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Item HCDL-ngp-G002-14-0006_u.jpg Dammon Family Portrait -1865
Item HCDL-ngp-ZNB002-02-0021_u.jpg Joseph Peebles - 1880
Item HCDL-ngp-B002-02-0049_u.jpg 1st National Bank, Howell, Michigan
Item HCDL-ngp-S002-06-0002a_u.jpg Portrait of Jeanette Brigham
Item HCDL-ngp-B001-01-002_u.jpg Nucleus, Roy Young Band - 1983
Item HCDL-ngp-B002-02-0078_u.jpg Steve Itsell, President, First National Bank, Howell, Livingston, Michigan
Item HCDL-ngp-A004-02-0091_u.jpg A Portrait of Grace Grieve Smith, 1965.
Item HCDL-ngp-ZNB002-02-0049_u.jpg Paul Bennett, Howell Public Schools, Athletic Director
Item HCDL-ngp-ZNB002-02-0060_u.jpg Ted Merchant
Item HCDL-ngp-ZNB002-02-0061_u.jpg Ted Merchant