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    A photo of the East Marion Band taken in front of the hotel in Whitmore Lake, Michigan.  The band played from 1907 through 1913 for local churcch gatherings and social events in the county.

    The band was comprised of young men from Marion Township, Livingston, Michigan.   Ice cream socials were planned fo finance the band and to buy a bass drum.  Charlie Burroughs loaned the band $12 to buy the drum.  The drum was later donated to the Livingston County Historical Society, Howell, Michigan.

    Standing Left to Right: Bert Rubbins, Glen Chubb, Charles Culver, Leslie Chubb, John Rabbage, Lauren Hart, Frank Maas, Melvin Hart

    Kneeling Left to Right: Ed Maas, Irving Osborn, Ed Rounsifer, Milo Chubb
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    This group of photographs are of a First Communion, at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 7701 M-36, Whitmore Lake, Michigan, 1982.

    The names of the persons in the pictures are unknown.
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