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Abstract For Brighton Township, Livingston County, Michigan NW frl. 1/4 of Section 7 1833-1935


Names Mentioned
Aaron Kelly,William Clark,Alvin Benjamin,Emeline Kelley,Richard Bush,Alexander Buell,Bradford Campbell,Harriet Buell,Jacintha Clark,Charlotte Benjamin,John Brown,Zuriah Brown,Chloe Clark,Mary Clark,Rhoby Clark,James Clark,Benjamin Clark,Ann Clark,John Clark,Jacintha Fennell,J. R. Fennell,Charles Hyne,Emilia Clark,Margaret Clark,Hiram Beakes,John Swathel,Charles Chapin,Hannah Hyne,Harriet Newcomb,Katie Clark,William Stuhrberg,Frederick Stuhrberg,Mary Stuhrberg,Carl Stuhrberg,Catherine Stuhrberg,Helen Stuhrberg,William Winkelhaus,Killins-stuhrberg Real Estate,Beatrice Tacke,David Killins,Ray Killins,William Winchell,Harriet Winchell,Fayette Kelley,Charles Kelley,Caroline Lewis,May Kelley,Celestia Kelley,Maria Kelley,Frederick Hyne,Sarah Hyne,Carl Kelley,John O'hara,Otilia O'hara,Anna Clark,Edwin Rogers,Adna Lewis,Sarah Rogers,Christian Turau,Mary Turo,J. Harman Bailey,Emma Bailey,Joseph Berkinstalk,Mary Schoenhals,Julia Bidwell,Conrad Birkenstock, Amelia Birkenstock,Joseph Birkenstock,Hattie Birkenstock,Mary Birkenstock,Henry Bidwell,Anna Birkenstock,Carl Birkenstock,Clark Lake Park Syndicate,William Shaw,Ethel Birkenstock,Albert Selak,Emma Selak,Joseph Collins,Emily Stuhrberg,Vernon Brown,State Of Michigan,John Mustard,Charles Goslin,Jennie Kent,Eileen Kent,William Kilpatrick,Louise Schulz,Esther Kilpatrick,Ada Goslin,A. Leo Kent,Philip Hart,Ira Bingham,Charlotte Tompkins,Luke Montague,Louise Meyer,Theodore Turau,Mary Turau,John Meyers,Theodore Turo,Louisa Meyer,Peter Loch,Ida Birkenstock,Gladys Birkenstock,Ruth Carter,Harry Birkenstock,Jessie Mitchell,Willie Lyons,Storms,Oscar Schoenhals,Ford Stuhrberg,Catherine Hampton

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