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    Diamond Dot Market Howell, Michigan (HCDL-bd-Remembering-Joe-Harris_m.mp4)
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    This is a photograph of the interior of Bozarth Carpet Center, 202 South Michigan Avenue, Howell, Michigan.

    This address was the site of 1926 United States Post Office in Howell.  It later housed school rooms, then A & P Tea Company store, then Bozarth Carpet Center,  the Corner Pocket Billiard Center, Egnash Auctions and Swann's.
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    Photographs, dated 1976, is of the Hamburg Food Center, 10623 Hamburg Road, Hamburg, Michigan.
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    This is a photograph of the exterior of the storefront for Vantown Store, labeled, "For liquor license - Mason Road - 1973".   The view is looking west on Howell-Mason Road and a Sunoco Sign is in view.

    Vantown, located at the intersection of Howell-Mason Road and Dietz Road, in Leroy township, Ingham county, Michigan.  Vantown was named after a man named VanBuren.

    The Vantown store, 3495 East Howell Road, Webberville, Michigan, was located on the northwest corner of the intersection.  In the 1970's was owned by the Fitzpatrick family., and previously owned/operated by the Nemer's, and Truhn's.   The store, established about 1901, closed around 2007 and was destroyed by a fire in January 2008. 

    The store once housed a barber shop, gasoline station, phone station, and post office, and served as a meeting spot for local farmers and as a milk depot.
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    Wrigley Supermarket, opened in August 1963 at 505 E. Grand River Avenue, on the southeast corner of Grand River Avenue  & Fowler Streets, in Howell, Michigan.   The grocery store held a Grand Opening and Howell City Mayor Clifton W. Heller snipped a ceremonial ribbon.

    The Wrigley Supermarket was a 10,000 square foot newly constructed building with a 75 car parking lot.  The grocery store featured modern equipment, and mechanical handling, storing, and selling of a great variety of food products.

    The photographs are from the Open House.

    The local manager of the Wrigley Supermarket was George Courtright.
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    This is a photograph of the interior of C. W. Krueger Grocery, 104 East Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan,  1948.
    It was owned by C. Wesley Kruger, and was formerly Larkin and Kruger Grocery.

    The persons in the photograph are unknown.
  • The storefront of the Kroger Company with a long line of people waiting to go into the new grocery store.

    Photographs of the Howell Shopping Plaza Opening, 1100 East Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan, May 21, 1958.

    Occupants of the new plaza were Kroger Company, First Federal Savings, Dickson Pastry Shop, Akin-Craig Insurance Agency,  and Misener Pharmacy.
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    Photographs of Ozzie's Market, located near the intersection of  M-59 & US-23 , near Round Lake, Hartland, Michigan,  1970.

    Formerly known as "B.K. Market" or "B and K", it came under new ownership in 1969, and was renamed Ozzie's Market.
  • This view shows the entrance to the mall off from East Grand River Avenue. In the background, Kroger's and Ben Franklin stores are visible, and to the lower right, the sign for the Clock Restaurant.

    Photographs of Denton Discount Drugs, 1121 East Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan, 1978.

    The store's grand opening was in October 1974, and it was owned and operated by William and Kathleen Denton.

    The store was located in the Howell Shopping Center.
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    This is a photograph of City Market which was located on the first block of South Grand, on the east side of Grand Avenue, Fowlerville, Michigan.

    Standing outside were Lewis Herning, owner,  and Jake Hamilton, 1910.
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