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    These 1980 portraits are of Frank Detterbeck, M.D., and his wife, Ingeborg.

    Dr.Detterbeck was associated with the Howell State Hospital.

    Livingston County Daily Press & Argus/image/453416685/?terms=%22Frank%20Detterbeck%22&match=1 (in library use only)
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    Michigan State Sanatorium, Howell State Hospital, Hillcrest Center, Howell, Michigan. In 1890, the Michigan State Board of Health petitioned the state Legislature for money to create and support a Michigan State Sanatorium to care for patients suffering from tuberculosis.

    In 1905, the State legislators approved $20,000 for land acquisition and one year of operating expenses.(HCDL-bd-Healing-Place-Howell-Sanatorium_m.mp4)

    Names Mentioned:

    • tuberculosis
    • Michigan State Sanatorium
    • Fred Euler
    • County Farm Road
    • New York
    • Dr. Trudeau
    • shacks
    • Administration building
    • chapel
    • power plants
    • farm
    • water tower
    • tunnel system
    • lobby 
    • Nellie Lansing Glenn
    • carbolic acid
    • University of Michigan physicians
    • streptomycin
    • Glen Smith
    • cooks
    • Harry Lamb
    • Pauline Bailey
    • Dan Leavenworth
    • Jim Guy
    • Midland Michigan
    • Laundry
    • Clinton Whalen
    • consumption
    • Hillcrest Center for Developmentally Disabled
    • P.A. 111
    • Howell State Hospital
    • unknown persons
    • Marion Township
    • Ruth ??
    • Marily Wilson
    • Ruth and Leslie White
    • Dr. Frank Detterbeck
    • Lou Crawford
    • Ralph Benson
    • Delores  ?Calen
    • Robert ?Calen
    • Livingston County Poor Farm
    • cemetery
    • Blossom Farm
    • Archives of Michigan
  • A booklet describing what consumption is and the patient rules at the sanatorium. The daily routine is also listed.
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