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Index to Livingston County Civil War Records



Index to Livingston County Civil War Records


Index of Livingston County, Michigan persons in the Michigan Infantry Civil War 1861-1864 Vol1-Vol46 books. The index gives a book description which will give you the volume of the book and some extra information for the record.

Digital access to these books through the Hathi Trust catalog.

Example: MI26CoB would be Michigan Civil War Records volume 26 and the person was in Company B.


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Abbott, Burdick J. MI26CoB 1862-08-03 Iosco
Abbott, Franklin B. MI16CoI 1862-01-21 Howell
Abbott, James MI14CoK 1861-11-22 Iosco
Abbott, Joseph MI26CoE 1862-08-08 Hamburg
Abbott, Milo M. MI22CoH 1862-08-14 Marion
Abel, Gilbert MI05CavCoF 1865-03-29 Putnam
Abher, Francis Marion (dup) MI22CoH 1862-08-11 Green Oak
Abrams, Chas. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Abrams, James MI22CoI 1862-08-11 Brighton
Abrams, William MI22CoI 1862-08-11 Brighton
Abrams, Wilson MI22CoI 1864-02-25 Brighton
Ackerman, Abraham P. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Ackerman, Peter MI09CoI 1861-08-15 Brighton
Ackerson, Robert MI03CoF 1864-09-08 Genoa
Adams, Chalon Cpl. MI03CavCoI 1861-10-03  
Adams, David W. MI03CavCoI 1861-09-07 Hartland
Adams, James W. MI08Band 1861-09-23 Deerfield
Addison, Thomas MI11CavCoG 1863-10-28 Brighton
Akay, Henry MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Putnam
Albright, Chester MI05CoG 1863-12 Howell
Albro, Francis Marion MI22CoH 1862-08-11 Green Oak
Albro, James Sgt. MI11CavCoM 1863-12-16  
Alden, Elisha MI08CavCoK 1862-09-23 Oceola
Alexander, Hugh MI29CoK 1864-09-17 Deerfield
Alger, Edwin D. MI26CoE 1862-08-22 Cohoctah
Allen, Andrew MI09CoK 1861-10-24  
Allen, Andrew J. MI05CoI 1863-12-14 Marion
Allen, Edward MI15CoD 1862-03-17 Brighton
Allen, Elisha F. MI15CoE 1865-04-04 Howell
Allen, John MI15 1865-03-06 Argentine
Allison, Nathaniel F. MI03CoI 1864-08-29 Brighton
Allison, Thomas E. MI26CoB 1862-08-11 Putnam
Allsauer, Gaius B. (dup) MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Hamburg
Allsaver, Gaius B. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Hamburg
Anderson, Hugh S. MI09CoI 1861-08-15  
Anderson, J. W. Sgt. MI26CoE 1862-08-15 Deerfield
Anderson, Milton P. MI10 1865-04-04 Deerfield
Anderson, William MI26CoB 1862-08-03 Putnam
Andrews, Felix MI22CoH 1862-08-14 Green Oak
Andrews, Henry C. MI01ArtBatH 1864-09-12 Hartland
Andrews, John W. MI15CoC 1865-04-05 Hartland
Angell, Fred E. 2nd  Lt. MI05CoI 1841-02-01 Howell
Angell, Joseph MI11 1861-10-06 Unadilla
Angus, Gilbert MI10CavCoL 1863-10-14 Tyrone
Annis, George H. MI01CoH 1861-10-29 Fowlerville
Annis, Ira P. MI26CoB 1862-08-03 Putnam
Appleton, Henry B. MI09 1864-02-16 Cohoctah
Appleton, Samuel B. MI26CoE 1862-08-11 Hamburg
Armstrong, Henry Cpl. MI07CoF 1861-08-22 Tyrone
Armstrong, James MI16 1863-02-24 Tyrone
Armstrong, Jonathan MI29CoF 1864-09-14 Tyrone
Armstrong, Robert MI02CavCoA 1863-11-18 Putnam
Arnold, Henry MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Putnam
Arnold, Orrin S. MI22CoB 1865-03-02 Unadilla
Arthur, Theodore F. MI02CavCoA 1863-11-18 Deerfield
Austin, George M. MIEngCoC 1864-01-05 Howell
Austin, William H. MI03CoI 1864-09-16 Green Oak
Averill, Latham H. Sgt. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Avery, Daniel MI03CoB 1864-09-27  
Avery, Morten V. Sgt. MI08CavCoE 1862-12-27 Unadilla
Avis, Charles MI09CoK 1861-09-04 Conway
Avis, George J. MI08CoI 1864-05-02 Conway
Avis, Samuel MI03CavCoA 1864-02-24 Green Oak
Axtell, Amzi MI????   Howell
Axtell, George W. MI05CoD 1863-12-22 Howell
Axtell, John S. MI06CavCoE 1863-12-31  
Axtell, Samuel MI15CoF 1861-12-30 Howell
Babbott, Charles W. MIEngCoK 1861-12-28  
Babcock, Lawton MI01ArtBatM 1864-09-05 Putnam
Babcock, William H. Cpl. MI10CavCoK 1863-10-09 Iosco
Bachelor, Benjamin 2nd  Lt. MI26CoE 1862-08-11 Oceola
Bachelor, Chas. P. MI08CoB 1864-02-29 Oceola?
Bacon, Truman J. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Baetcke, Fredrick MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Baetcke, Gustavus MI22CoA 1864-01-05 Genoa
Bagley, John MI02CavCoM 1863-11-23 Marion
Bailey, Henry M. MI08Band 1861-09-23 Deerfield
Baker, Andrew J. MI01ArtBatM 1864-09-05 Putnam
Baker, Henry MI22CoA 1865-03-17 Brighton
Baker, Jerome M. MI26CoE 1862-08-05 Hamburg
Baker, John MI02CavCoM 1863-11-21 Brighton
Baker, Moses W. MI04CoK 1861-06-20  
Baker, Vestall MI08CoI 1864-02-16 Hartland
Balch, Myron MI09CoA 1864-01-05 Conway
Balcom, Rinaldo R. MI10 1865-03-29 Howell
Ball, Stephen A. MI10CavCoL 1863-09-12 Iosco
Banghart, James C. MI07CoG 1863-03-03 Howell
Barber, Samuel MI11CavCoA 1865-03-18 Green Oak
Barber, Sylvester O. Cpl. MI22CoH 1862-08-14 Highland
Barbour, Horace E. Sgt. MI15CoD 1861-12-09 Howell
Barker, Bleeker L. MI23CoH 1862-08-13 Conway
Barker, Daniel P. Sgt. MI03CavCoF 1861-09-14 Hamburg
Barkman, James S. MI11CavCoE 1865-04-04 Tyrone
Barlow, Charles H. MI04CoK 1861-06-20  
Barlow, John G. MI03CavCoG 1864-02-18 Cohoctah
Barnard, George MI05CoI 1864-05-13 Genoa
Barnard, Mark MI26CoE 1862-08-05 Hamburg
Barnes, George H. MI23CoH 1864-10-03 Howell
Barnes, George W. MI03CavCoI 1861-09-21 Tyrone
Barnes, James MI28CoG 1864-09-20 Deerfield
Barnes, Joseph E. MI14CoK 1862-02-17 Northern Liv. Co.
Barney, James MI16CoE 1865-03-29 Howell
Barrett, Alfred R. 2nd  Lt. MI22CoH 1863-01-05 Marion
Barrett, Jerome MI????   Howell
Barrett, William J. MI05CoK 1864-06-10 Genoa
Barry, Thomas MI15CoD 1861-12-30 Howell
Barry, Wesley MI26CoE 1862-09-10 Handy
Barston, Geo. W. MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Unadilla
Bartholomew, John M. MI15CoD 1861-11-04 Putnam
Baryan, Lorenzo MI04CoK 1861-06-20  
Bashford, Benjamin S. MI05CoG 1863-12-11 Marion
Bateman, Wilson T. MIEngCoL 1863-12-16 Deerfield
Bates, Albert MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Tyrone
Bates, Sylvester MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Deerfield
Bauckman, Levi MI24CoE 1865-03-22 Tyrone
Bauman, John MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Brighton
Beach, Franklin O. MI03CoC 1865-03-28 Marion
Beal, Barnard W. MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Beal, Franklin MI12CoB 1861-11-12 Deerfield
Beardsley, Nelson MI15CoD 1861-12-19 Howell
Beckwith, John MI03CoE 1864-09-15 Brighton
Beebe, Allan MI09CoH 1864-01-27 Tyrone
Beebe, Amos J. MI03CavCoI 1861-09-19 Oceola
Beebe, James MI10    
Bell, Rowland MI22CoG 1861-01-01 Unadilla
Benjamin, Albert Sgt. MI09CoK 1861-09-24 Conway
Benjamin, Marvin MI09CoK 1861-09-14 Handy
Benjamin, William MI09CoE 1864-09-10 Handy
Bennett, Charles MI10CoG 1862-02-06 Putnam
Bennett, Charles W. MI03CavCoG 1864-01-25 Hamburg
Bennett, Daniel B. MI05CavCoB 1865-03-29 Putnam
Bennett, George H. MI10CavCoK 1863-09-05 Hamburg (Howell)
Bennett, George L. MI22CoH 1862-08-01 Green Oak
Bennett, LaFayette MI03CavCoG 1864-02-15 Hamburg
Bennett, Marshall MI02CoI 1864-03-27 Genoa
Bennett, William E. MI04CoK 1861-06-20 Howell
Bennett, William Emerson MI09CoK 1861-10-01 Howell
Benscoten, Edwin S. MI26CoE 1862-09-10 Cohoctah
Bentley, Oren S. MI05CoI 1863-12-25 Marion
Bentley, Oscar Sgt. MI22CoG(H) 1862-08-01 Green Oak
Bentley, William H. MI15CoD 1861-11-30 Brighton
Berry, Warren S. MI07CoG 1861-08-22 Deerfield
Beyers, John K. MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Pinckney
Biddle, Alexander MI15CoB 1865-04-10 Oceola
Bidwell, George A. MI24CoE 1865-03-29  
Bigelow, James W. Sgt. MI03CoF 1864-09-22 Oceola
Bigham, William H. Cpl. MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Billings, Eugene MI28CoE 1864-09-20 Handy
Billings, Homer MI08CoC 1862-08-14 Tyrone
Billings, Jacob MI22CoH 1862-08-13 Conway
Bingham, James W. 1st  Lt. MI????   Green Oak
Bingham, John MI03CoI 1864-09-07 Brighton
Birch, William MI01ArtBatH 1861-12-24 Unadilla
Bird, Edward MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Birdsall, Charles MI08CavCoD 1864-01-20 Tyrone
Birdsall, Hiram MI08CavCoD 1864-01-20 Tyrone
Birdsall, Hosea MI24CoE 1865-03-14 Tyrone
Bishop, Abraham MI05CavCoM 1862-08-27 Plainfield
Bishop, Andrew J.1st  Lt. MI15CoD 1862-01-01 Howell
Bishop, Hnery Sgt. MI26CoE 1862-08-04 Hamburg
Black, George M. MI09CoB 1863-12-28 Putnam
Blackburn, William E. MI15CoD 1861-12-24  
Blackman, George MI????   Howell
Blackman, Hudson B. Maj. MI05CoI 1861-08-28 Howell
Blaisdell Medad MI22CoI 1862-08-14 Brighton
Blakesly, Jack 2nd  Lt. MI13 Batt 1863-08-08 Deerfield (Howell)
Blinston, Thomas MI08CoI 1861-09-17 Oceola
Bliss, Daniel H. MI18CoH 1862-08-26 Deerfield
Bliss, Edmund MI04 1861-06-20 Oak Grove
Bliss, Horace MI01ArtBatH 1864-08-31 Unadilla
Blodgett, Lyman MI06CavCoD 1862-09-05 Deerfield
Blood, Alyah G. MI????   Howell
Blood, Oscar MI07CoF 1861-08-22 Northern Liv. Co.
Bly, Andrew MI08CoI 1862-08-18 Tyrone
Bly, Eugene MI03CavCoI 1861-08-28 Northern Liv. Co.
Bock, William MI05CoG 1863-12-22  
Bogardus, Hamilton Sgt. MI29CoD 1864-09-03 Tyrone
Bogart, James P. MI16CoI 1861-12-10 Putnam
Boothby, Henry MI04CoK 1861-06-20 Howell
Boothby, John MI????   Howell
Boothby, Noah MI05CoB 1863-12-15 Howell
Borden, Marshall MI03CavCoG 1861-09-06  
Born, John MI02CavCoM 1863-11-19 Putnam
Bosenbark, Charles MI05CoI 1863-08-27 Hamburg
Bowen, Eli MI09CoK 1861-10-04 Handy
Bowen, Hiram MI05CoE 1864-01-13 Handy
Bowen, Oren MI09CoK 1861-10-05 Handy
Bowen, Spencer MI15CoD 1862-01-04 Howell
Bowers, Jesse MI15CoD 1861-11-19 Handy
Bowers, Joseph D. (dup-Powers) MI09CoD 1865-03-15 Handy
Boyd, Gustus F. Cpl. MI06CavCoD 1862-08-14 Cohoctah
Boyd, Stewart A. 1st  Lt. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Marion (Brighton)
Boyer, Jacob B. MI03CoF 1864-09-15 Conway
Boylan, D. James Sgt. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Genoa
Boyland, Robert MI22CoA 1865-03-17 Genoa
Bradford, Jotham J. MI01ArtBatB 1861-11-26 Plainfield
Bradley, Alfred MI01ArtBatM 1864-09-05 Putnam
Bradley, John J. MI26CoE 1862-08-21 Hartland
Braford, Edmond MI16CoB 1862-01-21 Cohoctah
Bragg, Daniel 2nd  Lt. MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Bragg, Nathan Sgt. MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Bragg, Solomon MI15CoH 1863-03-13 Deerfield
Brashaw, Charles MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Brayton, Ira Sgt. MI10CoA 1861-10-23 Cohoctah
Brayton, Martin N. MI10CoA 1861-10-09 Cohoctah
Brenner, William A. (Brimmer) MI15CoB 1865-04-10 Oceola
Briggs, Eugene A. MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Cohoctah
Briggs, William P. MI15CoD 1861-12-24 Howell
Brigham, Charles MI22CoH 1862-08-14 Oceola
Brigham, Samuel MI22CoH 1862-08-11 Oceola
Brigham, Wm. W. Sgt. MI06CavCoA 1862-08-28 Brighton
Brimstool, George W. MI28CoK 1864-09-22  
Bristol, Hiram MI15CoD 1861-11-30 Handy
Bristol, Richard MI09CoK 1864-01-02 Handy
Britton, Joseph M. MI15CoI 1865-05-21 Geneve (Genoa)
Brock, Wm. H. MI08CoI 1861-09-19 Hartland
Brockway, Charles Cpl. MI15CoD 1861-12-09 Howell
Brockway, Elias E. MI15CoD 1861-12-09 Howell
Brockway, Elias R. MI05VCoB 1864-05-05 Marion
Brockway, George F. MI15CoD 1861-12-09 Howell
Brockway, Samuel C. MI03CoI 1864-09-08 Genoa
Bronner, George MI05CoB 1864-02-05 Howell
Bronson, Amos J. MI22 1864-02-04 Tyrone
Brookfield, Melvin MI26CoE 1862-08-22 Cohoctah
Brooks, James A. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Brooks, William MI05CoA 1863-12 Howell
Brooks, Winston Burr MI09CoK 1861-10-09 Howell
Brown, Alanson A. MI03CavCoG 1861-09-10  
Brown, Ambrose W. MI03CoG 1864-02-22 Green Oak
Brown, Edward C. Cpl. MI03CoC 1865-03-28 Marion
Brown, George MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Iosco
Brown, Giles T. MI22CoH 1862-08-15 Green Oak
Brown, John W. MI09CoK 1863-08  
Brown, Leander F. MI26CoE 1862-08-16 Cohoctah
Brown, Lewis Capt. MI22CoH 1862-07-31  
Brown, Oliver G. MI14CoK 1864-10-04 Conway
Brown, Walter MI15CoD 1861-12-24 Argentine?
