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First watch DPLA’s Using Metadata to Describe Digital Content (part of self-guided curriculum)

Use the list below to check those areas of the item.

*Bold list items are required.

Dublin Core Tab

  • Title - use DPLA video guidelines
  • Description - use DPLA video guidelines
  • Subject - use suggestions from dropdown
  • Rights - use Copyright Undetermined unless date is older than 1926 then No Copyright
  • Date - format YYYY-MM-DD or range (YYYY/YYYY) Can also use EDTF format 1953? for uncertain date, 1953~ for approximate date, or 1953% for uncertain and approximate date

Tags Tab

  • Add unknown for unknown person/place/date, use existing from dropdown

Map Tab

  • Select location if known.

  • Check Public - if date 2003 or older, or unknown date seems older than 2003.
  • Select Collection - use one of the existing Photos collections
  • Save Changes