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Ann Arbor Railroad Depot, Howell, Michigan - 1984


This photograph is of the Ann Arbor Railway Depot Howell, Michigan, and was taken as part of documentation for the R/UDAT Study, 1984.  In view is Depot, at North Walnut Street and Wetmore Street.  Holkins Lumber is also visible in the background, as are the railroad track going west out of town.  The photograph was taken from the Michigan Avenue Bridge.

In 1983, the Howell Area Chamber of Commerce applied for a R/UDAT (Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team) study, an American Institute of Architects program that brought a team of professionals to the city for a four-day period to study Howell's downtown, its ability to compete for regional shopping, and to make recommendations for improvements to re-vitalize the city.  The team, in 1984, during the study took photographs, interviewed people, held forums, and in the end provided an outline of strategies.

American Institute of Architects Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team

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