Brown, William Capt. MI????   Howell
Buck, Isreal H. Cpl. MI18CoH 1862-08-26 Deerfield
Buck, Maximilian A. MI26CoE 1862-08-09 Hamburg
Buck, Myron H. MI11CavCoG 1863-09-21 Hamburg
Buckland, Jerome G. MI09CoK 1861-09-25 Howell
Buckley, James W. MI08CavCoE   Marion
Buckley, Peter MI09CoD 1865-03-15 Handy
Buffom, Benjamin MI26CoE 1862-08-12 Hamburg
Bullard, Edward A. MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Bullard, Edwin A. MI01ArtBatH 1864-09-12 Hartland
Bunnow, Christopher MI15CoA 1862-03-13 Brighton
Bunting, George A. MI15CoF 1865-04-04 Deerfield
Burch, Edwin A. MI02CavCoD 1863-11-19 Howell
Burch, Joseph MI22CoI 1862-08-12 Brighton
Burch, Robert MI15CoD 1862-03-13 Brighton
Burch, Stephe B. Capt. MI26CoB 1862-08-27 Pinckney
Burch, Washington Wellington ? MI26CoB 1862-08-13 Pinckney
Burden, Freeman R. MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Putnam
Burgess, George F. MI09CoH 1861-08-16 Putnam
Burgess, Jacob S. Cpl. MI15CoD 1861-11-05 Putnam
Burgess, James D. MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Putnam
Burner, David MI30CoA 1864-11-23 Conway
Burnett, Albert G. Sgt. MI26CoE 1862-08-11 Green Oak
Burnett, James MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Hamburg
Burnham, Alanson O. MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Burns, Patrick MI15CoD 1862-03-17 Brighton
Burns, William E. MI26CoB 1862-08-03 Iosco
Burroughs, Joseph MI11CoD 1865-03-15 Hamburg
Bush, George MI22CoH 1862-08-14 Marion
Bush, John J. MI09CoA 1865-03-15 Handy
Bush, Levi MI10CoK 1863-09-05 Marion
Bussey, Jerome MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Hartland
Butcher, James MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Handy
Butler, Edwin D. MI26CoE 1862-08-15 Hamburg
Butler, Henry MI05CoI 1861-08-28  
Butler, Peter MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Handy
Butler, Peter MI10CavCoB 1863-09-05 Brighton
Butler, Phineas MI16CoI 1861-12-09 Cohoctah
Butler, Richard MI11CavCoC 1865-03-18 Hamburg
Butterfield, Emil J. MI09CoH 1861-10-15  
Buzzell (Buzzard), Isreal MI24CoE 1865-03-22  
Buzzell, Charles Cpl. MI03CoG 1864-09-19 Oceola
Cain, Alexander MI1stSSCoH 1863-09-30 Handy
Caldwell, John M. MI16CoG 1863-02-10 Deerfield
Cameron, Peter MI02CoE 1864-03-28 Howell
Campbell, Archibald MI06CavCoB 1862-09-08  
Campbell, Charles MI15CoA 1864-04-14 Green Oak
Campbell, Daniel MI03CavCoE 1864-02-15 Hartland
Campbell, William MI28CoK 1864-09-22 Howell
Canfield, James MI05CoI 1863-12-22 Howell
Canfield, James Cpl. MI20CoK 1862-08-11  
Carl, Andrew J. MI05CoI 1863-12-14 Howell
Carl, Henry (Harrison) MI05CoI 1863-12-16 Howell
Carl, Lyman MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Howell (Handy)
Carney, John (Kearney) MI16CoB 1862-02-28 Howell
Carpenter, Alden G. MI22CoA 1865-03-15 Genoa
Carpenter, Azel MIEngCoK 1861-12-06 Howell
Carpenter, Benjamin T. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Carpenter, Cyrus L. MI05CoI 1863-12-19 Howell
Carpenter, Eastman G. MI04CoK 1861-06-20 Pettysville
Carpenter, Jeremiah MI22CoA 1865-03-15 Genoa
Carpenter, Peter MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Carpenter, Sampson MI09CoI 1861-08-15 Brighton
Carpenter, Samuel MI15CoB 1865-04-08 Genoa
Carpenter, Sidney C. H. MI05CoC 1864-02-02 Howell
Carpenter, Uriah MI18CoB 1864-09-07 Marion
Carr, Erastus H. MI15CoD 1861-12-24 Brighton
Carr, William MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Carrier, Wm. C. MI04CoG 1864-03-18 Deerfield
Carter, William MI24CoE 1865-03-22 Tyrone
Case, John S. MI03CavCoL 1864-01-25 Hamburg
Case, Sibley R. MI11CoD 1865-03-15 Hamburg
Case, Wallace H. MI11CavCoA 1865-03-17 Brighton
Caskey, Robert W. MI03CavCoL 1861-10-01 Iosco
Cassidy, Gideon MI10CoA 1861-10-30 Conway
Cassidy, Jeremiah MI05CoH    
Cate, Charles W. MI11Cav.CoE 1865-03-18 Green Oak
Cate, Lyman MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Green Oak
Catlen (Catlain), George MI03CoF 1864-09-17 Oceola
Catlin, Henry A. MI07CoF 1861-08-22 Northern Liv. Co.
Cauly (Cowly), Moses D. MI03CoG 1864-01-04 Unadilla
Cavill, James A. MI11Cav.CoI 1865-03-24 Hamburg
Chalker, George W. MI26CoB 1862-08-06 Putnam
Chalker, John G. MI26CoB 1862-08-15 Putnam
Chalker, Llewellyn MI01ArtBatH 1864-08-25 Unadilla
Chalker, Myron Jr. MI26CoB 1862-08-16 Unadilla
Chalker, William S. MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Putnam
Chamberlain, Finley MI09CoI 1861-08-15 Brighton
Champlin, Eugene W. MI01ArtBatH 1864-09-12 Oceola
Chaplin, William H. MI07CoG 1861-08-22 Deerfield
Chase, Harrison MI03CavCoI 1861-10-25 Northern Liv. Co.
Chase, Thomas C. Capt. MI26CoB 1862-08-09 Iosco
Chase, Wadwell MI09CoK 1861-10-01 Conway
Child, Erwin MI???   Howell
Child, Marcus B. MI15CoD 1864-04-28 Howell
Childs, Simon MI2ndSSCoB 1861-10-04 Howell
Childs, William H. MI29CoH 1864-09-15 Cohoctah
Chipman, Lemuel MI03CoE 1864-09-15 Conway
Chovin, Andrew I. MI26CoB 1862-08-11 Iosco
Chubb, Ephrain B. MI10CavCoK 1863-08-31 Putnam
Chubb, Lewis L. MI13ArtBat? 1863-09-15  
Chubb, Lorenzo F. MI05CoA 1865-03-02 Putnam
Chubb, Philo MI05CoI 1861-08-14 Washtenaw Co.
Clark, Alexander MI10Cav.CoL 1863-10-17 Handy
Clark, Benjamin J. O. Sgt. MI11CoD 1865-02-18  
Clark, Charles H. MI22CoH 1862-08-14 Conway
Clark, Dan G. MI10CavCoL 1863-10-14 Genoa
Clark, Daniel 2nd  Lt. MI01CoK 1861-05-01 Deerfield
Clark, Edwin MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Clark, Fancis A. MI09CoI 1861-08-15 Brighton
Clark, Francis MI06CavCoG 1862-08-05 Brighton
Clark, Francis J. MI15CoD 1862-12-24 Hamburg
Clark, George MI02CavCoM 1863-11-07 Hartland
Clark, James R. MI12CoE 1865-02-16 Deerfield
Clark, Jerome MI22CoH 1864-03-30 Green Oak
Clark, Lanson E. MI26CoE 1862-08-15 Hartland
Clark, Leonard MI22CoH 1862-08-09 Green Oak
Clark, Nathan MI26CoE 1862-08-22 Genoa
Clark, William H. MI14 1864-03-08 Deerfield
Clark,John G. MI10CavCoL 1863-10-02 Genoa
Clayton, William MI05CoA 1864-01-28 Howell
Cleveland, David H. MI01ArtBatH 1863-12-28 Unadilla
Cleveland, Henry B. MI01SS 1863-06-16 Handy
Cline, John MI03CoI 1864-10-01 Iosco
Clint, Edward MI03CavCoL 1861-10-01  
Clinton, Christopher MI03CavCoG 1861-12-16 Putnam
Clinton, George MI03CavCoG 1864-01-19 Putnam
Coal, Joseph N. MI01CavCoI 1865-02-08  
Coats, William W. MI09CoD 1862-08-25 Cohoctah
Cobb, Hanford E. Sgt. MI06CavCoF 1863-10-13 Plainfield
Cobley, Lewis MI26CoE 1862-08-21 Marion
Coburn (Colborn, Collom), Justus MI09CoF 1861-08-14 Fowlerville
Coburn, Benjamin Cpl. MI10CoA 1861-10-09 Conway
Coe, James MI02CoE    
Cole, George O. MI07Cof 1861-08-22 Northern Liv. Co.
Cole, James W. MI09CoK 1861-09-26 Conway
Cole, Joseph W. MI06CavCoC 1865-03-18 Oceola
Cole, Webster K. MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Oceola
Cole, William M. MI03CavCoG 1861-12-01  
Coleman, Charles D. Capt. MI09CoH 1862-01-26 Pinckney
Coleman, James MI19CoG 1864-02-08 Conway
Coleman, John C. MI15CoD 1861-12-05 Handy
Coliton, James MI09CoK 1861-09-21 Brighton
Collins, James L. MI30CoF 1864-12-12 Handy
Collins, William L. Sgt. MI15CoD 1861-11-09 Handy
Collins, William W. MI01CoF 1861-09-07  
Comstock, Meluhle MI08CavCoE 1863-01-07 Marion
Conkling, Henry H. MI08CoB 1864-06-24 Tyrone
Connor, Charles MI03CavCoG 1861-09-23  
Converse, George D. MI09CoD 1864-09-10 Conway
Cook, Benjamin L. MI16CoD 1865-03-30 Hartland
Cook, Bradford Capt. MI10CoA 1861-10-04 Cohoctah
Cook, Charles MI15CoB 1865-04-10 Genoa
Cook, Jared L. Sgt. MI06CavCoD 1862-09-05 Howell
Cook, Lyman V. D. MI10CoA 1861-10-16 Cohoctah
Cooper, Daniel MI22CoK    
Cooper, Geo. W. MI05CoI 1863-12-23 Marion
Cooper, James MI03CoD 1865-03-20 Marion
Cooper, William Jr. MI05CoA 1863-12 Howell
Cooper, William Sr. MI05CoH 1863-12-23 Howell
Copeland, John G. MI09CoK 1861-09-23 Conway
Corey (Carey), Oren M. MI09CoH 1864-01-25 Tyrone
Corey, Charles MI05CoA 1863-12-23 Hamburg
Corey, William MI11CavCoA 1865-03-18 Green Oak
Cornell, Asa MI09CoH 1864-01-08 Tyrone
Corner, Charles MI03CavCoG 1861-10-14  
Country, Joseph MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Marion
Countryman, Daniel MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Conway
Countryman, Isaac MI15CoD 1861-11-06 Howell
Craig, John M. MI09CoB 1864-01-02 Handy
Crandall, Abner (Ebenezer) MI16CoC 1865-03-01 Marion
Crandall, Francis MI02CavCoE 1863-11-20 Howell
Crandall, Orlando G. MI15CoA 1864-12-29 Deerfield
Crane, Ezra C. MI24CoE 1865-03-30 Brighton
Cranmer, James M. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Cranston, Frank MI09CoH 1864-01-25 Tyrone
Cranston, Gardner Sgt. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Cranston, George MI10CavCoL 1863-08-29 Tyrone
Cranston, John MI03CavCoI 1864-02-16 Tyrone
Cranston, T. C. (Thomas) Cpl. MI06CavCoI 1862-09-12 Tyrone
Cranston, William H. MI21CoB 1862-09-03 Plainfield
Craw, S. Mareirnus MI16CoK 1863-02-10 Oceola
Crawford, Francis M. MICavCoF 1862-10-22 Plainfield
Crawford, George W. 2nd  Lt. MI06Cav 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Crawford, Milo MI24CoE 1865-03-14  
Crippen, Charles W. MI09CoA 1864-09-10 Handy
Crippen, Ernest MI09CoI 1864-09-12 Brighton
Crippen, Fillmore MI09CoI 1864-09-12 Brighton
Crippen, Harrison MI09CoF 1864-08-15 Brighton
Crippen, Henry L. MI09CoF 1861-08-15 Brighton
Crippen, Isaac MI09CoI 1861-08-15 Brighton
Crippin, Charles MI03CavCoF 1861-10-14  
Crissman, Amos MI10CavCoM 1863-10-02 Plainfield
Croft, Henry MI22CoH 1862-08-15 Green Oak
Croft, Thomas MI22CoH 1862-07-26 Green Oak
Cronan, Lawrence MI15CoF 1862-01-18 Deerfield
Culver, Charles MI05CoI 1863-12-23 Howell
Culver, John C. Capt. MI26CoE 1862-08-21 Hamburg
Culver, Lupton C. MI26CoE 1862-08-15 Hamburg
Culver, Stephen C. MI26CoE 1862-08-15 Hamburg
Cummings, Jonathan MI05CoI 1863-12-19 Genoa
Cunningham, Charles A. MI09CoA 1864-09-02 Hamburg
Cunningham, James W. MI10CavCoK 1863-10-02 Brighton
Cunningham, John F. MI03CavCoG 1861-09-28 Hamburg
Cunningham, Phillips Cpt. MI06CavCoB 1862-08-14 Brighton
Curry, Enoch W. MI06CavCoB 1862-10-11 Brighton
Curry, Lewis V. 2nd  Lt. MI09CoK 1861-10-12 Brighton
Curry, Volney M. MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Brighton
Curtis, Henry B. MI10 1865-04-24 Howell
Curtis, Samuel B. 1st  Lt. Colored102 1863-11-23 Howell
Curtis, Wm. H. MI05CoG 1863-12-21 Howell
Curtiss, Philo MI05CoG 1863-12-31 Howell
Cushing, Alonzo MI09CoI 1861-08-15 Brighton
Cushing, Charles E. MI11CavCoF 1865-03-17 Brighton
Cutler, Ira A. MI09CoA 1864-09-02 Hamburg
Dago, John MI26CoK 1864-03-21  
Dailey, Dennis MI09CavCoC 1863-03-12 Brighton
Daily, William MI15CoH 1862-11-05 Deerfield
Dair, George MI15CoB 1865-04-28 Deerfield
Damon, John MI09CoH 1864-01-05 Putnam/Unadilla
Daniels, John MI15CoD 1861-11-19 Howell
Darling, James 2nd  Lt. MI05CoF 1861-08-28  
DaVerne, John MI02CavCoC 1863-11-17 Tyrone
Davis, Charles MI03CoI 1864-10-05 Livingston ?
