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Deer Hunters Posing at the Cities Service Gas Station, Howell, Michigan, 1939


This is a photograph taken in November 1939 at 202 North Michigan Avenue, Howell, Michigan, Cities Service Gas Station, and shows a group of hunters gathering after preparing to go deer hunting.  They posed, cigars in hand, prior to leaving for their hunting camp. Based on the written text on the photo they were heading to Rush Lake area in Atlanta, Michigan.

The persons were identified as, from left to right, Frank Hagman, Art Hagman, Doc Chase, Henry Hagman, John Hagman, Hank Damman, Hughie Hobson, Ebson Swann, Claude Miller, Leslie Montague, Charlie Vincent and in the background was John Winegar.

This service station was later called John & Mike's Service Station, (John and Marvin Hagman)  then Mike's Service and was owned by Marvin J. Hagman.

Can see signage for Acme Tires, KoolMotor gas, Kold Pruf Anti-Freeze, Acme Batteries, and Henry C. Damman.

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