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Original Fountain at Howell Carnegie District Library, Howell, Michigan -1910
  • The original architect for the library was E. E. Myers who also designed the Michigan State Capitol. The general contractor for the renovation/ addition project, the Christman Co., also renovated and restored the State Capitol building.
  • The fireplaces were rebuilt for decorative purposes but not to working condition. The contractor believed that wood-burning stoves may have been used in them originally.
  • The Centennial Vault Historical Marker indicates the placement of a time-capsule to the people of 2076 by the Howell Bicentennial Committee
  • The design in the center of the carpet in the rotunda matches the design in the skylight in the rotunda.
  • The original library statue of a little boy and girl holding an umbrella, was given to the Howell Carnegie Library during the First World War, by the Howell Women’s Club. The statue adorned the lawn until 1981, when it was replaced because of damage, by a replica.
  • According to local legend, when the decision was made to construct the library of fieldstone, farmers from surrounding townships brought stones for the building.
  • Howell Carnegie District Library is a Michigan Historical Site

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