Davis, Henry MI22CoI 1862-08-11 Brighton
Davis, Moses MI01ArtBatH 1863-12-28 Unadilla
Davis, Robert MI01ArtBatH 1864-08-31 Unadilla
Day, David R. MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Unadilla
Day, George W. MI22CoH 1862-08-14 Marion
Day, Michael D. MI22CoH 1862-08-11 Marion
Day, Purson (Pierson, Perrin) MI09CoA 1864-09-11 Handy
Dean, Charles H. MI06CavCoA 1862-08-09 Brighton
Dean, Henry Lt. Col. MI22CoH 1862-07-31 Green Oak
Debar, Hiram MI22CoG 1864-01-01 Unadilla
Debar, John MI22CoG 1864-01-01 Unadilla
Decker, George MI15CoD 1861-11-07 Putnam
Decker, Henry MI29CoH 1864-09-17 Tyrone
DeForest, John MI09CoK 1861-09-20 Handy
Deitrick, Henry MI08CoF 1863-02-16 Adrian
Demarest, George MI01SSCoB 1863-02-14 Handy
Demarest, Gilbert MI09 1864-01-02 Handy
DeMay, Abram MI02CavCoH 1863-11-04 Parshallville
Demming, Benjamin (Orson) MI04CoK 1861-06-20  
Demott, Oscar MI08CavCoE 1863-01-07 Marion
Denning, Orrin B. MI02CavCoA 1863-11-10 Genoa
Dennison, Chas. H. 1st  Lt. MI05CoI 1861-09-04 Brighton
Dennison, Hiram MI05CoG 1861-01-26 Brighton
Denson, Edward (Danson) MI03CavCoB 1861-09-09  
Denson, Thomas MI09CoK 1865-03-15 Hamburg
Denson, William Cpl MI15CoD 1861-11-19 Handy
Denton, Augustus S. MI24CoE 1865-03-14 Tyrone
Devereaux, Henry (Harvey) MI01EngCoK 1861-11-23 Howell
Devlyn, James Cpl. MI10CoA 1862-02-06 Cohoctah
Dewitt, James MI???   Howell
Dewitt, Joseph MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Hartland
DeWolf, Hiram MI26CoE 1862-08-11 Hamburg
Dexter, Amos MI22CoH 1864-06-12 Tyrone
Dey, George P. MI09CoC 1865-03-15 Handy
Dibble, Henry A. MI01ArtBatH 1861-11-20 Unadilla(Hartland)
Dickinson, Lewis R. MI09CoK 1864-01-05 Handy
Dickinson, Marcellus MI15CoD 1861-12-07 Handy
Dickman, Peter MI03CoI 1864-09-07 Brighton
Dickman, Solomon MI03CoI 1864-09-07 Brighton
Dickson, Sheldon MI10CoA 1861-10-09 Fenton
Dillenbaugh, John MI22CoA 1864-01-05 Genoa
Dillingham, Loomis MI26CoH 1862-08-20 Conway
Dingman, Jacob MI09CoK 1861-09-20 Conway
Dingman, William MI01SSCoE 1863-04-17 Conway
Disbrow, George W. MI05CoG 1864-01-13 Marion
Doane, Elnathan Cpl. MI08CoC 1861-08-16 Green Oak
Dodds, Thaddeus MI22 1864-02-16 Tyrone
Dolph, Simon MI08CoB 1864-02-29 Howell
Dolph, Sylvenus MI???   Howell
Doneley, Giles G. MI04CoK 1861-06-20 Howell
Donnelly, Thomas MI???   Howell
Dorn, John J. MI04CoK 1861-06-20 Howell
Dorr, Glover MI15CoB 1865-04-08 Deerfielt
Dorrance, Albert G. MI15CoE 1865-04-04 Howell
Dorrance, William MI15CoF 1865-04-04 Howell
Doughtery, Henry MI03CoI 1864-09-12 Putnam
Downer, Edward MI14CoE 1861-12-03  
Draper, Calvin D. MI29CoE 1864-09-03 Tyrone
Drew, Walter W. MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Drew, William H. MI04CoK 1861-06-20  
Drown, Gellis MI11CavCoG 1863-11-03 Brighton
Drumm, Albert M. MI09CoA 1864-09-06 Conway
Drumm, William (Dunn) MI03CavCoB 1864-03-05 Howell
Dubois, John MI02CavCoI 1863-11-07 Hartland
Dudley, Geo. P. 1st  Lt. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Duffy, John MI26CoE 1862-08-05 Green Oak
Duffy, Joseph (Duffee) MI09CoK 1861-10-01 Howell
Dunckle, William MI09CoK 1864-01-25 Handy
Dunlap, Geo. W. MI09CoK 1861-10-15  
Dunn, Elijah T. MI09CoK 1864-01-05 Handy
Dunn, Richard 2nd  Lt. MI02CoG 1861-05-25 Brighton
Dunston, Charles E. MI07CavCoA 1865-03-02 Cohoctah
Durfee, Charles E. MI24CoE 1865-03-29 Brighton
Durfee, Elias MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Hartland
Durfee, Job (John) Sgt. MI15CoD 1861-12-24 Brighton
Durkee, James E. MI01ArtBatH 1863-12-28 Unadilla
Durkee, Simon MI03CoE 1864-09-14 Brighton
Duso, Stephen (Dusseau) MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Dutton, Charles R. Sgt. MI26CoB 1861 Iosco
Dyker, Joel H. Mi22CoA 1864-01-05 Genoa
Dykman, John MI03CoI 1864-10-07 Green Oak
Eager, Thomas MI08CoB 1864-02-23 Hartland
Easton, Edwin B. (Euston) MI26CoB 1863-12-28 Unadilla
Eaton, Moses E. F. MI19CoG 1862-09-05 Deerfield
Eggleston, Hiram MI01ArtBatH 1864-03-17 Unadilla
Elenberger, Chapman MI15CoF 1862-01-29  
Ellingwood, Daniel A. MI15CoB 1865-04-01 Howell
Elliott, Henry MI30CoB 1864-12-27 Fowlerville
Elliott, Hiram C. MI26CoE 1862-08-11 Handy
Ellis, Alva P. MILancerCoB 1862-01-21 Cohoctah
Ellis, Arthur MI10CoA 1861-10-09 Cohoctah
Ellis, Henry C. MI01ArtBatH 1863-12-30 Unadilla
Ellis, Joseph B. MI15CoE 1865-04-06 Cohoctah
Ellsworth, Isreal W. MI10CoA 1861-1022 Cohoctah
Ellsworth, Oliver C. MI22CoH 1862-08-14 Marion
Elwell, Johnson MI03CoI 1864-09-19 Marion
Engle, Adolph MI26CoE 1862-08-09 Putnam
Etheridge, Nathaniel C. Sgt. MI01ArtBatH 1861-11-01 Hartland
Fairbanks, Forrest (Farris G.) MI06CavCoD 1864-02-29 Cohoctah
Fall, Charles S. MI26CoE 1862-08-06 Hamburg
Farley, Peter MI15CoD 1862-03-13 Pinckney
Farnham, George E. (Frankam, Farnum) MI26CoB 1864-01-04 Putnam
Faulk, John Q. MI05CoG(I) 1864-01-13 Marion
Fawcett, Robert MI08CoB 1864-02-29 Hartland
Fay, William H. MI01ArtBatH 1863-12-28 Unadilla
Felter, Isaac (Fetter) MI05CoH 1863-12-30 Howell
Felton, Isaac MI15CoH 1862-01-03 Deerfield
Felton, John MI15CoH 1862-01-13 Deerfield
Ferguson, James (Furguson) MI27CoB(G) 1863-02-26  
Ferguson, John G. Cpl. MI22CoG 1862-08-05 Unadilla (Howell)
Ferguson, Wm. B. (Walter?) MI05CoF 1861-08-07 Brighton
Fields, William H. MI01CoF 1861-08 Southern Liv. Co.
Fife, James W. MI26CoK 1864-02-05  
Filkins, Elias H. (Elias) MI03CoF 1861-06-10 Plainfield
Filkins, Elmore S. MI09CoH 1861-08-16 Deerfield
Fillmore, Charles MI09CoA 1864-09-03 Hamburg
Fillmore, Ransom N. MI09CoA 1864-09-03 Hamburg
Finch, George R. MI26CoB 1862-08-11 Iosco
Finch, James MI07CavCoE 1863-01-23 Plainfield
Finch, Ruben MI12CoD 1861-09-13  
Finch, William MI01Eng 1861-12-06 Plainfield
Findley, Robert MI26CoE 1862-09-10 Hartland
Finley, James Color.102CoD 1865-03-08 Unadilla
Fish, Albridge (Elbridge) MI05CavCoB 1865-03-29 Putnam
Fish, Arthur H. 1st. Lt. MI03 1864-08-26 Genoa/Port Huron
Fishbeck, Stephen G. MI04CoK 1861-06-20 Howell
Fisher, Alexander MI16CoG 1865-03-29 Deerfield
Fisher, Charles MI01SS 1863-04  
Fisher, George L. Sgt. MI09CoK 1861-09-20 Handy
Fisher, Henry MI06CoD 1864-02-23 Cohoctah
Fisher, Samuel MI16CoE 1865-03-31 Cohoctah
Fitch, Azariah MI14CoI 1862-02-13 Unadilla
Fitzgerald, James Sgt. MI09Cav 1863-03-07 Howell
Fitzgerald, James Sgt. MI09CavCoF 1863-01-20 Putnam (Howell)
Fitzgerald, John MI03CavCoG 1864-02-25 Brighton
Fitzgerald, Thomas Sgt. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Fitzgerald, William MI08CavCoE 1862-11-16 Putnam
Flake, John MI29CoK 1864-09-17 Deerfield
Flansberg, Lawrence A. MI22CoH 1864-09-14 Genoa
Fletcher, George H. MI09CoH 1865-03-17 Tyrone
Foote, Adelbert MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Foote, William A. MI01ArtBatE 1861-12-05 Plainfield
Forbes, William B. MI10CoA 1861-10-10  
Ford, John MI03CoI 1864-02-27 Oceola
Fortier, Frank MI05CoF 1861-08-28 Portage Lake
Forward, Martin (Marstine) MI02CavCoI 1863-11-04 Tyrone
Fosket, Calton MI03CavCoI 1861-10-03 Tyrone
Foster, Calvin H. MI10CoD 1864-03-30  
Foster, George P. MI26CoB 1862-08-09 Iosco
Foster, John A. Color.102CoA 1865-0228 Putnam
Foster, Quintus Sgt. Maj. MI01ArtBatH 1861-10-17 Hartland
Fowl, Leonard MI10CavCoK 1863-09-04 Unadilla
Fowler, George Capt. MI09CoK 1861-08-16 Brighton
Fowler, William MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Cohoctah
Fox, Augustus C. Sgt. MI06CavCoD 1862-09-07 Deerfield
Fox, Ezra A. MI03CavCoL 1861-10-01 Handy
Fox, Franklin E. MI15CoD 1864-09-06 Handy
Fox, George MI15CoD 1863-02-10 Howell
Fox, Wells B. MI22Staff 1862-08-21 Hartland
Frank, Albert MI15CoA 1865-04-10 Hartland
Frank, William MI01SS 1863-03-27 Jackson
Franklin, Hubbard W. MI01ArtBatH 1864-09-12 Hartland
Free, George W. MI02Cav 1863-11-03 Genoa
French, John MI02CoI    
Friedt, Jacob MI11CoK 1864-01-09 Deerfield
Frink, Luther H. Sgt. MI01SSCoK 1862-03-04 Howell
Frink, Peter MI08 1863-02-24 Tyrone
Frowl, Fred (Fowle) MI15CoD 1861-11-19 Putnam
Fuller, Alvin Cpl. MI10CavCoM 1863-10-30 Plainfield
Fuller, Andrew J. Capt. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Fuller, Edmund Lucius D. MI09CoK 1861-09-21 Conway
Fuller, James F. MI09 1864-01-28 Cohoctah
Fuller, Joseph S. MI09CoK 1864-01-28 Oceola/Cohoctah
Fuller, William B. MI10CoA 1861-11-18 Conway
Fulton, James W. MI26CoE 1862-08-05 Green Oak/Hamb.
Furrister, Andrew J. MI07CoF 1861-08-22 Northern Liv. Co.
