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The Road You Live On, Livingston County, Michigan



The Road You Live On, Livingston County, Michigan


You might be surprised at the history of your road in Livingston County, Michigan. Roads mentioned Byron Road, Chilson Road, Highland Road (M-59), Jewell Road, Kellogg Road, Lamoreaux Road, Mason Road, Musson Road, and Tooley Road. (HCDL-bd-The-Road-You-Live-On_m.mp4)

Names or Places mentioned in video:
Byron Road: Robert Krause, Howell Township Hall, William Gurnee

Chilson Road: Chilson, Crooked Lake, Little Crooked Lake, East Crooked Lake, Clifford Lake, Chilson Pond, Bishop Lake, Winans Lake, Bass Lake, Zukey Lake, Strawberry Lake

Highland Road: M-59, Oasis Plaza

Road: Ray Jewell, Calvin Gatesman, W. Burr Clark, Mrs. Clark, Marion Township, Howell Gun Club, Twilley Hills

Kellogg Road:  Community Baptist Church, Hardy Methodist Church, Erastus Kellogg, Elijah Kellogg, Ebenizer Kellogg, American Merino Sheep

Lamoreaux Road: Bull Run Road, Gregory Road, Snyder's Swamp, Mrs. A. G. Snyder, John Lamoreaux, Detroit and Howell Railroad, Fowlerville

Mason Road: M-155, Shiawassee River, Norton Road

Musson Road: Thomas K. Parshall, Peter Browning, Henry Neff, H.H. Graves, Neff Lake

Tooley Road: Albert Tooley, William Tooley, Spencer Tooley, Jay Tooley, Agricultural Society for Livingston County, airport






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