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Abstract for Brighton Township, Livingston County, Michigan E 1/2 of SE 1/4 and SW 1/4 of SE 1/4 1836-1944


Names Mentioned
Nathaniel Theuston, Martin Van Buren, Nathaniel Thurston, Elijah Marsh, Ann Thurston, Hiram Van Lenven, Betsey Marsh, Mary Van Lenven, Richard Marsh, Mylo Marsh, Francis Marsh, Daniel Rish, Cordelia Smith, Elizabeth Marsh, Elisha Glasier, Lucy Marsh, Milo Marsh, Job Durfee, Rebecca Durfee, Henry Ross, Alma Ross, John Ross, Sarah Ross, Hannah English, Lewis Odell, Dililah Odell, Elisha Glazier, Harriett Glazier, Esbon Ross, Martha Ross, Laura Ross, Carrie Swan, William Ball, Caroline Swann, Charles Swann, Oliver Tenney, Helen Tenney, Helen Tenney, Frances Tenney, Margaret Carter, Frances Lindsley, Samuel Weisbrod, George Marston, Ralph Becker, W.W. Knapp, Murray Martin, Harry Meyers, Paul King, Ned Epley, Merle Roninger,Luman Fuller, Louisa Wells, Lauren Hewett, William Hinman, John Morse, Hiram Walker, Federal Land Bank of St. Paul, W.I. Myers, A.S. Goss, W.L. Day, E.E. Thwing, McPherson State Bank, Carl Kelley, John Hagman, Joseph Adamowicz, Victoria Adamowicz, Pure Oil Company, E. F. Clagett, Andrew Jackson, A.J. Donelson, Stanley Singer, Agnes Singer, Gladys Birkenstock, Harry Birkenstock, Jessie Birkenstock, Ruth Carter, Carl Birkenstock, Fae Birkenstock, Gladys Birkenstock, Harry Birkenstock, Joseph Birkenstock,

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