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Water Works Article from Page 1 of Livingston Republican October 13, 1892

The fire last week emphasized in a very forcible and expensive way the necessity of some better protection against fire. The city as now situated is literally at the mercy of the fire. The fire last week destroyed some $50,000 worth of property and what is of far more importance, two human lives; and five years ago stil more was consumed to say nothing of other fires.

It is very probable that the fire last week could have been stopped in the basement where it started with a good supply of water.  Our company fought it bravely with the means at their command and held the fire in the basement one hour and a half.  Too much cannot be said in their praise.  Not the boys but the means at their command were wanting.

Tuesday evening a petition numerously signed asking for water works was presented to the council. Several citizens were present and urged upon the council the importance of the subject.  Chas. G. Jewett, Fred P. Schroeder, L.C. Smith, H.B. Blackman and two gentlemen from Fenton made remarks.

Fenton put in water works three years ago and the citizens are well pleased with the results according to reports.  What wll Howell do in this matter?

The council appointed Chas. G. Jewett, F.P. Schroeder and L.C. Smith, water commissiioners, to take the matter in hand, subject to the direction of the council.  All progress in the work will be caefully reported.  This is a matter in which all are interested and should be considered with the utmost care.

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