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  • HCDL-ngp-A002-04-0001_u.jpg

    123 W. Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan -1913
    A. Garland Tailoring - Howell Opera House - The Bennett Hardware Co.
    The building was owned by Arthur Garland.

    Photo shows 1913 store fronts of:
    A Garland Fine Tailoring, address # 217 Grand River Avenue. Signage includes: A. Garland; Garland Tailoring; Foreign & Domestic Woolens
    Two gentlemen in hats stand in the doorway.

    The middle doors are the outside entrance to the Howell Opera House.
    Two gentlemen in hats are passing by on the sidewalk.

    The Bennett Hardware Co.
    Three gentlemen in hats stand in the doorway.
    Business purchased March 1913 by Charles Sutton.

    There are window displays and flag bunting decorating columns and posts.

    Photo is captioned in the 1976 Howell Bicentennial History, pg 178:
    This is the outside entrance to the Opera House. On the left, Garland stands in the entrance to his store, on the right, Bennett and Chas. Sutton (tall one) stand by their hardware store, 1913.

    Can see part of Grand River Avenue and men standing in the entrances to the store fronts.  Current address of Opera House is 123 W Grand River Rd, Howell, MI 48843.
  • HCDL-ngp-A002-04-0002_u.jpg

    The cast of children in a Howell Opera House play in Howell, Michigan around the 1900's.  Current address of Opera House is 123 W Grand River Rd, Howell, MI 48843.
  • HCDL-ngp-A002-04-0006_u.jpg

    The cast of girls for a school play at the Howell Opera House, Howell, Michigan in 1906.  Current address of Opera House is 123 W Grand River Rd, Howell, MI 48843.
  • HCDL-ngp-A002-04-0007_u.jpg

    A portrait of Ed Stair, George Crossman, Jay Carson, Dr. Will Spencer, and Mr. Kingman in 1880. Unknown order.
  • HCDL-W001-1945-Service-Record-of-Fowlerville-and-Howell-WWII_m.pdf

    Service Record Book of Men and Women of Fowlerville and Howell, Michigan
  • HCDL-H004-Briggs-Postcard_u.jpg

    A postcard showing downtown Howell, Michigan sent to a Mrs. H.G. Briggs in Chicago, Illinois postmarked March 4, 1898. The streets are unpaved with horses and buggies, bicycles, and people walking. Visible business signs of an undertaker, Goodnow and Beach, Goodnow & Jubb, McPhersons Bank, and Porter Clothing Co. Partial sign with word Cigar.

    Postcard reads: "If you have a magnifying glass you can tell who those boys are on the corner especially the one with the wheel."
  • HCDL-ngp-F003-01-0018_u.jpg

    Photos showing the fire that happened on October 5, 1892 on the block east of East St. (present day Michigan Ave.) and North of Grand River in Howell, Michigan. The damage was estimated at $50,000.  Frank Hickey and Ed Wines perished. Some businesses shown in the photos are Ed K. Johnson Drugs and Henry C. Briggs Jeweler. They are both in the same building that was built in 1889. Current address of that building is 112 E Grand River Rd, Howell, MI 48843. This entire block had burned in 1887.

    There is an additional photo "The Champion Fire Extinguisher During the Fire of 1892" on page 127 of The Howell Bicentennial History 1776-1976 Part 2.

    View page page 122 of The Howell Bicentennial History 1776-1976 Part 2 for another picture after the fire.

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  • HCDL-ngp-A004-02-0044_u.jpg

    A portrait of Arthur Heikkinen, Attorney in 1964.

    He was born in 1921 and died in 2015. Practiced law in Howell, Michigan for fifty years.
  • HCDL-ngp-A004-02-0047_u.jpg

    A portrait photo of Judge Willis Lyons in 1948.

    He was born in 1877 and died in 1970. He held the following positions:

    • Livingston County, Michigan Clerk
    • Livingston County, Michigan Prosecutor
    • Livingston County, Michigan Probate Judge
    • Livingston County, Michigan Circuit Judge
  • HCDL-ngp-A004-02-0053_u.jpg

    Stan Berriman, Attorney & Municipal Judge - 1975

    Nicholas Stanley Berriman, born in Calumet in 1907; he died in 1983.

    Stanley Berriman served as Livingston County Michigan Prosecutor, Justice of the Peace, and as a municipal judge.  

    In 1982, Mr. Berriman was honored by the Livingston County Bar Association for becoming the first attorney to practice law in the county for fifty years.

    People in photo: unknown
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