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CHEM-TREND, 1960 - 1985, Howell, Michigan



CHEM-TREND, 1960 - 1985, Howell, Michigan


This book is the story of Chem-Trend, Inc., and its founder Peer Lorentzen, 1960 - 1985.
Persons/Places listed: Bob Kauserud, Paul Soderberg, Bruce Products, Clover Chemicals, Cliff Heller, Whitney Kimble, Stubnitz Greene, Violet Stock, Ken Nash, Walt Zacharski, Harry Lawson, Don Durben, Mike Neu, Tom Smith, Pat Miller, Bob Martyn, Ulrich Westh, Hugo Schuhle & Company, Hanano Commercial Company, Ltd., Bill Bushell, Theirry de la Cotardiere, Erik Kanter, Guy Busch
Administration:  Roy Brumbill, Karen Osborne, Dick Damon, Noel Hansen, Bob Line, Mike Boss, Sally Carter, Leah Mowery, Kathy Whalen, LuAnn Carter, Dawn Ryder, Peer Lorentzen, Dave McWilliams, Tim Bennett, Terry Brown, Bob Ramsey, Carolyn Benivegna, Retalou McLeod, Ann Farmer, Pat Cassady, Marlene Davidson, Steve Flower, Bruce Burba, Lyle Keown, Debbie Golden
Die Cast Division: Bob Kauserud, Dan Hays, Don Durben, Ken Nash, Paul Hibner, Kris Kauserud, Mark Brown, Margaret Bigham, Mike Quinn, Jim Costello, Harry Lawson, Larry Richardson, RIch Kalosky, Dwight Buyce, Dave Barczak, Judy Grasson
Plastics & Rubber Division:  Bob Kauserud, Guy Busch, Marlene Root, Joe Cahan, Him Listerman, Kathy Soubliere, Paul Gavin, Bill Purosky, Martin Dunne, Denny Pearsall, Jim Spencer, Bob Hale, Pete Olson, Devin McCarthy
Metalworking Fluids Division: Bob Kauserud, Peter Hayes, Dan Karagozian, Gary Rodak, Julie Grotenhuis, Bill Harrigan, Estelle Smullen, Mike Brown, Jim Morin, Gary Davey, Jim Brown
Laboratory:  Bob Kowalski, Wendell Ferry, Alan Pfau, don Buell, Rodney Lawrence, Dave Bell, Ken Rennells, Joe Lualhati,Julie Grotenhuis, Brian Maher, Marlene Webb, Dave Pallister, Dana Richter, Sophia Eppensteiner, Sue Griffin, Mike Luckett, Clarke Borgeson, Elaine Braun, Dave Cox, Mike Danik, Debbie Cook, Lauri Curtis, Mike Eldridge, Dagny Kauserud, Milt Johnson, Andy Krey, Bob Powers, Tom Wiese, Nick Mathews, Maureen Bergin, David Roth April Joy Ping, Mark Mayo
Orders Department & Materials Handling: Steve Hough, Bob Bennett, Francis Gardner, Lois Macklin, Donna Cory, Mike Chaperon, Gary Smith, Bob Martyn, Pat Miller, Claudia Switzer, Paul Singer, Shelly Irish, Tim Lopez
Building Services: Tracy Clark, Bill Polley, Jim Costello, Mike Neu, Ed McCarthy, Jim Moran, Debbie Keehn, Mary Maga, Betty Kottong, Dave Reneaud, John Bessert, Jack Smith Jr., Mike Cieslak, Sheryl Smith, Eleanor Chaperon, Vince Benivegna, Brian Whalen, Tim Barber, Scott Bennett, Lisa Cory, David Hayes, Tom Murray, Dean Moen, Mike Ward
Production: Tom Black, Joe St. Martin, Leo Lizotte, Carl Lako, Daryl Wise, Rich Machniak, Pat Miller Jr., Dick Bauer, David Witt, Jack Smith, Tim Smith, Ed Wright, Dave Shipley, Bill Hathaway, Joe Bennett Jr., Brian Bauer, Brian Lizotte


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