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WHMI 93.5 FM/1350 AM Flashback


The Voice of Livingston County, Michigan. Staff of WHMI: John Thiel, Bert Thomas, Lou Martin, Bob Utley, Mike Maurer, Robert Kleeb, Scott Ginsburg, Frances Pittman, Bobbi Starr, Jon Morris, Greg Sieloff, Mike Reghi, Michael Till, W.H. "Bill" Baum, Jeri Linksz, Ann Bignell, Martee Mohr, Jim Evers, Harold Almstead, Gary Zanders, Bill Anderson, Greg Jablonski, Marsha Jablonski, Todd Coy, Mike Lawson, Elizabeth Garvey, Allen ?, Christine Jones, Jeffrey Welling, Jim Kerr, Jim Muller, Tim LaMotte, Pat Batcheller, Buzz Elliot, Reed Kittredge, Mike Merino, Jon King, Julie ?, Jessica ?, Mitch ?

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