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Newspaper Articles on the Paving of Grand River

The Wolverine Pavedway   An article in the April 21, 1993 edition of the Livingston County Press with pictures on the history of the Wolverine Pavedway. In Library Use Only.

Counties Life Line   A Sunday Special article in The Brighton Argus and Livingston County Press from February 8, 1998 explaining the history from the plank road to the Wolverine Pavedway and beyond. In Library Use Only.

A Great Demonstration   An article in the October 21, 1915 edition of the Livingston Republican showing Howell's enthusiasm for the Wolverine Pavedway.  In Library Use Only.

Chamber Dates to 1910  An article in the April 26, 1978 edition of the Livingston County Daily Press and Argus on The Howell Boomers Club becoming the Howell Area Chamber of Commerce.  In Library Use Only.