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    This is a photograph taken at the Democratic Rally and Pole Raising at Cohoctah, Michigan, October 22, 1922; it was included in the "Howell Bicentennial History Book: Photographic Supplement, 1992" pp. 226-7. The mules bore a sign, "Happy Days are Roosevelt Ways".

    The persons are, right to left, Herbert Cook, owner of the mules; child of Mr. Cook; Wally W. Knapp, driver, candidate for State Senator; Ed White, Deputy Sheriff; Claude E. Cady, candidate for Representative in Congress; Guy B. Hosley, local chairman; Edward B. Milett, candidate Register of Deeds; Alfred Pfau, County Chairman; Frank G. Knight, candidate, Supt. of the Poor; T. Henry Howlett, candidate Representative in Legislature; Oscar Schoenhals, candidate Judge of Probate; Henry D. Finley, candidate Sheriff; George H. Allen, candidate Supt. of the Poor; and Major I. Bravener, candidate County Clerk.
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