Gallatian, John J. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Hamburg
Galloway, Frederick N. MI26CoE 1862-08-15 Howell
Galuin, Martin MI15CoD 1861-11-05 Putnam
Gannon, John MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Hamburg
Gardner, Henry MI15CoD 1861-11-09 Putnam
Garrison, Peter F. MI14CoK    
Garrison, Richard B. MI26CoB 1862-08-07 Unadilla
Gaston, Dwight MI09CoK 1862-09-01 Conway
Gibbs, Charles MI09CavCoD 1863-03-21 Brighton
Gibson, Henry E. MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Handy
Gifford, Charles MI01Eng 1863-12-14 Deerfield
Gilbert, Eleazor H. MI03CavCoL 1861-10-12 Fowlerville
Gilbert, John V. Cpl. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Howell
Gilbert, William MI26CoE 1862-09-10 Conway
Gilchrist, Thomas MI09CoK 1864-09-19 Handy (Howell)
Gilluly, John Lt. Col. MI05CoI 1861-08-28 Brighton
Glass, Herbert H. MI10CavCoK 1863-08-29 Howell
Gleason, David MI????   Cohoctah
Gleason, George MI02CavCoD 1863-11-24 Deerfield
Gleason, John MI????   Cohoctah
Glover, Howard E. MI05CoI 1863-12-17 Howell
Goodale, Homer MI11CoK 1861-09-01 Deerfield
Goodale, William MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Goodman, Frank MI08CavCoK 1865-04-04 Tyrone
Goodrich, Chester F. MI10CavCoK 1863-09-01 Iosco (Howell)
Goodrich, Frank F. MI10CavCoK 1863-10-14 Putnam
Goodrich, Franklin Sgt. MI02CoK 1864-03-26 Howell
Goodrich, Henry MI05CoI 1861-08-08 Putnam
Goodrich, Schuyler E. MI15CoD 1862-02-17 Putnam
Goodwin, Charles MI02CavCoB 1863-03-19 Marion
Gordon, George S. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Gordon, James MI06CavCoD 1862-10-08 Conway
Gott, John MI09CoI 1865-03-15  
Gott, William MI01SSCoB 1863-02-12 Handy
Goucher, Charles MI06CoB 1864-01-05 Brighton
Goucher, Homer MI06CavCoB   Hartland
Gould, James H. MI06CavCoI 1862-1011 Tyrone
Gould, John G. 2nd  Lt. MI09CoC 1861-08-30 Fowlerville
Gould, John T. 2nd  Lt. MI06CoF 1862-09-08 Plainfield
Gould, Marvin (Martin) MI05CoH 1863-12-29 Marion
Gould, Oscar MI08 1864-09-30 Oceola
Gould, William H. Cpl. MI04CoK 1861-06-20  
Grady, Murray MI03CavCoG 1861-09-06  
Gragg, John A. MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Graham, Charles MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Handy
Graham, Charles W. MI09CoA 1865-03-15 Handy
Graham, John MI03CavCoI 1864-01-04 Fowlerville
Graham, Robert MI03CavCoI 1864-01-05 Hartland
Graham, Thomas MI03CavCoI 1861-09-17 Hartland
Grames, Charles D. MI15CoH 1864-04-12 Deerfield
Grant, James B. MI10CavCoL 1863-10-17 Handy
Grayson, Amos S. Color.102CoA    
Green, Almon C. Cpl. MI14CoD 1862-04-11 Unadilla
Green, Henry O. Cpl. MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Unadilla
Green, James MI09CoF 1863-12-28 Pinckney
Green, Orin MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Unadilla
Green, Wilkinson MI26CoB 1862-08-13 Iosco
Greer, David MI04CavCoH 1863-12-01  
Gregg, William Cpl. MI26CoE 1862-08-15 Hamburg
Griggs, Frank E. Cpl. MI22CoG 1862-08-14 Conway
Grindling, Amil MI05CoB 1864-01-13 Genoa
Grissom, Charles E. Maj. MI26CoA 1862-09-01 Hamburg
Grisson, Valdamer MI26CoF 1864-02-26 Hamburg
Griswold, Frederick S. MI01ArtBatH 1861-10-20 Hartland
Griswold, George R. MI08CoB 1864-02-29 Hartland
Griswold, Lewis C. MI04CoK 1861-06-20  
Griswold, McDonell M. Sgt. MI08CoI 1861-09-19 Hartland
Griswold, Robert W. Cpl. MI01ArtBatH 1862-01-01 Hartland
Griswold, Rufus MI10CoA 1861-11-12  
Griswold, Rufus G. MI08CoI 1861-09-23 Parshallville
Griswold, William MI01ArtBatH 1861-11-15 Hartland
Gross, Henry D. MI06CoA 1862-08-28 Plainfield
Grovell or Grover, Rinaldo A. MI08CoI 1862-03-15  
Grover, James MI10CavCoH 1863-09-07 Cohoctah
Grubb, Primrose MI01EngCoE 1864-09-17  
Haas, Francis MI22CoG 1862-08-29 Brighton
Hack, Leonard MI???   Howell
Hacker, Philip MI05CoI 1861-09-27 Oceola
Hadsall, Edward MI10CavCoH 1863-09-07 Cohoctah
Hagadorn, Henry MI27CoG 1863-02-10 Howell
Hagar, Simon W. MI08CavCoE 1863-12-27 Marion
Haines, William J. MI05CoB 1865-01-20 Hartland
Hale, Ellis S. MI10CavCoL 1863-10-23 Handy
Haleck, W. H. Colored   Genoa
Hall, Alvin A. MI03CoG 1864-09-05 Brighton
Hall, Charles MI03CoI 1864-09-05 Green Oak
Hall, Edward M. MI03CavCoG 1861-09-06  
Hall, Ellsworth W. MI11CavCoA 1865-03-15 Hamburg
Hall, Henry H. MI05CoG 1864-01-26 Howell
Hall, John B. 2nd  Lt. MI07 1861-06-20 Howell/Mason
Hall, John C. Maj. MI03 1864-07-29 Oceola/Pontiac
Hall, John D. MI08CavCoE 1863-01-20 Unadilla
Hall, Thomas MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Oceola
Hall, William H. MI10CoA 1861-10-19 Cohoctah
Hall, Witman S. (William) Cpl. MI03CavCoA 1861-09-06  
Halleck, William H. MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Hamburg
Hallett, Walter L. Sgt. MI03CoG 1864-09-05 Brighton
Hamilton, Charles W. MI03CavCoF 1864-01-27 Tyrone
Hamilton, George D. MI30CoE 1864-12-27 Handy
Hamlin, James MI02CoG 1864-03-28 Deerfield
Hand, Jerome W. MI22CoI 1865-04-05 Brighton
Handy, George MI09CoK 1864-09-10 Handy
Handy, Homer A. MI09CoD 1864-09-10 Handy
Haney, Edward MI14CoB 1864-04-19 Howell
Hanlin, Morrison J. Cpl. MI26CoE 1862-09-15 Unadilla
Harding, Jeremiah MILanceCoB 1862-01-21 Howell
Harding, John MI15CoH 1864-12-29 Deerfield
Hardy, Ira M. MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Oceola
Harrington, Daniel MI24CoE 1865-03-14 Tyrone
Harrington, Stephen D. MI23CoH 1862-09-09 Howell
Harrington, Sydney D. MI01EngCoA   Howell
Harris, Jesse M. Cpl. MI10CavCoL 1863-09-01 Tyrone
Hart, Edmund MI10CoA 1861-10-21 Howell
Hart, Edward H. MI05CoG 1863-12-21 Howell
Hart, Edwin A. MI10CoA 1862-02-06 Howell
Hart, Francis M. Sgt. MI08CavCoE 1862-12-27 Unadilla
Hart, James MI05CoD 1863-03-02 Genoa
Hart, Marion MI05CoA 1863-12-26 Howell
Hart, Sherwood MI10CoA 1861-10-26 Howell
Harvey, Mark C. MI01SS 1863-02-16 Cohoctah
Harwood, Samuel J. or S. (Howard) MI22CoA 1864-08-15 Green Oak
Hastings, Russell MI26CoB 1862-08-18 Iosco
Hastings, Thomas A. MI08CoB 1864-03-22 Hartland
Hathaway, Albert L. Capt. MI08CavCoK 1864-08-12 Hartland
Hathaway, Dwight E. MI26CoE 1862-08-25 Hartland
Hathorn, Willard S. MI10CavCoF 1863-09-08  
Hatt, William D. MI09CavCoC 1863-03-12 Brighton
Hause, Horace MI10CoG 1862-02-06 Putnam
Hause, Silas K. MI10CoG 1861-10-20 Jackson
Havens, Merritt S. M05CoB 1863-12-21 Marion
Haviland, Delos M. M04CoK 1861-06-20 Iosco
Haviland, George MI09CoC 1865-03-15 Handy
Haviland, Lewis A. MI04CoK 1861-06-20  
Hawes, Thomas (Howes) MI30CoD 1864-12-16 Deerfield
Hawley, Elbert MI10CoA 1862-02-06 Deerfield
Hawley, James L. MI03CavCoG 1861-09-17 Fowlerville
Hay, James MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Hayner, Albert A. MI09CavCoC 1863-03-12 Brighton
Hayner, Conrad C. (B.) MI06CavCoD 1864-02-20 Cohoctah
Hayner, Howard B. MI01CavCoB 1864-01-19 Jackson
Hayner, Josiah MI09CoK 1861-08-16 Brighton
Hayner, William Willis MI09CavCoC 1863-02-11  
Haynes, Christopher MI05CoH 1864-01-04 Howell
Haynes, Freeman MI03CoI 1864-09-06 Green Oak
Hays, Lawrence MI08CavCoE 1862-12-23  
Hays, Thomas J. Cpl. MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Unadilla
Haywood, Horace MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Haywood, James MI09CoI 1861-08-15 Oceola
Haywood, Thomas MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Head, Benjamin B. MI06CavCoD 1862-10-02 Howell
Hecker (not dup) MI???   Oceola
Hecker (not dup) MI???   Oceola
Heckler, George (Hichler) MI15CoB 1865-04-10 Oceola
Helmes, Henry C. MI15CoD 1863-02-10 Howell
Helms, Cornelius C. MI15CoD 1861-12-09 Howell
Helms, Jerome D. MI15CoD 1863-02-10 Genoa
Helms, Leonard F. MI14CoD 1861-12-05 Handy
Helms, Philander MI???   Howell
Hemenway, George G. MI09CoC 1864-02-01 Deerfield
Hendrick, James (Keendrick) MI02Cav   Hartland
Hendricks, Eber A. MI10CavCoK 1863-09-03 Hamburg
Hendricks, Edgar J. MI10CavCoK 1864-08-27 Hamburg
Hendricks, W. Willard MI11CavCoA 1865-03-22 Hamburg
Hendryx, James H. MI09CoH 1862-03-29  
Hendryx, William Cpl. MI09CoH 1862-03-26 Cohoctah
Henry, Joseph MI02CavCoC   Brighton
Herning, Frederic H. MI08CavCoG 1863-09-15  
Herrick, William MI15CoD 1862-02-01 Putnam
Herrington, Charles MI09CoK 1861-10-15  
Herrington, Merrill D. MI05CoI 1861-09-06  
Hetchler, Henry MI08CoB 1864-02-25 Oceola
Hibbard, Charles MILancerCoA 1861-11-06 Green Oak
Hibbard, Hiram MILancerCoA 1861-11-06 Green Oak
Hickock, Harris A. (H.) Capt. MI26CoE 1862-08-20 Howell
Higgins, John MI22CoI 1864-02-12  
Hildebrant, Charles MI05CoI 1864-01-28 Howell
Hildebrant, John MI05CoI 1863-12-24 Howell
Hill, Philander MI15CoD 1861-11-19 Putnam
Hille(s) (Hilley or Hillee), George H. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Hinckley, Nelson T. MI26CoE 1862-08-08 Hamburg
Hiscott, David MI22CoH 1862-08-14 Howell
Hitchcock, Milton MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Howell
Hoadley (Headley), Cyrus B. MI01EngCoK 1864-01-04 Plainfield
Hoagland, Henry E. MI11CoD 1865-03-14 Marion
Hodgeman, John T. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Putnam
Hodgeman, Samuel MI05CoI 1862-02-24 Putnam?
Hodges, Arthur M. Cpl. MI16CoC 1861-08-02  
Hodges, Benjamin H. MI24CoH 1865-03-21 Unadilla
Hodges, Myron G. Sgt. MI22CoI 1862-08-06 Brighton
Hodges, Theodore MI04CoK 1861-06-20 Fowlerville
Hogan, John MI14CoH 1862-02-13 Unadilla
Hogeland, William MI02CavCoC 1863-11-24 Brighton
Hogg, John MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Conway
Hoisington, Edward D. MI24CoH 1865-03-07 Unadilla
Holcom, Anderson MI08 1862-08-28  
Holcomb, Almon (Almeron) MI15CoF 1865-04-04 Deerfield
Holcomb, John MI06CavCoA 1862-08-12 Brighton
Holihan, Henry MI15CoH   Deerfield
Holmes, James J. MI22CoH 1862-08-05 Oceola
Holmes, Marsena MI16CoG 1863-02-28 Deerfield
Holmes, Walter MI08CoG 1862-08-18 Tyrone
Holmes, William S. MI26CoB 1862-08-07 Unadilla
Holt, Ira E. MI04CoK 1861-06-20 Howell
Holt, Nicolas J. MI15CoE 1865-04-04 Howell
Hook, Leonard (Frank?) MI15 1865-04-04 Howell
Hooker, Charles MI22CoH 1862-08-09 Green Oak
Hooper, John Jay MI22CoH 1862-08-10 Green Oak
Hopkins, Charles E. MI30CoE 1846-12-27 Handy
Hopkins, Emmett M. M03CoG    
Hopkins, Wm. H. MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Marion
Hopper, Edward MI16CoD 1865-03-29 Hartland
Hopson, Henry MI14CoI 1862-01-07  
Horton, Erastus J. Sgt. MI06CavCoA 1862-08-07 Brighton
Horton, Ira C. MI06CoA 1862-08-07 Handy
Horton, William Capt. MI26CoE   Oceola/Hartland
Horton, William O. MI09CoH 1861-10-15  
Houghtaling, Christopher MI10   Cohoctah
Houghtaling, David MI10   Cohoctah
Houghton, Leonard L. MI15 1865-04-05 Cohoctah
Houghton, William M> MI11CavCoB 1863-10-05 Cohoctah
House, Amusa G. MI01SSCoB 1863-02-13 Handy
House, Edward A. MI26CoB 1862-08-11 Handy
House, Sanford MI09CoI 1865-03-15 Handy
Housler, Samuel C. MI03CoA 1864-08-24 Plainfield
Howard, Frank S. Sgt. MI08CavCoE 1862-11-16  
Howard, Thomas MI02CoI 1864-04-23 Deerfield
Howe, William H. MI09CoH 1861-10-15 Deerfield
Howlett, Robert Sgt. MI26CoE 1862-08-04 Hamburg
Hoyt, Daniel MI04CoH 1864-09-07 Conway
Hoyt, David MI05CoG 1864-02-24 Iosco
Hoyt, George W. MI09CoK 1861-08-22 Handy
Hoyt, Herman, MI15CoD 1862-03-29 Ionia
Hubbell, John R. MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Handy
Huff, Charles E. MI06CavCoD 1862-09-04 Cohoctah
Hughes, Samuel MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Humphrey, Eugene MI11CoD 1865-03-15 Hamburg
Humphrey, Richard MI16 1863-02-13 Howell
Hunt, John MI02CoC   Tyrone
Hunt, Warren MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Hunter, Edward L. MI08Band 1861-09-23 Deerfield
Huntley, Theodore MI???   Howell
Hyser, Frederick W. MI06CoE 1865-02-15 Plainfield
Hyser, William Capt. MI06Cav 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Ide, Brainard T. MI04CoK 1861-06-20  
Ingham, Roswell J. Sgt. MI10CavCoL 1863-08-25 Tyrone
Ingraham, Douglas MI03CoF 1864-09-17 Righton
Irons, Judson W. MI14CoF 1862-01-07 Plainfield
Itsell, Andrew J. Capt. MI10CavCoK 1863-07-25 Marion
Itsell, Paul C. Sgt. MI05CoI 1861-08-28 Marion
Itsell, Stephen W. Sgt. MI10CavCoK 1863-09-05 Marion
Ives, Lucius H. Maj. MI26CoB 1862-08-22 Unadilla
Jackson, Henry A. MI09CoK 1861-10-16 Conway
Jackson, Hiram F. MI09CoK 1862-09-06 Handy
Jackson, James MI08Band 1861-09-23 Deerfield
Jackson, Thomas MI02CavCoD 1863-11-24 Deerfield
Jacobs, Charles MI05CoG 1864-01-26 Brighton
Jacoby, James P. Cpl. MI15CoD 1861-11-09 Putnam
Jeffrey, James MI09CavCoD 1863-03-12 Brighton
Jeffreys, Daniel R. MI01ArtBatM 1864-03-10 Marion
Jenks, Isaac C. MI11CavCoB 1863-10-05 Cohoctah
Johns, James E. MI09CoD 1862-11-06 Conway
Johnson, Albert MI09CavCoD 1863-03-12 Brighton
Johnson, Alfred MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Johnson, Alfred MI09CavCoD 1863-02-12 Brighton
Johnson, Alfred P. MI01EngCoL 1863-12-15 Deerfield
Johnson, Charles MI16CoG 1865-02-02 Putnam
Johnson, Charles E. MI11CoD 1865-03-15 Hamburg
Johnson, Jerome W. MI01EngCoL 1864-01-04 Deerfield
Johnson, Warren E. MI06CoI 1862-09-09 Hartland
Johnson, Woodford Colored102    
Jones, John MI02CavCoD 1863-11-19 Genoa
Jones, John MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Jones, Philo MI08CoK 1864-02-22 Conway
Jones, Richard H. MI09CoK 1861-09-21 Handy
Jones, Samuel L. MI30CoE 1864-12-30 Deerfield
Jordan, Franklin (Fancis) MI05CoI 1863-12-19 Howell
Jordan, John MI09CavCoD 1862-09-07 Oceola
July, Francis MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Juvenville, John D. MI11CoF 1861-09-11 Deerfield
Kanose, Luther C. 1st  Lt. MI06CavCoD 1862-10-11 Cohoctah
Kay, Henry A. MI26CoB 1862-08-03 Putnam
Kean, John MI29CoK 1864-09-21 Putnam
Kearney, John M. MI26CoB 1862-08-20 Putnam
Keegan, John D. Sgt. MI11CoK 1861-09-01 Deerfield
Keegan, Joseph O. Sgt. MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Keegan, Patrick H. Col. MI11 1861-08-24 Deerfield
Keene, William MI03CavCoG 1864-01-26 Hamburg
Kelley, Daniel MI08CavCoK 1863-02-14 Hartland
Kellogg, John W. MI15CoD 1861-12-24 Pinckney
Kelly, Charles A. 2nd  Lt. MI09Staff 1861-08-15 Brighton
Kelly, Henry MI06CavCoD 1864-02-01 Cohoctah
Kelsey, Ramson MI15CoD 1863-02-10 Howell
Kempton, James MI15CoH 1862-01-02 Deerfield
Keniam, Charles M. MI22CoH 1862-08-02 Iosco
Kennedy, Abram H. MI05CoH 1864-01-13 Iosco
Kennedy, David W. MI03CavCoL 1862-08-27 Hamburg
Kennedy, Hiram MI10CavCoK 1863-09-28 Putnam
Kennedy, James E. MI30CoA 1864-11-23 Putnam
Kennedy, William H. MI10CoG 1861-10-21 Putnam
Kenyon, Cyrus S. MI14CoK 1862-01-28 Marion
Kenyon, William W. MI03CoD   Marion
Kessler, Willard H. (Wm. H.) MI08CoI 1861-09-23 Hartland
Keyser, Alonzo MI06CavCoD 1864-02-29 Cohoctah
Keyser, Jonas MI06CavCoD 1864-02-25 Cohoctah
Kimball, George A. Cpl. MI15CoD 1863-02-10 Cohoctah
Kimberly, Frederick W. Capt. MI05CoI 1861-08-28 Brighton
Kincade, Euselius (Eustace) MI22CoH 1862-08-22 Green Oak
Kinne (Kenny), John E. MI09CoK 1864-02-27 Handy
Kirk, Nehemiah B. MI15CoI   Hartland
Kirk, Newton MI26CoE 1862-08-11 Hartland
Kisbey, Emanuel MI03CavCoF 1864-01-03 Green Oak
Kleckler, George MI21Cok 1864-09-06 Oak Grove/Cohoc.
