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Abstract for Cohoctah Township, Livingston County, Michigan NW 1/4 of Section 30 and SE 1/4 of Section 19 1836-1941



Abstract for Cohoctah Township, Livingston County, Michigan NW 1/4 of Section 30 and SE 1/4 of Section 19 1836-1941


Names Mentioned

James Hooper,Isaac Kidder,Gottleib Nieman,Martin Van Buren,A Van Buren,Waterbury Hendryx,William Hendryx,Lucy Hendryx,Digby Bell,Albert Crane,John Swigles,Emil Anneke,Ana Crane,Matilda Hendryx,Waterbury Hendrix,William Hendrix,Lucy Hendrix,Matilda Hendrix,Jacob Swank,Henry Deyarmond,Harry Haven,Sally Haven,Maria Swank,Norton Hendryx,Norton Hendrix,Uretta Hendrix,Simon Larson,Mette Larson,James Walsh,Bridget Walsh,William Raddatz,Bertha Radditz,Chester Hazard,Flavius Crane,Anna Crane,Francis Crawford,Lodemia Kidder,George Warner,Conrad Hayner,Mary Hayner,Joshua Swank,William Humphrey,Catherine Swank,Daniel Swank,Cynthia Crawford,Grace Swank,Waterbuty Ostrander,Harriet Ostrander,Marvin Mead,Jane Mead,Stephen Mead,John Graves,Joseph Sawyer,Mary Graves,Carl Radditz,Nellie Radditz,Abelone Larsen,William Larsen,Fred Larsen,Mary Simick,Norris And Smith,J Norris,C Smith,Pure Oil Company,E Clagett,Mary Larson,Dorothy Kingsley,Dorothy Wooden,Jeanette Larson,Beth Rubbins,Michigan Bell Telephone Company,Asa Parker,Jonathan Beebe,Lucy Beebe,Loran Beebe,Dyer Beebe,Deborah Beebe,Chauncey Hodge,Fanny Hodge,Lois Bullock,Almon Whipple,David Hess,M Hess,Charles Jeffries,Moses Hess,Whitney Jones,Langford Berry,Larryford Berry,Hellen Hess,Harriet Jeffries,George Maynard,Burr Smith,Mary Smith,Caleb Krause,Martha Maynard,Caroline Krouse,William Spencer,Spencer Drake,Henry Allen,F Monroe,Hubert Pratt,Frederick Lee,Mary Spencer,William Allen,Brilant Allen,William Miner,Parmeno Adams,Harriet Allen,Martha Allen,Janette Geer,Janette Allen,Tanile Durfee,Tanile Allen,Lillie Allen,Freeman Allen,Andrew Allen,George Allen,William Meinerhattie Lee,Parmene Adams,Permeno Adams,Emma Miner,Elizabeth Adams,Lewis Radditz,Luke Montague,Ella Montague,Harriet Newcomb,Charlotte Thompson,William Radditz,Mary Warner,B Kidder,Alexander Mcpherson,Fanny Burt,W Watson,W Beach,J Huff,Euretta Hendryx,Philander Bennett,Etta Hendryx,Benjamin Sherman,Charlotte Tompkins,James Newcomb,Hattie Ostrander,Laura Mead,Laurella Derby,Magethe Larson,Homer Beach,F Lee,Elizabeth Olsen,Brilliant Allen,Frank Packard,A Thompson,John Jackson,Margarette Larson,Edward Tazziman,James Tazziman,Louis Raddatz,William Horton,Louy Radditz,Knut Olsen,Alex Mcpherson & Company,Martin Mcpherson,Edward Mcpherson,R Mcpherson,Bruce Mcpherson,Mcpherson State Bank Of Howell,Frank Bush,Elizabeth Schneider


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