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Howell High School, Howell, Michigan, Track & Field Team, 1949/1950


This is a photograph of the 1949-1950 Howell High School Track and Field Team, Howell, Michigan.  It was coached by Loron Willis and Frederick Jappinga.  They were undefeated in six dual meets, and placed second in the regional and conference meets.

In the photograph, front row, left to right: George Hasbrouck, William Roberts, Ralph Buckner, William Hilton, Carmen Kypke, William McQuillan, Allen Wonch, William Conine, Robert Matson, Richard Brogan.  

Second Row: Frederick Jappinga, coach, Ronald Hart, Robert Gallup, Robert Nelson, George Bain, James Campbell, Edmund Bailer, James Waller, Bruce Campbell, William Allen, Charles Elliott, James Liddy, Loron Willis, coach.

Third Row: Gerald Mack, Harold Coddington, Douglas Stringer, Robert Lyon, Richard Hagni, Robert McMacken, Jesse Mack, Asa Wykoff, Bruce Hardman.

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