Knaggs, Henry W. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Knapp, William G. MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Knight, William J. MI03CoI 1864-09-01 Green Oak
Knowles, William MI09CoK 1861-10-08 Handy
Konkle, Amos MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Konkle, Frank Sgt. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13  
Kriesler, Myron Cpl. MI26CoE 1862-08-12 Genoa
Lake, Charles P. MI09CoK 1861-10-16 Howell
Lake, George W. MI26CoE 1862-08-08 Howell
Lake, Henry F. Cpl MI22CoG(H) 1862-08-09 Marion
Lake, Henry L. Cpl. MI09CoK 1861-10-16 Howell
Lake, John S. Cpl. MI15CoD 1863-02-10 Howell
Lamb, Arswell MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Hartland
Lamb, Nelson MI08CoI 1862-08-26 Deerfield
Lampman, Amasa MI04CoK 1861-06-20 Oceola
Lampman, Lawson W. MI04CoK 1861-06-20  
Lampman, Oliver MI01Eng CoK 1861-11-21 Howell
Lamreaus, David MI01EngCoD 1861-10-29 Plainfield
Lamson, William W. (Wallace) MI12CoB 1861-02-19 Deerfield
Lane, George MI11CoK 1865-03-07 Unadilla
Lane, James S. Cpl. MI05CoI 1861-08-28 Brighton
Lankin, William US11CoC 1864-09-11 Oceola
Lanning, Harlon B. MI22CoH 1862-08-11 Green Oak
Lansing, Edward (Edwin) MI05CoD 1864-11-28 Hartland
LaPoint, William MI06CoF 1864-01-04 Deerfield
LaRowe, Henry MI09 1864-02-12 Howell
LaRowe, James P. MI09CoK 1864-02-27 Howell
Latimer, James MI03CoF 1864-09-17 Oceola
Lawrence, George Jr. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Lawrence, Richard W. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Lawyer, John MI05CoG 1864-01-12  
Lee, George W. Col. MIQuartrmstr 1861-10-31 Howell
Lee, Hiram D. MI26CoB 1862-08-14 Putnam
Leonard, John MI09CavCoD 1863-03-12 Brighton
Lewis, Charles MI11 1864-09-03 Deerfield
Lewis, Eli MI09CoI 1861-08-15  
Lightall, Edward MI16CoE 1865-03-22 Howell
Lignian, Martinius MI15 1865-04-03 Genoa
Lincoln, Francis J. MI26CoB 1862-08-21 Unadilla
Lincoln, George W. MI28CoK 1864-09-22 Howell
Lipscomb, James E. Cpl MI08CavCoK 1864-09-03 Putnam
Lister, Thomas MI26CoB 1864-02-24 Iosco
Lister, Watson MI26CoB 1862-08-13 Iosco
Litchfield, James B. MI26CoE 1862-08-22 Cohoctah
Livingston, David A. MI03CavCoG    
Livingston, John MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Livingston, Munroe MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Lobdell, Andrew S. (Anson) MI26CoB 1862-08-20 Putnam
Lockwood, Charles MI26CoB 1862-08-14 Iosco
Lockwood, Isaac T. (F.) MI22CoH 1862-03-14 Marion
Loomis, Benjamin MI23CoB 1864-09-28 Genoa
Loomis, William MI22CoH 1862-08-11 Green Oak
Lord, David MI10CoA 1861-10-11 Handy
Lord, Samuel MI05CoB 1863-12-14 Handy
Loree, Alvin MI03CavCoL 1861-10-09 Handy
Loree, Charles M. MI03CavCoL 1861-10-09 Handy
Loree, George A. MI23CoB 1864-09-02 Tyrone
Loree, Joseph, C. MI03CavCoL 1861-10-01 Handy
Losee, Levi MI03CavCoL 1861-11-23 Fowlerville
Losey, Belmus H. MI09CoK 1862-09-06 Conway
Losey, James L. MI09CoK 1862-09-06 Conway
Lott, Daniel MI15CoE 1865-04-05 Cohoctah
Lott, Henry MI10 1865-04-04 Cohoctah
Lound, Thomas MI03CavCoG 1861-09-18 Hamburg
Lounsberry, Charles H. MI15CoD 1861-02-08 Howell
Lounsberry, Clark MI15CoD 1862-01-25 Howell
Love, Enon MI15CoD 1861-12-30 Howell
Love, Harrison MI09CoH 1864-01-27 Tyrone
Lovesey, Charles MI06CavCoB 1862-10-11 Deerfield
Low, Joseph MI26CoE 1862-09-10 Hamburg
Lowe, Henry 2nd  Lt. MI26CoE 1865-06-09 Hamburg
Loyer, Jacob B. MI02CavCoH 1861-09-27 Parshallville
Lucas, Ira W. MI06CavCoF 1863-10-13 Plainfield
Lum, Dell MI09CoD 1864-09-01 Conway
Lumbard, Francis M. Sgt. MI04CoI 1864-03-31 Green Oak
Luzan, Charles H. MI03CavCoI 1861-10-03 Hartland
Lyon, Moses T. Sgt. MI10CavCoK 1863-09-01 Marion
Lyon, Samuel MILanceCoE 1862-01-14  
Lyon, Solomon T. Capt. MI???   Marion
Lyons, David W. MI22CoH 1862-03-11 Marion
Lyons, Michael MI15CoD 1861-11-05 Putnam
Macomber (McComber), Elias A. MI01ArtBatH 1864-09-12 Hartland
Maltby, Albert R. MI11CavCoI 1865-03-18 Green Oak
Maltby, Richard MI11CavCoI 1865-03-18 Green Oak
Mann, Charles W. MI05CoG 1864-03-23  
Mann, Harlow S. MI04CoK 1861-06-20  
Mann, Herman MI29CoK 1864-10-03 Hartland
Mann, James J. (Manny) MI26CoB 1862-08-15 Putnam
Mapes, Jesse MI03CoA 1864-08-24 Plainfield
Mapes, Selah MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Tyrone
Mapes, Thomas J. MI21CoB 1862-09-03 Plainfield
Marr (Maher), Thomas G. MI05CoA 1863-12-19 Howell
Marsh, Albert MI15   Argentine?
Marsh, Edward C. MI08CoH. 1864-02-18 Hartland
Martin Samuel H. Sgt. MI26CoB 1862-08-13 Putnam
Martin, Ezra M. MI08CoF 1861-09-23 Parshallville
Martin, Ezra M. MI08CoI 1864-02-29 Hartland
Martin, Frank C. MI26CoB 1862-08-21 Putnam
Martin, Gideon W. MI15 1865-04-05 Oceola
Mason, Albert Capt. MI03CavCoG 1861-10-24 Hamburg
Massey, Henry R. MI16CoC 1865-03-29 Hartland
Mather, Wesley MI09 1865-03-15 Handy
Mauding, John MI16CoI 1865-03-28 Hartland
Maumee, Jacob MI01ArtBatI 1864-09-27 Iosco
Maxfield, George MI16CoD 1865-03-29  
May, Peter MI???   Howell
May, William J. MI01ArtBatH 1861-11-17 Hartland
McBride, George W. 2nd  Lt. MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
McBride, Redmon O. Cpl. MI15 1862-03-13 Deerfield
McCabe, Felix MI22CoH 1864-03-15 Green Oak
McCabe, Patric MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Green Oak
McCall, Thomas D. MI01SSCoB 1863-02-02 Handy
McCarren, James MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
McClinchy, James MI02CavCoF 1863-11-21 Oceola
McCullough, Thomas J. Cpl. MI08CavCoK 1864-09-03 Putnam
McDaniels, John Cpl. MI15CoD    
McFall, Asa MI01ArtBatC 1861-10-11 Howell/Fowlerville
McFall, Ruben MI01ArtBatC 1861-12-01 Howell
McGinn, James MI05 1861-08-28 Hamburg
McGiveny, John MI15CoB 1865-03-22 Oceola
McGraw, Peter MI09 1864-02-29 Putnam
McGuire, James MI09 1864-04-22 Hamburg
McHench, William J. M.D. BaltimoreHos. 1864-07-01 Brighton
McIntosh, Isaac S. MI26CoB 1862-08-14 Unadilla
McIntyre, Donald MI01EngCoA 1863 Unadilla
McIntyre, Hugh A. MI20CoK 1862-12-20 Unadilla
McKay, John 2nd  Lt. MI03CoG 1864-09-08 Deerfield
McKean (McKeene), Andrew J. MI26CoE 1862-08-15 Howell
McKean, Daniel MI26CoE 1862-10-07 Deerfield
McKeever, Hugh MI10CoA 1861-10-27 Howell
McKenzie, John Lt. MI03CoK 1864-10-04 Brighton
McKinley, Edward (Edwin D.?) MI22CoH 1862-03-15 Marion
McKinstry, John MI10CavCoL 1863-10-19 Tyrone
McLean, James B. Capt. MI04 1861-06-20  
McManus, Michael H. Sgt. MI03CavCoL 1861-09-20 Handy
McMillan, Peter MI01Eng 1863-12-15 Deerfield
McMillan, Peter MI08Band 1861-09-23 Deerfield
McMillan, William H. MI21CoK 1864-09-06 Cohoctah/OakGr.
McNair, Charles MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
McNally, John MI14CoE 1861-12-07 Cohoctah
McNamee, Jno. MI11CavCoF 1865-03-29 Green Oak
McNaughton, Charles Cpl. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
McNaughton, Daniel 1st  Lt. MI07CavCoA 1864-03-31 Plainfield
McQuarie, Neil A. MI01EngCoM 1863-12-21 Deerfield
McVey (McFay), Andrew MI15CoB 1865-04-10 Deerfield
McWithey, William MI22CoB 1864-09-02 Genoa
Meeher, James J. MI04CoH 1864-09-07 Unadilla
Meekin, Daniel MI26CoE 1862-10-28 Deerfield
Merithew, Edwin R. Cpl. MI08CoE    
Merrill, Hiram MI08CoB 1864-02-26 Hartland
Merrill, Simon B. (Simeon) MI05CoG 1863-12-26 Iosco
Merritt, C. C. (Chesney) MI10CavCoL 1863-10-17 Handy
Merritt, Lewis MI09CoD 1864-01-05 Putnam
Mershon, William D. MI28CoE 1864-09-20 Howell
Messinger, Albert W. 1st  Lt. MI26CoB 1862-08-11 Iosco
Metcalf, James MI26CoB 1862-08-14 Putnam
Metcalfe, Edwin A. MI09CoK 1864-09-10 Handy
Miles, George H. MI01ArtBatC 1861-12-10 Howell
Miles, Jefferson MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Miles, Stephen C. MI05CoG 1864-02-29 Howell
Miller, Asher C. MI26CoB 1864-01-04 Putnam
Miller, Charles A. MI03CoF 1861-06-10 Plainfield
Miller, Charles Cpl. MI08CoB 1864-02-29 Hartland
Miller, George MI02CavCoE 1863-11-25 Marion
Miller, John MI15 1863-02-10 Hamburg
Miller, John C. MI01SS 1863-05-05 Howell
Miller, John P. MI26CoB 1862-08-22 Iosco
Miller, Peter R. MI30CoA 1864-11-29 Conway
Miller, Volney MI01SSCoK 1862-03-04 Oceola
Miller, William H. MI01EngCoC 1861-12-25 Plainfield
Millman, John MI01CoF 1862-08-27 Unadilla
Mills, Frank Cpl. MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Unadilla
Mills, Henry MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Putnam
Mills, John H. MI09CoK 1861-10-05 Howell
Mills, Preston MI15CoB 1865-04-11 Deerfield
Mills, Stephen P. MI22CoH 1862-03-14 Conway
Miner, Isreal MI30CoF 1864-12-27 Conway
Miner, Jebediah MI26CoB 1862-08-15 Iosco
Minith, Josiah MI26CoB 1862-08-06 Putnam
Minnick, David MI09CoH 1861-08-16 Southern Liv. Co.
