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    This is a photograph of the exterior of the storefront for Vantown Store, labeled, "For liquor license - Mason Road - 1973".   The view is looking west on Howell-Mason Road and a Sunoco Sign is in view.

    Vantown, located at the intersection of Howell-Mason Road and Dietz Road, in Leroy township, Ingham county, Michigan.  Vantown was named after a man named VanBuren.

    The Vantown store, 3495 East Howell Road, Webberville, Michigan, was located on the northwest corner of the intersection.  In the 1970's was owned by the Fitzpatrick family., and previously owned/operated by the Nemer's, and Truhn's.   The store, established about 1901, closed around 2007 and was destroyed by a fire in January 2008. 

    The store once housed a barber shop, gasoline station, phone station, and post office, and served as a meeting spot for local farmers and as a milk depot.
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