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Item HCDL-ngp-B002-02-008_u.jpg Howell Post Office, Howell, Michigan, 1917
Item HCDL-ngp-P009-01-0038_u.jpg Howell, Michigan U.S. Post Office clerks and carriers 1936
Item HCDL-ngp-S002-01-0005a_u.jpg School Teachers of Central School, Howell, Michigan - 1868/1877
Item HCDL-obit-M033-Book_m.pdf M033 Obituaries Book
Item HCDL-obit-M035-Book_m.pdf M035 Obituaries Book
Item HCDL-obit-M002-Book_m.pdf M002 Obituaries Book
Item HCDL-obit-M037-Book_m.pdf M037 Obituaries Book
Item HCDL-obit-M017-Book_m.pdf M017 Obituaries Book
Item HCDL-obit-M039-Book_m.pdf M039 Obituaries Book
Item HCDL-obit-M007-Book_m.pdf M007 Obituaries Book