Mitchell, Ira MI10CoG 1862-02-06  
Mizner, James MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Mizner, Walter W. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Moneypenny, Thomas MI22CoI 1862-08-09 Hartland
Monroe, James MI???   Howell
Monroe, John Cpl. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Monroe, Norton M. MI22CoH 186-08-14 Howell
Montgomery, Samuel MI06CoD 1861-08-20 Unadilla
Moon, Albert MI05CoC 1864-01-13 Howell
Moon, Alfred C. MI09CoI 1861-08-15 Hamburg
Moon, Calvin MI09CoK 1861-10-10 Handy
Moore, Charles MI16CoG 1865-03-28 Howell
Moore, Hiram MI06CavCoD 1864-02-20 Cohoctah
Moore, James MI26CoB 1862-08-08 Unadilla
Moore, Thomas MI03CavCoL 1861-10-01 Handy
Moore, William MI16CoG 1865-03-28 Cohoctah
Moran, Edward MI01ArtBatH 1864-01-04 Unadilla
Moran, Thomas MI01CavCoA 1864-01-24 Putnam
Moran, Thomas MI15CoD 1861-11-05 Putnam
Morris, Edwin Sgt. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Morris, Joseph C. MI08CavCoE 1863-01-20 Marion
Morris, Joy T. Cpl. MI21CoB 1862-09-03 Plainfield
Morris, William MI09CoI 1864-02-12 Hamburg
Morris, Wm. S. MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Morse, Daniel W. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Howell
Morse, Isaac MI09CoK 1864-01-16 Handy
Morse, Thaddeus E. MI09CoK 1864-01-26 Handy
Morton, Deloss MI05CoB 1863-12-21  
Mosher, Barnabas MI04CavCoD 1864-08-23  
Mosier, Wesley H. MI26CoB 1862-08-14 Iosco
Mountain, Robert S. MI26CoE 1862-08-17 Howell
Mower, George W. MI10CoK 1862-09-12  
Muir, Edgar Sgt. MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Mulloy, James 2nd  Lt. MI04CoK 1861-06-20 Howell
Mulosh, Peter (Molosh, Malosh) MI16CoB 1865-03-23 Howell
Munn, Simon S. MI09CoE 1863-12-27 Putnam
Munson, Benjamin G. Sgt. MI10CavCoL 1863-09-01 Handy
Munson, Melvin Cpl. MI09CoK 1861-09-24 Handy
Munson, Truman MI01CoK 1863-06-03 Plainfield
Murdock, Calvin A. MI08CoB 1864-02-29 Hartland
Murdock, Charles MI08CoB 1864-02-18 Hartland
Murray, Edwin R. MI09CoI 1861-08-15 Brighton
Murray, James MI30CoD 1864-12-16 Deerfield
Murray, William MI08CoG 1862-08-15 Deerfield
Murtagh, Joseph MI09CoD 1864-01-04 Putnam
Musson, Henry MI09CoK 1861-09-26 Howell
Myers, Henry E. MI02CavCoF   Howell
Neely, Abram J. (Nealy) MI05CoK 1864-03-30 Genoa
Neely, Charles L. MI05CoK 1863-12-31 Genoa
Neely, Daniel A. MI08CoH 1864-01-25 Cohoctah
Neely, Josph MI02CoF 1864-04-14 Cohoctah
Neely, Theodore MI02CoE 1864-03-28 Cohoctah
Nethaway, Marcellus T. Sgt. MI10CavCoA 1863-09-02 Deerfield
Newberry, George MI09CoK 1861-09-23 Hartland
Newman, Aaron A. MI05CoI 1861-09-01 Brighton
Newman, Albert E. MI15CoF 1865-03-16 Deerfield
Newman, Charles S. MI11CavCoB 1863-09-10 Cohoctah
Newman, Daniel R. MI03CavCoL 1861-10-01 Handy
Newman, Lester MI11CavCoB 1863-10-05 Cohoctah
Newton, George MI05CoI 1863-12-22 Howell
Noble, Edgar Sgt. MI04CoK 1861-06-20 Howell
Noble, Roger MI07CoG 1861-08-22 Deerfield
Norris, Josiah Jr. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
North, Cyrus 1st  Lt. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Northrup, Alanson B. MI09CoB 1864-01-05 Handy
Norton, Brady K. MI03CavCoA 1864-01-14 Hartland
Norton, Henry C. Cpl. MI15CoD 1862-02-06 Brighton
O’Brien, Patrick MI09CoH 1861-10-15 Pinckney
O’Connell, Daniel MI15CoF 1862-01-29 Deerfield
O’Connell, Patrick MI08CoB 1862-02-22 Deerfield
O’Dell, Orson B. MI06CavCoB 1862-10-11 Plainfield
O’Neal, David R. MI03CavCoG 1864-02-10 Brighton
O’Neil, Peter MI10CoE 1862-09-08 Marion
Oaks, John H. MI26CoB 1862-08-09 Iosco
Ohlke, John MI22CoH 1862-03-11 Green Oak
Olds, John T. MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Conway
Olds, William W. MI06CavCoD 1862-09-09 Conway
Olmstead, Daniel G. MI09CoK 1862-03-13  
Olsaver, Henry MI03CavCoG 1861-09-17 Green Oak
Olsaver, Jesse J. MI03CavCoG 1861-10-14  
Olsaver, William C. MI03CavCoG 1864-02-24 Green Oak
Ormsby, Alvin L. MI01EngCoL 1863-12-28 Deerfield
Ormsby, Edwin S. MI08Band 1861-09-23 Deerfield
Ortner, Henry R. MI09CoK 1864-01-02 Handy
Osborn, Arel MI05CoG 1864-01-26 Iosco
Osborn, John MI22CoH 1862-03-11 Green Oak
Osborn, Thomas D. MI03CavCoG 1864-02-27 Green Oak
Ostrom, William H. Sgt. MI09CoK 1861-09-27 Conway
Otto, William MI09CoK 1861-09-11 Brighton
Owne, Boyce P. MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Paddock, George MI15CoD 1862-01-12 Brighton
Paddock, Richard F. (J.) MI05CoG 1864-01-26 Brighton
Page, Francis F. MI15CoI 1863-02-10 Handy
Page, Isaac MI26CoF 1862-08-07 Howell
Palmer, Charles S. MI06CavCoA 1862-08-15 Oceola
Palmer, Christopher MI10CoA 1861-10-10 Cohoctah
Palmer, David MI10CoA 1861-10-12 Cohoctah
Palmer, Enos MI15CoI 1865-04-05 Hartland
Palmer, James Sgt. MI29CoH 1864-09-14 Deerfield
Palmer, Orin MI03CavCoG 1861-10-17 Putnam
Palmerton, Harvey D. (Harry) MI09 1864-02-02 Handy
Palmerton, William E. Cpl. MI06CavCoA 1862-08-28 Handy
Palmerton, Zenas Cpl. MI09CoK 1861-09-14 Handy
Papwroth, Alfred E. Cpl. MI08CavCoH 1863-01-18  
Pardee, Samuel M. MI09CoK 1861-09-21 Handy
Park, Robert MI22CoI 1862-08-12 Hamburg
Parker, Dunford (Danford) MI08CoB 1864-02-26 Oceola
Parker, William A. MI11CoH 1865-02-17 Tyrone
Parks, John Q. MI09CoD 1864-09-10 Handy/Howell
Parshall, Asa MI08CoI 1861-09-15 Hartland
Parshall, Chauncey MI08CoB 1864-02-29 Hartland
Parshall, Richard E. MI06CavCoA 1862-08-28 Brighton
Parshall, Taylor MI06CavCoK 1865-03-14 Oceola
Parshall, Timothy B. MI08CoB 1864-02-29 Oceola
Parsons, Adelbert F. 2nd  Lt. MI01CoI 1862-12-01 Brighton
Parsons, Cecil D. Jr. MI09CoK 1864-09-10 Conway
Partlon, Lewis F. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Green Oak
Pate, Henry MI05CoE 1863-12-19 Howell
Paulding, Benjamin MI15CoA 1864-04-13  
Payne, Charles W. MI01SS    
Payne, Robert C. MI06CavCoI 1862-08-25 Tyrone
Pearce, Edward G. Cpl. MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Pease, Charles H. MI02CavCoI 1863-11-07 Hartland
Peavey, Adelbert MI10CavCoK 1863-09-03 Hamburg
Peck, Jay MI15coH 1865-04-04 Deerfield
Peckens, Albert MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Marion
Peckins, John MI10CoA 1862-02-06 Cohoctah
Pennell, George MI05CoG 1863-12-21 Howell
Pennell, Samuel MI05CoI 1861-09-06  
Pentland (Pentlin), George MI05CoI 1862-11-01 Brighton
Pentlin, George W. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Pentlin, Hiram MI05CoI 1863-12-15 Brighton
Pentlin, William W. MI11CavCoG 1863-09-08 Brighton
Perronaud, Joseph MI15 1863-02-10 Hamburg
Perry, Reuben J. MI10CavCoK 1863-10-02 Pinckney
Perry, Silas M. (W.) MI05CoH 1864-01-12 Howell
Peterson, John F. MI01ArtBatI 1864-09-27 Oceola
Peterson, Silas MI???   Howell
Petteys, Frank MI26CoE 1862-09-10 Hamburg
Petteys, Seth A. MI11CavCoA 1865-03-22 Hamburg
Pettys, George W. MI26CoE 1862-08-21 Hamburg
Phelps, Charles B. MI02CavCoB   Marion
Phelps, Charles H. MI22CoI 1862-08-22 Brighton
Phelps, Henry MI05CoH 1863-12-26 Genoa
Phelps,Clark MI02CavCoB 1863-11-08 Marion
Phillips, Alvah T. MI01ArtBatH 1864-09-12 Hartland
Phillips, Charles E. MI02CavCoF 1863-11-24 Deerfield
Phillips, Edward H. MI05CavCoH 1862-08-19 Green Oak
Phillips, George H. MI09CoH 1863-12-23 Pinckney
Phillips, George H. Cpl. MI09CoK 1861-10-07 Conway
Phillips, Jerome G. MI05CoI    
Phillips, Joseph MI01CoF 1861-07-17  
Phillips, Richard Sgt. 102Color.CoK 1864-01-05 Hartland
Pickard, John MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Pier (Peer), Jeddi O. B. MI22CoH 1862-08-15 Green Oak
Pier (Peer), Richard MI22CoH 1862-08-15 Green Oak
Pier (Peer), Thomas Henry MI22CoH 1862-03-09 Green Oak
Pierce, Swift S. MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Pikley, William El. MI15CoF 1862-01-30 Howell
Piper, William MI10CavCoL 1863-10-02 Handy
Place, George W. MI15coE 1865-04-04 Howell
Placeway, George L. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Placeway, Joseph E. MI03CavCoG 1864-02-10 Brighton
Placeway, Silas Sgt. MI15CoD 1862-02-01 Pinckney
Platt, John P. MI06CavCoB 1862-08-12 Brighton
Platt, Nathan MI09CoI 1861-08-15 Brighton
Pollock, John Sgt. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Polly, Lemuel D. MI22 1862-08-12 Howell
Pond, Jabesh Ashely Sgt. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Howell
Porter, John MI15CoG 1865-04-03  
Porter, Joseph 1st  Colored 1865-01-18 Handy
Porter, Seth MI26CoB 1862-08-15 Unadilla
Potter, Nelson D. MI05CavCoL 1865-03-29 Putnam
Powers, Joseph D. (dup-Bowers) MI09CoD 1865-03-15 Handy
Powers, Lucien (Lucius) MI03CavCoG 1864-02-10 Hamburg
Poyer, D. F. MI04 1861-06-20  
Pratt, Amos MI06CavCoD 1862-09-06 Cohoctah
Pratt, Erastus A. Capt. MI15CoD 1861-10-22 Brighton
Pray, Davis L. MI02CavCoL 1863-11-21 Green Oak
Preston, Henry MI???   Howell
Preston, Herman 2nd  Lt. MI26 1862-08-14 Howell
Preston, John L. Cpl. MILancers   Cohoctah
Preston, Joseph H. MI01ArtBatC 1861-12-08 Howell
Preston, Willard L. MI01ArtBatG 1863-12-28 Unadilla
Price, James R. MI03CavCoI 1861-09-18 Hartland
Proper, Francis M. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Proper, William MI01EngCoC 1864-01-02 Plainfield
Pruden, Joseph Jr. MI05CoG 1864-02-27 Howell
Pullen, Merritt Francis Sgt. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Howell
Pullen, William H. Cpl. MI05CoI 1861-06-19 Howell
Purdy, Charles Jr. Cpl. MI26CoE 1862-08-11 Hartland
Purdy, John MI22CoH 1862-03-01 Green Oak
Pyper, William C. MI11CoK 1865-03-07 Unadilla
Quish, James MI11CavCoG 1863-09-23  
Radford, William R. MI06CavCoA 1862-08-04 Brighton
Rambo, Eli MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Howell
Randall, Abithene (Abiathar) Cpl MI15CoA 1862-01-15 Handy
Randall, John H. MI06CavCoD 1862-09-08 Cohoctah
Randolph, Lewis MI05CavCoD 1865-03-29 Putnam(Waterloo)
Rathbone (Rathbun), Isiah MI08CoK 1864-02-29 Brighton
Rathbone, Oscar J. MI09CoD 1865-03-15 Handy
Rathbun, Edgar L. MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Oceola
Redzie, William MI08Band 1861-09-23 Deerfield
Reed (Read), George MI16CoI 1861-12-10 Howell
Reed, James MI09CoK 1864-02-01 Handy
Reed, John W. MI29CoH 1864-09-10 Tyrone
Reed, Lemuel MI10CavCoM 1863-11-18 Plainfield
Reese (Reece), James H. MI08CoB 1864-02-27 Hartland
Renn, John E. MI09CoK 1865-03-15 Hamburg
Renn, William MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Handy
Renn, William MI09CoK 1864-01-04 Handy
Renn, William H. MI09CoK 1861-08-22 Handy
Reynolds, Elisha B. MI29CoK 1864-10-03 Hartland
Rhoads, William A. MI01Eng 1863-12-15 Deerfield
Rice, C. H. MI????   Brighton
Rice, James MI05CavCoD 1862-08-22 Green Oak
Rice, John M. MI26CoE    
Rich, Levi E. Cpl. MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Richardson, Francis D. MI06CavCof 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Richmond, Silas J. MI15CoE 1865-04-04 Howell
Riddle, Alex MI15CoD 1865-04-10  
Riddle, Alex MI15CoD 1865-06  
Rider, Barnard L. MI09CoK 1861-10-16  
Rider, Carlos MI06CavCoD 1862-09-10 Deerfield
Rider, Richard P. Sgt. MI15CoH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Ridley, William H. MI06CavCoD 1862-10-11 Cohoctah
Roberts, William W. MI05CoH 1864-01-04 Handy
Robertson, Charles MI01ArtBatB 1861-12-16 Plainfield
Robertson, David MI???   Howell
Robertson, William Cpl. MI15CoD 1861-11-05 Putnam
Robinson, Andrew A. MI26CoB 1862-08-15 Putnam
Robinson, Joshua MI01CavCoM 1864-01-03 Putnam
Robinson, William MI16CoG 1865-03-18 Howell
Robinson, William F. MI03CoI 1864-09-17 Oceola
Robinson, William Henry MI22CoH 1862-08-08 Green Oak
Robison, David MI05CoI 1863-12-10 Howell
Rogers, Amos MI24CoE 1865-03-29  
Rogers, Cyrus H. MI08CoI    
Rogers, Edwin MI03CavCoI 1864-02-27 Brighton
Rogers, Francis D. MI09CoI 1864-01-26 Brighton
Rohrabacher, Freeman MILanceCoB 1862-01-21  
Rohrabacher, Peter A. MI22CoH 1862-08-20 Cohoctah
Rooney, Barney MI04CoK 1861-06-20 Howell
Root, Alvin MI05CavCoD 1865-03-29 Putnam
Root, Julius H. MI05CoE 1864-01-13 Howell
Root, Richard R. MI24CoE 1865-03-29  
Rose, George W. Capt. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Rosenkrans, Jay MI22CoF 1865-03-15 Genoa
Ross, James H. MI15CoE 1865-04-05 Cohoctah
Ross, John M. MI05CoH 1864-01-13 Iosco
Ross, Samuel F. C. Sgt. MI29CoK 1864-09-29 Deerfield
Rossiter (Rossetter), John O. MI09CoI 1861-08-15 Hartland
Rounds, Andrew J. Cp. MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Marion
Rowling (Rawln), Samuel MI03CoE 1864-09-16 Conway
Royce, Charles E. MI26CoE    
Royce, John M. Capt. MI26CoC 1862-08-04 Hamburg
Rumsey, Lemuel MI03CoG 1864-08-05 Brighton
Rupert, Christian MI02CavCoE 1863-11-09 Hartland
Rushby, John Cpl. MI08CoH 1864-02-25 Oceola
Russell, Clinton MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Russell, Timothy MI08CoB 1864-02-09 Hartland
Rust, Samuel MI09CoK 1861-09-24 Conway
Rutledge, John MI02CavCoH 1863-11-19 Genoa
Ryder, Bernard Sgt. MI???    
