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Election Night, 1988. In this photograph are Shirley Anderson, Marilyn McGowan, Irma Sodderberg, and Eileen Smith.
In this photograph are Bernard Spehar, Jane Spehar, Audrey Murray, unknown, Lou Anderson, Don Rhodes, and unknown.
Library Millage Election Awaiting Results, left to right (front): Joy Scofield, Shirley Anderson, unknown, unknown, Maurine Crandall, unknown, Eileen Smith, Mr. Smith. Back: Marge Woodworth, Kathy Goetsch, Nancy Schank, Dennis Strasser, Barb Illinik, Don Rhodes, Mary Goetsch, Kathy Sue Graw (on table), Bernard Spehar, Jane Spehar, Kimberly Bastian, Diane McKee. Far Back: unknown, Vic Lopez, Tara Graw, Jerry McKenzie, Martha McKenzie, unknown, Catherine Thorpe.
Election Night, 1988.  In this photograph, left to right, Dick Milner, unknown, unknown, Joy Scofield, Irma Sodderberg, Jean Anderson, unknown, unknown, Maureen Crandall (green), unknown. Back: Marge Woodworth, Kathy Goetsch, Dennis Strasser, Nancy Schank, Barb Illinik, Mary Goetsch.
Tally Board and Staff.  In this photograph are Maureen Crandall, Kathleen Zaenger, and Lou Anderson.
Awaiting Results Election Night.  In this photograph, Front: Mary Goetsch, Jane Spehar, Bernard Spehar, unknown, Catherine Thorpe, Julie Mikesell, unknown. Back: Dennis Stasser, Diane McKee, Barb Illinek, Jerry McKenzie, Kath Sue Graw (on table), unknown, unknown, Vic Lopez.
Howell Library Board, left to right, Lou Anderson, Audrey Murray, Maureen Crandall, Bob Watson, Nancy Schank, Irma Sodderberg, Don Rhodes, Kathleen Zaenger.
Refreshments provided by the Friends of the Library
Howell Library Millage Election Night 1988. In this photograph, left to right, Nancy Schank, Maureen Crandall (green), Jerry McKenzie, Kathy Sue Graw, Vic Lopez, Kathleen Zaenger (back to camera), Don Rhodes (back to camera), Lou Anderson (back to camera), unknown.


Library Millage Election Night, Howell Carnegie District Library, Howell, Michigan - 1988


This group of photographs were taken at the Howell Carnegie District Library on Election Night, 1988, when the Library Millage was on the Ballot.   Bob Watson, board member, was the photographer.

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