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  • HCDL-ngp-P002-02-0019_u.jpg

    This is a photograph of a pre-1915 Parade in Howell, Michigan.  The view is of north side of West Grand River Avenue.  Storefronts are in the background and in the upper right corner the peak of the Livingston County Courthouse is visible.  Grand River Avenue is unpaved.  

    The date of the parade is unknown.
  • HCDL-ngp-D003-02-0086_u.jpg

    Dr Chung-Woong Kim, a board certified pediatrician from Korea, practiced in Howell with Dr. Dong-Soo Kim
  • 1986 80th Anniversary Party for Howell Carnegie Library, Howell, Michigan

    1986 80th Anniversary Party for Howell Carnegie Library, Howell, Michigan
    Various library staff members and attendees.
  • HCDL-ngp-F001-02-0004_u.jpg

    This is a photograph that shows a banner, "Livingston County Fair, Short Ship Races, September 23 -25", 1912.

    Activities along Grand River Avenue included sack races, three-legged races, and a race for elderly gentlemen.

    A similar image was included in "Images of America: Howell" by David D. Finney and Judith L. McIntosh, Arcadia Publishing, 2013, page 102.

    Grand River Avenue in 1912 was unpaved. All photos are looking west down Grand River Avenue.
  • HCDL-bd-Conversation-John-Thiel-Barbara-Polack-Thiel-Mike-Yost-part2_m.jpg

    Growing Up Sixties (HCDL-bd-Conversation-John-Thiel-Barb-Polack-Thiel-Mike-Yost-part2_m.mp4)

    Names or Places mentioned in video:
    • Dale Noble
    • Helen Hoskins
    • Gil O'Doherty
    • Coach Cantrell
    • McPherson Hospital
    • Family Restaurant, Bob Gentry
    • Howell House, Pettibone
    • Midget Restaurant, Larry Dunham
    • Lakeview Cemetary
    • Masonic Temple
    • Judy Penzien
    • G. A. R. Grand Army of the Republic
    • Johnny Thiel
    • Paul Streng
    • Harold Shippy
    • Marilyn Cameron Yost
    • Bud Erwin
    • Cliff Heller
    • Bill Scofield, Joy Scofield, Rick Scofield
    • Howell Jaycees
    • Boy Scouts
    • Marshall Dayton
    • MelonFest
    • Pat Eaton
    • Bob Anderson
    • Duane Zemper, Zemp
    • Howell Boosters Club
    • Bob Bloomer
    • K K K
    • Dr Jacobs, Dr Polack, Dr May
    • Fred Server
    • Howell High Class of 1967
    • City of Howell Strategic Plan
    • Lee Reeves, Howell Chamber of Commerce
    • Downtown Development Authority
    • Opera House
    • Jim Barley, Greg Clum
    • Clayton Shaw, Morgan
    • Paul Bennett, Mildred Bennett
    • Jim Campbell
    • John White
    • John Page
    • Mike Hagman
    • Swimming program, Big Dock
    • Joyce Carpenter, Mary Misslitz, Tom Kopydlowski
    • Kay Voss, Uellen Voss, IGA
    • Sidewalk Sales
    • Melon maids
    • Shriners
    • Balloonfest
    • Fantasy of Lights
    • Carriers Grocery
    • Lake Chemung
  • HCDL-bd-Conversation-John-Thiel-Barb-Polack-Thiel-Mike-Yost-part1_m.jpg

    Growing Up Sixties (HCDL-bd-Conversation-John-Thiel-Barb-Polack-Thiel-Mike-Yost-part1_m.mp4)
  • HCDL-bd-Conversation-Linda-Musson_m.jpg

  • HCDL-bd-Conversation-Donald-Buss-Yax-Gunsmith_m.jpg

  • HCDL-bd-Conversation-Byron-Rogers_m.jpg

    Howell High School, Howell, Michigan 1958 graduate (HCDL-bd-Conversation-Byron-Rogers_m.mp4)
  • HCDL-bd-Conversation-Bill-Peg-Park_m.jpg

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