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Abstract for Cohoctah Township, Livingston County, Michigan NW 1/4 of Section 15 1836-1965


Names Mentioned

Stephen Beers,Joseph Beers,Miles Lamson,Martin Van Buren,A Van Buren,Miles Lampson,Clarissa Beers,Ann Beers,George Beers,Nathaniel Davenport,Harriet Beers,Polly Davenport,Henry Davenport,Daniel Davenport,Henry Teller,Gilbert Wakeman,Joseah Beers,William Ellis,Munson Ellis,Peter Lott,Sardis Hubbell,Edward Gay,Alva Preston,Lauren Hewett,Samuel Woodruff,Elisa Davenport,Theron Davenport,John Davenport,James Davenport,Abram Davenport,Horace Davenport,William Trumble,Irene Hewitt,Jasper Teller,Loren Davenport,Eliza Davenport,Mary Davenport,Lizzie Teller,Patrick Rabbitt,Anthony Gallagher,Owen Gallagher,Orren Kells,Nellie Kells,Orrin Kells,Bradley Lott,Homer Gorton,Emma Lott,Eunice Lampson,John Lent,Lydia Lent,John Mcdiarmid,Christy Mcdiamid,Ishi Kelsey,Noah Kelsey,Caroline Kelsey,Shjipman Kelsy,Shipman Kelsey,Joseph Watters,Margaret Watters,David Brown,John Niles,Miranda Niles,Henry Keyser,Eliza Sprague,Theodore Smiley,Jaquis Gordon,Hannah Galligan,William Galligan,George Keyser,Charles Martin,Betsey Martin,David Lord,Sarah Lord,George Kyser,Jonas Kyser,Alonzo Kyser,Mary Kyser,James Kyser,May Kyser,Hannah Root,Ann Keyser,Noah Richeson,William Hearding,Anna Hearding,William Kells,Annie Kells,Elizabeth Olson,Noah Richison,Louis Veeley,Louisa Keyser,Lois Gorton,Norris And Smith,J Norris,C Smith,E. ,M. Treat Oil And Gas Company,Martha Gorton,Lorraine Knight,Clifford Knight,Mcpherson State Bank,Rex Gorton,Avis Macadams,Avis Gorton,James Macadams,Merle Macadams,Bert Gorton,Loraine Francis,Arthur Dorie,Henrietta Dorie,Lois Jeffries,Vincent Dark,Elizabeth Dark,Max Schultz,Lucilla Schultz,Johnson Tiplady,Jeremiah Dudley,B Sherman,Monroe Britton,John Weimeister,W Watson,Emma Teller,Charlotte Tompkins,Sarah Coats,William Harding,Ann Harding,George Dudley,F Lee,Henry Lee,Frederick Lee,Patrick Gallagher,James Mcclaskey,Delia Teller,Anthony Gal;lagher,A Thompson,Laurella Derby,Nettie Kells,E Drewry,Willis Lyons,First National Bank In Howell,S Itsell

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