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Abstract for Brighton Township, Livingston County, Michigan E 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of Section 10 1834-1945


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Evander Fisher,Richard Lyons,Andrew Jackson,C. I. Donelson,William Seymour,Ann Seymour,Charles Seymour,Caleb Benedict,Samuel Conely,Rebecca Conely,John Mcclements,George Conely,William Conely,Benjamin Conely,John Conely,Francis Conely,Thomas Conely,Mary Beach,Henry Conely,Eliza Conely,Martha Lyones,William Graham,John Adam,John Swegles,Israel Arms,Julia Arms,John Arms,Eliza Graham,Sylvester Calkins,Harriet Calkins,Austin Goucher,Lydia Goucher,Martha Arms,Thomas Walsh,Mary Walsh,Christian Schliter,Mary Schliter,John Placeway,Carrie Placeway,John Shaw,Emma Shaw,William Koplick,Jessie Koplick,James Mccarthy,Benjamin Clark,Kate Clark,Ella Wood,Louis Quick,Jessie Quick,Jane Skinner,Jane Dwight,John Harper,Lavina Harper,Nehemiah Taylor,Lewis Quick,William Felt,Willis Lyons,Loucille Felt,Celestia Parshall,William Bidwell,Herbert Rhodes,Beulah Rhodes,Elizabeth Fisher,Theodore Turan,Aaron Kelly,Mary Kelly,Charles Kelly,C. G. Young,Constantine Young,Lucy Oldfield,John Shaw',Edgar Durfee,Ira Bingham,Daniel Marsh,Mary Campbell,A. B. Kice,Thurber Cornell,Horace Hallock,Asher Bates,Eurotus Hastings,Abner Bates,Charles Stewart,Ashen Bates

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