Sabin, Daniel MI09CoD 1864-09-10 Conway
Sackner, Francis MI06CavCoD 1864-02-23 Oceola
Sackner, Freeman MI11CavCoI 1863-11-02 Cohoctah
Saddler, Cyrenus H. Sgt. MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Sane, J. S. Sgt. MI02CoK 1861-05-25  
Sargent, Everett D. 2nd  Lt. MI09CoB 1861-10-08 Howell
Sargent, Francis A. MI10CavCoL 1863-10-08 Unadilla
Saunders, William N. MI05CoG 1864-01-25  
Sawyer, Andrew I. MI03CavCoG 1864-02-14 Hamburg
Sawyer, David E. (A.) MI05CoI 1864-01-30 Hamburg
Sawyer, George Cpl. MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Sawyer, Hannible Cpl. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Hamburg
Sawyer, John MI05CoI 1861-08-07 Green Oak
Sawyer, Milton Wilson MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Cohoctah
Sawyer, Oliver J. MI30CoA 1864-12-08 Conway
Sawyer, Romanzo W. MI11CavCoC 1865-03-08 Hamburg
Sayers, John MI03CavCoI 1864-01-04 Hartland
Sayres, James MI01ArtBatH 1864-09-07 Hartland
Sayres, Samuel Cpl. MI01ArtBatH 1861-10-24 Hartland
Schad, Peter D. MI12CoK 1863-03-23 Tyrone
Schaffer, George MI09CoK 1861-10-09 Marion
Schrepfer, George MI15CoE 1865-04-05 Cohoctah
Schyver, John W. MI05CoF 1862-02-11  
Scoby, John MI27CoG 1863-02-24 Howell
Scofield (Schofield), Alva W. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Howell
Scott, Nathan R. MI09CoK 1864-01-23 Handy
Scott, Warren MI14CoD 1862-04-11  
Scripture, Samuel MI06CavCoD 1862-08-30 Handy
Scrivel, Wm. H. MI05CoG 1864-01-20 Marion
Scriver, John W. Cpl. MI01ArtBatG 1864-09-14 Hamburg
Seeley, Abel MI15CoA 1862-03-13 Pinckney
Seim, Conrad MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Selleck, Avon (Azor) MI28CoA 1864-09-12 Howell
Selman, Ralph C. MI27CoB(SS) 1864-02-23 Brighton
Sewell, Augustus R. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Marion
Shadd, Jonathan MI01CoF 1861-09-05  
Shaffer, Joseph MI06CavCoD 1862-09-10 Cohoctah
Shank, Daniel MI08 1864-01-06 Argentine
Shanks, James MI03CoI 1864-09-03 Green Oak
Shannon, Samuel F. MI03CavCoG 1864-02-18 Green Oak
Sharp, Jonathan S. Sgt. MI04CoK 1861-06-20 Howell
Sharp, Thoams MI09CoH 1861-08-16 Oceola
Sharp, William S. MI05CoI 1863-12-24 Genoa
Shattuck, Joseph or Jasper MI24CoH 1865-03-22 Tyrone
Shaver, Eli MI15CoD    
Shear, David O. MI01Eng 1863-01-05 Howell
Shearer (Spearer), Chauncey MI09CoK 1861-10-03 Howell
Shepherd, Wm. H. MI08CoF 1864-01-06 Argentine
Sherman, Aaron G. MI09CoK 1861-10-03 Conway
Sherman, Jacob MI10CavCoH 1863-08-28 Conway
Sherman, Job Spencer MI22CoH 1862-08-14 Handy
Shields, Peter MI14CoD 1862-03-26  
Sholer, Jacob MI15CoD 1865-03-06 Argentine?
Shook, Jacob MI03CavCoI 1864-02-04 Tyrone
Shook, Peter S. MI03CavCoI 1864-02-01 Tyrone
Silsby, Edward C. Sgt. MI22CoG(H) 1862-08-06 Conway
Simpson, George MI19CoG 1864-02-08 Conway
Simpson, Myron Cpl MI28CoK 1864-09-22 Howell
Sinclair, Otis MI03CavCoC 1861-10-03 Deerfield
Sintzer, Abraham MI???    
Sisler, Watson Cpl. MI26CoB 1862-08-13  
Skinner, Addison D. MI08CoE 1864-01-06 Hartland
Slater, Albert MI09CoK 1864-01-04 Handy
Slater, Derrick MI09CoK 1864-09-16 Handy
Slayter, Job Allen MI09CoK 1861-09-25 Handy
Slayton, Eugene MI09CoH 1865-03-15 Tyrone
Sleeter, Aaron B. MI26CoE 1862-08-07 Deerfield
Slimmer, John MI22CoG 1864-08-13  
Slocum, Lucius MI01ArBatH 1861-12-24 Hartland
Slocum, Zina B. MI01ArtBatH 1861-11-20 Hartland
Sly, William W. MI01SSCoB 1863-02-10 Handy
Smith, Adam MI04CoH 1864-09-23 Iosco
Smith, Amos MI02CavCoH 1863-11-20 Deerfield
Smith, Amos MI05CoI 1863-12-31 Howell
Smith, Asa MI03CavCoG 1861-09-06  
Smith, Austin T. Cpl MI04CoK 1861-06-20 Iosco
Smith, Benjamin E. MI04CoH 1864-08-16 Unadilla
Smith, Bernard (Barnard) B. MI09CoK 1861-10-24 Howell
Smith, C. Henry Sgt. MI26CoB 1862-08-06 Putnam
Smith, Charles A. (H.) MI05CoI 1863-12-17 Howell
Smith, Charles H. MI11CavCoA 1865-03-18 Green Oak
Smith, Daniel H. MI05CoG 1863-12-16 Iosco
Smith, Daniel L. MI03CavCoG    
Smith, David C. MI03CavCoI   Hartland
Smith, Davis MI01EngCoK 1861-12-05  
Smith, Edwin H. MI05CoD   Howell
Smith, Eli B. MI10CoH 1862-02-06 Deerfield (Lapeer)
Smith, Elisah M. Sgt. MILanceSecA 1861-12-09  
Smith, Erastus MI03CavCoG 1861-09-18  
Smith, Francis M. MI09CoK 1861-09-21 Conway
Smith, Gardner S. MI09CoK 1861-10-05 Howell
Smith, Henry Cpl. MI08CoG 1864-12-13 Oceola
Smith, Jacob H. MI06CavCoB 1863-12-05 Brighton
Smith, James H. MI11CavCoA 1865-03-18 Green Oak
Smith, James L. Capt MI10CavCoM 1863-07-25  
Smith, Jno. Cpl. MI11CavCoL 1863-11-02 Hamburg
Smith, John MI02CavCoK 1863-11-19 Tyrone
Smith, John MI16CoI 1865-03-25 Putnam
Smith, Jonathan MI22CoF 1864-04-14  
Smith, Joseph Willard MI-2CavCoK 1863-11-20 Unadilla/Mac.Co.
Smith, Julius D. Cpl MI04CoK 1861-04-15 Howell
Smith, Junius S. Cpl. MI22CoG(H) 1862-08-11 Marion
Smith, Justam P. MI04    
Smith, Mortimer MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Smith, Peter Cpl. MI15CoD 1861-11-05 Putnam
Smith, Richard MI16CoI    
Smith, Richard C. MI22CoI 1862-08-13 Hartland
Smith, Ruben C. MI09CoK 1861-10-07 Howell
Smith, Ruben C. MI22CoI 1862-08-22 Hartland/Howell
Smith, Samuel W. MI09CoK 1861-10-15  
Smith, Sylvester MI03CavCoG 1861-10-22 Hamburg
Smith, Vernon C. MI04CavCoC 1863-12-02 Howell
Smith, William MI21MI   Born Liv. Co.?
Smith, William Augustus Capt. MI22CoH 1863-01-05 Marion
Smith, William G. 1st  Lt. MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Hartland
Smock, George W. MI01ArtBatA 1864-09-14  
Smock, Mark S. Sgt. MI22CoG 1862-08-14 Marion
Snapp, George F. MI23CoA 1864-09-05 Tyron
Snell, Gordon MI09CoH 1861-08-16 Oceola
Snell, William H. MI08CoB 1864-02-25 Oceola
Snow, William A. MI20CoH 1862-08-11 Hamburg
Snyder, Jacob MI07 1863-02-27 Tyrone
Soper, Charles L. MI10CavCoG 1863-10-02 Pinckney
Soule, John W. MI06CavCoD 1862-09-06 Cohoctah
Southard, Joseph MI22CoH 1862-08-09 Handy
Southwick Myron H. MI08CoH 1864-02-29 Hartland
Sowle, Bronson C. MI11CavCoG 1865-03-17 Brighton
Sowle, Emerson MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Howell
Spaulding, David MI26CoE 1862-10-15 Deerfield
Spaulding, Dwight MI10 1865-04-03  
Spencer, Frank MI07    
Spencer, John G. MI11CavCoG 1863-12-03 Brighton
Spencer, William H. MI09CoI 1864-01-14 Brighton
Spier, Asa T. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Splan, George MI15 1864-04-09  
Sprague, Daniel MI26CoB 1862-08-07 Unadilla
Sprague, John T. MI06CavCoA 1862-08-15 Brighton
Sprigg (Spring) William MI15CoE 1865-03-29 Howell
Springstein, Allen B. MI26CoE 1862-08-14 Deerfield
Springstein, Arminus Cpl. MI09CoH 1861-08-16 Deerfield
Springstein, Eben A. MI22CoH 1862-08-13 Deerfield
Stafford, George Cpl. MI09CoK 1861-09-27 Howell
Stage, Alvin MI09CoK 1861-09-23 Conway
Stage, David MI09CoI 1864-01-23 Conway
Stage, James F. MI09CoK 1861-09-21 Conway
Stage, James F. MI09CoK 1865-03-15  
Staley, Theodore R. MI15CoF 1865-04-04 Howell
Stamp, John MI01ArtBatH 1864-08-31 Unadilla
Stansell, John Cpl. MI03CoI 1864-08-27 Green Oak/Brigh.
