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    In 2010 the Melon Festival, Howell, Michigan was 50 years old. Video of photos through the first 50 years of the Melon Festival, Howell, Michigan.

    • Through Their Eyes, Bradley Joseph
    • The Journey Continues, Background Music Artists
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    William McPherson Jr. built a palatial home at 922 W Grand River Ave., in Howell, Michigan. In later years, it was purchased by the Golden family, thanks to their grandson Scott Ginsburg, we have a glimpse of the home that was torn down many years ago. Narrated by Scott Ginsburg. (HCDL-bd-922-W-Grand-River_m.mp4)
    Harry Ginsberg and Eleanor Ginsberg were the parents of Scott Ginsberg.  The Ginsberg family started and owned several businesses in Howell.  
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    A Look back to the 1970s in Livingston County, Michigan (HCDL-bd-1970-flashback_m.mp4)

    Advertisements for:
    • Anchor Inn, Portage Lake, Michigan
    • Anthony's, Howell, Michigan
    • Consumers Discount Center, Howell, Michigan
    • Dancer's Fashions, Howell, Michigan
    • DR Electric, Howell, Michigan
    • Fowlerville Fair, Fowlerville, Michigan
    • History Town, Brighton, Michigan
    • Howell Apparel Shoppe, Howell, Michigan
    • Itsell's, Howell, Michigan
    • Jack's Custom Shop, Howell, Michigan
    • Frank's Mobil, Howell, Michigan
    • Jarvis Store, Inc, Brighton, Michigan
    • Joan Carol's, Howell, Michigan
    • John Roeder Dodge, Inc, Howell, Michigan
    • Livingston's Drug Store, Howell, Michigan
    • Lud-Mor Shoes, Howell, Michigan
    • MacDonald's Funeral Home, Howell, Michigan
    • A&W, Howell, Michigan
    • Matthew's Pharmacy Inc., Howell, Michigan
    • McPherson State Bank, Howell, Michigan
    • Michigan State Fair
    • Montgomery Ward, Max White, Howell, Michigan
    • Schafer's House of Music, Howell, Michigan and Brighton, Michigan
    • Schnackenberg-Lamb Funeral Home, Howell, Michigan
    • Swarthout-Lamb Funeral Home, Pinckney, Michigan
    • Sears, Howell, Michigan
    • Shippy's, Howell, Michigan
    • Slayton Motors, Howell, Michigan
    • Standard Office Supply Company, Howell, Michigan
    • Van Camp Sales & Service, Brighton, Michigan
    • IGA, Kay Voss, Howell, Michigan
    • Western Auto Associate Store, Orin Glassel, Howell, Michigan
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    A quiz to test your history knowledge of buildings in Howell, Michigan. (HCDL-bd-Do-you-know-where-I-stood_m.mp4) 
    • State St, Peanut Row
    • Consumers Power Co
    • Farm Bureau
    • Hi Tech Safe
    • Leist Sports
    • Moe's BarBar
    • Anderson's Gifts
    • First National Bank
    • Flour Mill
    • Holkins Lumber
    • Swann's Store
    • Chemung Hills Country Club
    • Borek-Jennings Funeral Home
    • Schnackenberg Lamb Funeral Home
    • Hotel
    • Grand River
    • Michigan Avenue
    • Sibley St
    • Walnut St
    • State St
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    Michigan State Sanatorium, Howell State Hospital, Hillcrest Center, Howell, Michigan. In 1890, the Michigan State Board of Health petitioned the state Legislature for money to create and support a Michigan State Sanatorium to care for patients suffering from tuberculosis.

    In 1905, the State legislators approved $20,000 for land acquisition and one year of operating expenses.(HCDL-bd-Healing-Place-Howell-Sanatorium_m.mp4)
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    Many say his "feet" carried him out of a life of poverty and to our community which he called home. At Flint High School, he found hurdles were not fences and running meant winning. Lloyd W. Olds, track and field coach at Michigan Normal College recognized his potential and recruited him. With no money for college, his high school coach was his benefactor, giving Duane the thirty-five dollars needed for tuition to attend college. At Michigan Normal, Duane was the Huron's second All-American in cross country, one of only two men to ever win the State of Michigan AAU and Collegiate Championships in a single year.
    Working every odd job imaginable to complete college, Duane Zemper graduated with a degree in physics, mathematics and chemistry, as a seven-time state champion and four time All-American in cross country and track and field.

    Again his feet carried him forward. In 1942, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps and served our nation as a Aerial Reconnaissance Officer. At the end of the war with great forethought, 1st Lieutenant Zemper preserved more than ten thousand war photographs, each one telling an amazing story.

    Returning from the war, Duane settled in his wife's hometown of Howell and he adopted it as his own. Using the skills learned in the Army, he became a professional photographer and served this community for nearly fifty years. The historical photographs you see of Howell’s early years are here for our pleasure because Duane knew the importance of preserving the glass plate negatives and photographs that had been left behind by the previous owners when he purchased his studio overlooking the Court House.

    He continued the preservation process of our history throughout his career. Duane donated his time to capture Howell High School sporting events, never missing a football game, home or away, in twenty-five years. He mentored and coached countless athletes and founded the Howell Athletic Boosters.

    Named 1976 Citizen of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Howell declared June 9th "Duane L Zemper Day". As a Rotarian he was proud of his nearly 68 years of perfect attendance.

    He co-founded the Howell Area Archives, in the Howell Carnegie District Library and was a major contributor and co-author of the treasured 1776 -1976 Howell Bicentennial History Book. The ''Duane Zemper Award" is given by the Howell library to those individuals who bring positive attention and extraordinary support to the library.

    Even a man from humble beginnings can inspire a community. As an Athlete, Professor, Veteran, Photographer, Preservationist, Historian, Storyteller, Coach, Mentor, Booster, Rotarian, Teacher and Friend, he is woven into the fabric of our history and into the hearts of everyone who lives here. He spent most of his life collecting and passing on the stories of Howell and the people who have called it home. As he often said, “Everyone has a story, what’s yours?”
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    The Voice of Livingston County, Michigan. Staff of WHMI: John Thiel, Bert Thomas, Lou Martin, Bob Utley, Mike Maurer, Robert Kleeb, Scott Ginsburg, Frances Pittman, Bobbi Starr, Jon Morris, Greg Sieloff, Mike Reghi, Michael Till, W.H. "Bill" Baum, Jeri Linksz, Ann Bignell, Martee Mohr, Jim Evers, Harold Almstead, Gary Zanders, Bill Anderson, Greg Jablonski, Marsha Jablonski, Todd Coy, Mike Lawson, Elizabeth Garvey, Allen ?, Christine Jones, Jeffrey Welling, Jim Kerr, Jim Muller, Tim LaMotte, Pat Batcheller, Buzz Elliot, Reed Kittredge, Mike Merino, Jon King, Julie ?, Jessica ?, Mitch ?
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    Celebrating 105 years of the Howell Carnegie District Library. Created by the Howell Area Archives. (HCDL-bd-Howell-Library-1906-2011_m.mp4)
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    Howell High School, Howell, Michigan Band Playing the Fight Song at Homecoming

    unknown year
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    Remembering Sutton Farm, Fenton, Michigan Plow Day 2008 George Winegar and Joyce Fisher interviewed and captured Plow Day for the Howell Area Archives, Howell, Michigan at the Sutton Centennial Farm, Fenton, Michigan (HCDL-bd-Sutton-Farm-Plow-Day_m.mp4)