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  • HCDL-ngp-T006-09-0012_u.jpg

    Village of Gregory, Michigan - Early Years. Can see horses and wagons/carriages. The sign on the near building reads ? Smith.

    unknown year
  • HCDL-ngp-T006-09-0009_u.jpg

    The Gregory Hotel in Gregory, Michigan

    One of the early businesses in Gregory.  (Originally?) Owned by Mr. Du Boise. From the June 17, 2001 edition of the Town Crier.

    unknown year
  • HCDL-ngp-T006-09-0008_u.jpg

    L.A. Spalding General Store in Gregory, Michigan

    unknown year
  • HCDL-ngp-T006-01-0014_u.jpg

    This photograph is labeld "Oak Grove Poultry Man", shows the  business section and poultry wagon in Oak Grove, Livingston, Michigan.

    Name of man: unknown
    Date: unknown
  • HCDL-ngp-T006-01-0013_u.jpg

    This photograph depicts Oak Grove business section on East Main Street.    The writing on the center building reads, "Oak Grove Meat Market Read White".    The signage on the building to the right unreadable.   

    Date: unknown
    Children in photo: unknown.
  • HCDL-ngp-T006-01-0006_u.jpg

    This photograph is labeled Cohoctah Township.  It is the interior of a store.

    The exact location, name of the store, and persons in the pictures are unknown.
  • HCDL-ngp-T006-01-0001_u.jpg

    This is a photograph of East Cohoctah showing E. G. Westphal Hardware.

    Date unknown.
  • HCDL-ngp-T004-09-0013_u.jpg

    Holloway Construction Plane at Livingston County Airport in Howell, Michigan - 1975

    The airplane is a Mitsubishi MU-2.

    View Livingston County Press article.
  • HCDL-ngp-T004-09-0007_u.jpg
  • HCDL-ngp-T004-07-0031_u.jpg

    Ann Arbor Railroad Wrecked Car near Wright Elevator

    unknown date, unknown location
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