Stansell, Richard A. Cpl. MI22CoG 1862-08-08 Green Oak
Steadman, Enos S. Sgt. MI26CoB 1862-08-06 Unadilla
Stearns, Allen C. Sgt. MI01ArtBatC 1861-12-12 Howell
Stedman, Elliot Sgt. MI05CavCoC 1862-08-19  
Stedman, Stephen MILanceCoB 1862-01-21  
Stedman, Stephen D. MI01ArtBatH 1861-12-02 Howell
Stencell, Henry D. Sgt. MI27CoG 1863-01-20 Howell
Stephens, Charles H. MI08CavCoE 1862-11-20 Unadilla
Stephens, George F. MI08CoH 1864-02-29 Conway
Stevens, Harvey R. MI???   Tyrone
Stevens, John H. Capt MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Hartland
Stevens, Peter Cpl. MI01SSCoB 1863-02-11 Handy
Stevenson, Chas. Z. MI06CoK 1861-08-20  
Stewart, Martin V. MI03CavCoI 1861-10-09 Hartland
Stiles, August H. MI26CoB 1862-08-14 Unadilla
Stiles, Harrison Sgt. MI08CavCoE 1862-11-22 Unadilla
Stocking, George MI05CavCoF 1865-03-29 Putnam
Stockwell, Francis M. MI09CoI 1861-08-15 Brighton
Stokes, William H. MI01Eng 1864-08-23 Plainfield
Story, James MI02CavCoI 1863-11-21 Brighton
Stout, Isaac M. Capt. MI15coH 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Stout, Oscar MI06CavCoB 1862-10-11 Plainfield
Stow, William P. Cpl. MI09CoB 1864-01-02 Handy/Conway
Strayer, Daniel MI09CoH 1861-10-15 Pinckney
Strayer, George Sgt. MI26CoB 1862-08-08 Pinckney
Struter, Lorenzo MI10 1865-04-10 Genoa
Sturgis, Hiram MI08CoF 1864-01-06 Argnetine
Sutton, Charles MI29CoF 1864-09-03 Deerfield
Sutton, David MI15CoC 1861-12-24 Handy
Sutton, Lewis MI29CoF 1864-09-03 Deerfield
Sutton, Samuel MI05CoI 1861-08-10 Howell
Swadling, Charles MI01EngCoD 1863-12-21 Deerfield
Swan, John Frederick MI08CavCoE 1863-01-20 Marion
Swan, Zephamiah T. MI26CoH 1863-08-13  
Swanger, John MI10CavCoK 1864-04-26 Howell
Sweeny, John W. MI26CoE 1862-08-20 Hamburg
Sweet, Jay MI22CoB 1864-09-12 Marion
Sweet, Lewis H. Cpl. MI26CoB 1862-08-20 Handy
Switz, Abram MI01SSCoK 1862-03-04 Oceola
Switzer, Edwin M. MI22CoH 1862-08-09 Marion
Sykes, Charles MI05CavCoF 1865-03-19 Putnam
Tackle (Tagle), John G. MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Handy
Tallmadge, Newell L. MI)9 1864-01-29 Tyrone
Tannar, J. A. Capt. MI09CoK 1861-10-12 Fowlerville
Tanner, Charles Sgt. MI09Staff 1861-09-23 Handy
Tanner, Henry C. MI09Staff 1861-08-22 Handy
Tate, William MI????   Howell
Taylor, Chauncey B. MI05CoI 1863-12-24  
Taylor, John B. MI09CoH 1864-12-28 Putnam
Taylor, Samuel C. MI05CoI 1863-12-24  
Taylor, William B. (H.) MI22CoA 1862-08-15 Conway
Taylor, William I. MI09CoK 1861-10-09 Handy
Teachout, Henry MI12CoB 1862-11-12 Deerfield
Tenny, C. W. 1st  Lt. MI03CavCoI   Hartland
Thayer, Charles MI05CoI 1861-09-06 Howell/Brighton
Thayer, Daniel W. MI09CoH 1861-08-16  
Thomas, Attison E. (Allison) Cpl. MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Putnam
Thomas, Nelson C. capt. MI06CavCoB 1862-08-14 Brighton
Thomas, Warren (dup) MI29CoK 1864-09-18 Deerfield
Thompkins, John W. MI26CoE 1862-09-10 Howell
Thompson, Charles N. MI29CoH 1861-10-15  
Thompson, Henry G. MI24CoE 1865-03-29  
Thompson, Henry W. MI10CoF 1864-04-15 Tyrone
Thompson, Thomas J. 1st  Lt. MI26CoI 1862-08-04 Hamburg
Thompson, William R. MI09CoK 1861-10-26  
Tisdale, Thomas A. MI01ArtBatH 1862-01-01 Hartland
Tock, Orson W. MI22CoH 1862-08-09 Green Oak
Tompkins, John W. MI26CoE 1862-08-22 Howell
Toncray, Richard M. MI22CoF 1864-01-25 Green Oak
Totten, America MI04CoK 1861-12-14 Howell
Tower, Isaac S. MI03CoG    
Townsend, Levi MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Kensington
Trainor, Thomas MI03CavCoG 1861-09-24  
Trembly, Oren W. MI03CoC 1861-06-10  
Tripp, Palmer G. MI28CoF 1864-09-24 Howell
Truckey, Alexander MI02CavCoL 1863-11-19 Putnam
Tryon, George H. MI01ArtBatH 1861-11-06 Unadilla
Tubbs, James L. MI03CavCoL 1861-10-01  
Tucker, Jeptha MI22CoA 1864-09-20 Oceola
Tucker, John M. MI04CoK 1861-06-20  
Tufts, John (Tuoffs) MI03CoG 1864-09-24 Oceola
Tupper, Lewis C. MI05CoI 1861-07-17 Howell
Tupper, Nelson G. MI11CavCoG 1863-11-06 Green Oak
Turrell, Henry MI22CoH 1862-08-09 Green Oak
VanAmberg, Jos. T. MI24CoE 1865-04-05 Brighton
VanAmberg, Orange Kellog Lt. MI???   Brighton
Vandercook, Lorenzo MI21CoK   Cohoctah
Vandercook, Lyman MI21CoK   Cohoctah
Vandercook, William H. MI21CoK 1864-09-06 Cohoctah/Howell
VanDorran, John H. MI01CoK 1861-08-02  
VanDyke, Samuel MI22CoH 1862-08-09 Conway
VanDyne, Abram MI22CoH 1862-08-22 Marion
VanGorder, Noah S. MI05CoG 1863-12-05 Iosco
VanLoon, Isaac MI01CoH 1861-11-12 Howell
VanNOcker, Sylvester B. MI15 1862-03-13 Deerfield
VanOrden, Robert MI01CavCoE 1864-01-04  
VanOrden, William MI15CoD 1861-11-05 Putnam
VanZile, Gardner MI09CoK 1861-10-02 Handy
VanZile, Riley E. MI04CoK 1861-06-20  
VanZile, Wells MI04CoK 1861-06-26  
Vaughn, John D. MI15CoD 1864-03-13 Cohoctah
Vose, Henry A. MI16CoD 1865-03-29 Hartland
Waddell, Andrew 1st  Lt. MI05CoI 1864-02-01 Howell
Waldron, Romaine MI05CoA 1864-01-12 Oceola
Walker, John MI28CoK (B) 1864-09-26 Howell
Walker, John (Walthers) MI29CoC (B) 1864-08-26  
Walker, Peter O. MI22CoH 1862-08-22 Conway
Wall, Andrew MI05CoH 1863-12-28 Howell
Wall, Martin (Woll) MI26 1862-08-08 Howell
Wall, Peter MI05CoH 1863-12 Howell
Wallace, George M. MI03CavCoD 1864-01-25 Hamburg
Wallace, James H. MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Unadilla
Wallace, Samuel MI15coH 1865-03-29 Hartland
Wallace, Thomas MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Unadilla
Walsh, James MI03CavCoI 1864-01-04 Hartland
Walter, John F. MI03CoK 1864-09-24 Brighton
Walterhouse, Daniel L. MI04 1861-06-20  
Walters, James MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Iosco
Walton, William MI16CoG 1865-02-04 Unadilla
Wanzey, Alverado MI10CavCoL 1863-10-23 Handy
Ward, Albert F. Cpl. MI04CoH 1864-09-17 Unadilla
Ward, Amos MI06CavCoA 1862-08-15 Brighton
Ward, Benoini L. MI14CoK 1862-01-08 Marion
Ward, Henry MI02CavCoM 1863-11-19 Deerfield
Ward, Jacob MI22CoH 1862-08-14 Iosco
Ward, William MI06CoF 1864-01-06 Deerfield
Ware, Edwin MI05CoH 1863-12-23 Handy/Howell
Waring, Samuel MI10CavCoK 1863-10-16 Howell
Warner, Edwin E. (Edgar) MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Warner, George W. MI06CavCoM 1862-10-11 Plainfield
Warren, Andrew MI03CoF 1865-03-08 Unadilla
Warren, Lewis MI01ArtBatH 1864-10-08 Hartland
Warren, Reuben H. MI10CavCoK 1863-09-09 Howell
Warren, Thomas (dup) MI29CoK 1864-09-18 Deerfield
Washburn, Charles MI12CoC 1862-02-28  
Washburn, Gustavus M. MI22CoH 1862-08-01 Green Oak
Washburn, Theodore MI15coD 1864-03-31 Howell
Washburn, William MI22CoH 1862-08-11 Green Oak
Waterman, Asa E. 1st  Lt. MI01ArtBatH 1862-01-01 Hartland
Waterman, Wallace E. MI10 1865-03-11  
Waterman, Willis E. MI04CoK 1863-10-22 Putnam
Watkins, Franklin MI10CavCoL 1863-10-17 Handy
Watson, Andrew J. MI03CoB 1864-10-01 Plainfield
Watson, Simon J. MI29CoE 1864-08-27 Cohoctah
Watson, William MI15CoG 1865-03-29 Genoa
Webber, Lewis MI10CoF 1864-12-27 Oceola
Wehnes (Wehner), John MI05 1863-12 Howell
Welch, John S. MI08CoB 1864-02-29 Deerfield
Welch, Joseph MI15CoI 1862-03-13 Deerfield
Welcher, Charles MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Handy
Welcker, Lyman MI10CavCoL 1863-09-08 Conway
Weller, Amos MI09CoK 1861-10-08 Handy
Weller, David MI26CoB 1862-09-15 Putnam
Weller, James R. E. MI09 1864-02-06 Putnam
Wells, George H. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Plainfield
Wells, George W. MI05CoI 1861-08-28 Howell
Wells, Henry MI09CoD 1862-08-27 Conway
Wells, Orin Cpl. MI05CoC (I) 1863-12 Howell
Wells, Orville G. MI06CavCoF 1862-10-13 Planfield
Welton, Bruce MI15CoD 1862-06-06  
Wert, Henry Sgt. MI09CoK 1861-10-15 Handy
Westmoreland, George MI05CoG 1863-12-29 Marion
Westphal, Godfrey C. MI22CoA 1864-01-05 Genoa
Westphall, Lewis H. MI22CoA 1864-01-05 Genoa
Whalen, David MI06CavCoI 1862-09-09 Hartland
Whalen, James E. MI24CoE 1862-08-13 Tyrone
Wheaton, Peter M. MI01CoH 1861-11-12 Fowlerville
Wheeler, George S. 1st  Lt. MI05CavCoD 1862-08-14 Green Oak
Whiey, George W. MI22CoH 1862-08-14 Handy
Whipple, Frank MI???   Howell
Whitaker, Andrew J. MI05CoI 1863-12-24 Howell
Whitaker, Ezra MI05CoE 1863-12-22 Howell
Whitaker, LewisE. MI26CoG 1862-12-12 Oceola
White, Daniel D. MI04CoH 1864-09-19 Cohoctah
White, James E. MI15coD 1861-11-05 Putnam
Whitehead, Charles MI21 1864-09-06 Conway/Handy
Whitehead, George J. MI03CavCoL 1861-10-01 Handy/Howell
Whitehead, William L. MI05 1863-12 Howell
Whiting (Whitney), Albert H. MI03CoA 1865-03-20 Marion
Whiting, Marcus E. MI05CavCoD 1862-08-21 Green Oak
Whitkaer, Charles B. MI05CoE 1863-12-14  
Whitworth, William G. MI06CavCoA 1862-08-28 Plainfield
Wickman, Andrew J. MI22CoH 1862-08-14 Conway
Wilcox, Alexander C. MI05CoI 1861-09-04 Howell
Wilcox, Calvin Cpl. MI04CoK 1861-06-20 Howell
Wilcox, Daniel MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Wilcox, Jesse MI09CoK 1861-09-27 Conway
Wilder, James A. MI26CoB 1862-08-11 Putnam
Wildt, Frederick MI01ArtBatH 1862-01-03 Hartland
Wiley, Alfred MI08CavCoE 1863-01-20 Unadilla
Wilhelm, Geo. H. Cpl. MI26CoB 1862-08-09 Iosco
Willet, John P MI08CoF 1864-02-29 Hartland
Williams, Andrew Jr. MI10CoA 1861-10-11  
Williams, Charles D. MI03CavCoG 1861-10-22  
Williams, Charles F. MI30CoF 1864-12-24 Handy
Williams, George A. MI01EngCoL   Deerfield
Williams, George B. MI)8CoA 1863-12-30 Howell
Williams, John G. MI01ArtBatH 1864-09-12 Hartland
Willis, Josiah W. MI26CoE 1862-08-05 Hamburg
Willis, Wendell MI03CoI 1864-09-24 Putnam
Willson, Lyman A. Capt. MI05CoI 1861-08-28 Green Oak
Wilson (Willson), John W. MI26CoB 1862-08-09 Iosco
Wilson, Asa MI05CoG 1864-01-13 Howell
Wilson, James A. Sgt. MI03CoE 1864-08-30 Brighton
Wilson, Martin E. MI14CoI 1864-09-28 Deerfield
Wilson, Norman D. MI01SSCoK 1862-03-04  
Wimbles, Arthur W. MI03CoD 1865-03-25 Marion
Wimbles, Henry P. MI01CoH 1861-11-12 Marion
Winans, LaFayette M. MI03CavCoG 1864-02-22 Green Oak
Winans, Seymour Cpl. MI05CavCoD 1862-08-21 Green Oak
Winegar, George S. Sgt. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Marion
Wines, Darwin Sgt. MI09CavCoH 1863-03-08 Howell
Wines, Philo B. MI26CoE 1862-08-08 Howell
Wines, Rufus MI???   Howell
Wing, Harvey P. MI26CoE 1862-08-08 Howell
Winter, Ernest Cpl. MI03CoI 1864-09-12 Genoa/Howell
Winters, Adolphus H. MI05CoI 1861-08-27  
Wiseman, Alonzo MI10CavCoH 1863-08-22 Conway
Wolf (Woll), Martin MI01ArtBatC 1861-12-18 Howell
Woll, Andrew MI???   Howell
Woll, John MI22CoH 1862-08-14 Marion
Woll, Peter MI???   Howell
Woll, Peter Jr. (see Wall) MI???   Howell
Wood(s), Luke MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Green Oak
Wood, Henry Cpl MI03CoF 1864-09-22 Oceola
Wood, John B. MI05CoI 1861-09-06 Brighton
Wood, John H. MI06CavCoA 1862-08-28 Plainfield
Wood, Levett J. MI28CoH 1864-03-30 Howell
Wood, William MI15CoC 1861-11-18  
Woodruff, Edward E. MI22CoF 1864-02-25 Brighton
Woods, John MI15CoB 1865-03-28 Hartland
Worden, Alvin B. Cpl. MI16CoI 1862-04-07 Deerfield
Worden, Anson E. Cpl. MI16CoBLanc 1862-01-21 Deerfield
Worthington, Albert H. Cpl. MI15CoD 1861-12-30 Oceola
Worthington, James A. MI09CoF 1864-09-16 Handy
Wprden, James H. MI10CavCoH 1863-08-17 Conway
Wright, Alfred MI28CoF 1864-09-26 Howell
Wright, Charles MI01SSCoK 1862-03-04 Howell
Wright, David MI01EngCoK 1861-12-05 Howell
Wright, Elisha C. MI05CoG 1863-12-28 Iosco
Wright, George E. MI26CoE 1862-08-08 Howell
Wright, Henry B. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Howell
Wright, Nelson MI30CoF 1864-12-20 Handy
Wylie, Alfred MI08CavCoE 1862-12-27 Unadilla
Wynn, William Cpl. MI11CavCoG 1863-09-23 Hamburg
Yerkes, Silas MI06CavCoD 1862-1011 Genoa
Yerrignton (Yerenton), Andrew J. MI05CoI 1861-08-27 Brighton
Young, David C. MI15coB 1865-04-15 Oceola
Young, George MI05CoD 1863-12-21 Iosco
Youngs, Lorenzo MI09CoI 1861-08-15 Oceola
Zeely, Jacob MI15CoD 1861-12-30 Oceola/Howell
Zeitz, Frederick MI05CoI 1863-12-17 Howell



“Index to Livingston County Civil War Records,” Howell Area Archives Digital Archive, accessed November 30, 2022,
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