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Abstract for Cohoctah Township, Livingston County, Michigan SE 1/4 of Section 15 1837-1936


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Josiah Beers,Stephen Beers,Clarissa Beers,Ann Beers,George Beers,Harriet Beers,Nathaniel Davenport,Polly Davenport,Henry Davenport,Daniel Davenport,Horace Davenport,Henry Teller,Gilbert Wakeman,William Ellis,William Hinman,Uriah Drake,Isaac Barnum,Lauren Hewitt,Alvah Preston,Eliza Davenport,Theron Davenport,Loren Davenport,John Davenport,Samuel Woodruff,Irene Hewitt,Jasper Teller,Mary Davenport,Munsen Ellis,Peter Lott,Ellis Mill,Lucinda Teller,Samuel Teller,Eliza Teller,Delia Teller,Lizzie Teller,Patrick Rabbitt,Owen Gallagher,Anthony Gallagher,Fred Schroeder,Charles Goodnow,Carrie Goodnow,Eugenia Schroeder,Frederick Stelzer,William Teach,Emma Teach,Charlie Crawford,William Jackson,Sarah Crawford,John Teller,Wilmer Coleman,Glenn Shelly,Daniel Dacenport,Joseph Collins,Emma Teller,Charlotte Tompkins,Patrick Gallagher,James Mccloskey,Lawrence Rabbitt,Fred Schroader,Charles Crawford,Lorenzo Sullivan,Nelson Swarthout

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