were Hickey & Goodnow who occupied a double store.  The building collapsed before anyone expected and several people had very narrow escapes.  Oliver Cook had to be pulled out.  Mrs. F.G. Hickey was caught by one foot, and called loudly for those near to get and axe and cut off her foot.  Crowbars were secured and she was finally pried loose with great effort.

Frank G. Hickey and Darwin Wines were very soon missed.  Their remains were found in the ruins as soon as the fire was sufficiently under control so that the anxious ones could search for them.  Mr. Hickey was senior member of the firm.  Mr. Wines was a contractor and builder.

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