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Abstract for Cohoctah Township, Livingston County, Michigan SW 1/4 of Section 10, and E 1/2 of NE 1/4 and the W 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Section 15 1836-1945


Names Mentioned

Aretas Smith,Miles Lampson,Martin Van Buren,A Van Buren,M Van Buren,Kethrah Smith,Ephraim Starr,Polly Starr,Nathaniel Davenport,Dolly Davenport,Joseph Jackson,Mary Jackson,Joseph Parkhust,William Mcpherson,Elizabeth Mcpherson,Thomas White,Samuel Teller,Ralph Ely,F Lee,Eliza Teller,Louisa Teller,Edward Bishop,William Buckland,Jesse Rumsey,May Buckland,Thomas Town,Lydia Town,Nathaniel Brayton,Martin Brayton,Martha Betterly,Martha Braytonlydia Grant,Lydia Brayton,Olive Brayton,Willis Lyons,Henry Teller,Hattie Lee,Bradley Lott,Emma Lott,Nellie Shells,Oren Shells,Willard Teller,James Downer,Josephine Downer,Frankie Moon,Albert Thompson,Albert Miller,H Ketchum,Louisa Grosvenor,Eugene Stowe,Miles Sampson,Eunia Sampson,John Lent,Lydia Lent,John Mcdiarmid,Isha Kelsey,Maria Kelsey,Noah Kelsey,Shipman Kelsey,Caroline Kelsey,Joseph Watters,Margaret Waters,John Brown,John Niles,Maranda Niles,Elias Sprague,David Brown,Theodor Smiley,Jaquis Gorson,Sherman Lane,Sarah Lane,Emerla Sprague,Lottie Teller,Daniel Lott,Mary Lott,Consumers Power Company,Clair Lott,Pasha Lott,Ray Lott,Conway Cohoctah Union Drain,John Zagorski,Theresa Zagorski,W Buckland,Jepe Rumsey,Cornelia White,Willaim Mcpherson,Neil Hearn,Charlotte Tompkins,Jermiah Dudley,Edward Embler,Charles Love,Carmelia Love,A Thompson,Berthold Listerman,W Beach,Charles Curtis,George Dudley,Perley Sexton,Luke Montague,Harriet Newcomb,Thomas Love,Henry Love,Angelia Ward,Archie Teller,Thomas Gordon,E Drewry,Jane Lott,W Erwin,Adam Stelzer,Josephine Gates,William Stone,Florence Stone,Howard Hoffman,Oliva Brayton,Lydia Grant

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