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  • HCDL-bd-Howell-High-Fight-song_m.jpg

    Howell High School, Howell, Michigan Band Playing the Fight Song at Homecoming

    unknown year
  • HCDL-bd-cohoctah-depot-looking-south_u.jpg

    Cohoctah Depot, Cohoctah, Michigan
    looking south
    built in 1886 servicing the Ann Arbor Railway
    unknown year of picture
  • HCDL-bd-cohoctah-depot_u .jpg

    Cohoctah Depot, Cohoctah, Michigan

    unknown year and people
  • HCDL-C003-Baptist-Choir2_u.jpg

    First Baptist Church, Howell, Michigan, Front Interior - 1959

    Last Sunday in the old church before razing for new church building. Rev. Merle Meeden

    unknown people
  • HCDL-C003-Baptist-Front-Postcard_u.jpg

    First Baptist Church, Howell, Michigan, Interior - Before 1959

    unknown year
  • HCDL-bd-Alpheus-and-Emelia-Smith-Cabin-Chilson_u.jpg

    Alpheus and Emelia Smith Cabin, Chilson, Michigan

    Hiram Smith was born in this cabin. The site of the store Alpheus owned is at the northwest corner of the intersection of Chilson and Brighton Roads. This cabin is about 1/4 mile west of the railroad tracks behind the store.  They soon moved to a farm and home that is present day 4389 Chilson Rd.

    unknown date of photo and person
  • HCDL-bd-Winans-Lake-School_u.jpg

    Hiram Smith taught school for one term in 1903-04.

    Located in Hamburg Township Section 15.

    unknown location and year of photo

    View 1875 Map of Location.
  • HCDL-bd-Stone-School_u .jpg

    Stone School, Livingston County, Michigan

    Hiram Smith standing in front of school his father transferred him to when he was 13.

    Hiram Smith wrote "Clyde (older brother) could read most of the first reader and count to 100, but I only knew some of my ABC's and could only count to 10. The handmade wooden desks were large; along the walls were benches where we would sit when waiting to recite our lessons. The teacher's desk was in front; when we got in trouble we would have to sit under her desk. A wood shed was attached to the main room, where we boys would eat our lunches on stormy days. In back, the play yard was divided by a wooden fence, one side for boys, one for girls. The stove was ...where we would dry out our socks....My father was elected school director a few years later and the district board purchased new desks with ink wells. It was fun to draw a funny face on your ink bottle and bob it up and down in the hole to entertain the kids behind you. At first we had to furnish our own books, but later the district bought books from Ginn and Co. ...Father made sure we did not miss school; when storms were bad or snow drifts were high, he would take us in the sleigh and even take down fences to get through. Many kids were kept at home during spring planting and fall harvest, but not us. Our parents insisted that we get our schooling."

    unknown location and year of photo
  • HCDL-bd-Benedict-School_u.jpg

    Benedict School, Livingston County, Michigan

    The school was located in Genoa Township Section 16. 

    Hiram Smith began at this school around age 5 (about Fall term of 1888).  Minnie Vogelsberg was the teacher. Three Fires Elementary School is in the field that used to be behind the Benedict School.

    unknown year of photo

    View 1875 map location.
  • HCDL-bd-Wm-Hemingway-90th-birthday-1903_u.jpg

    William Hemingway 90th Birthday at Dora (Hemingway) Davis Home in Howell, Michigan - 1903.  William Hemingway is Dora Davis' father.

    Back Row Left to Right: Martha Hemingway (unknown maiden name); Anna (Reason) Grieve; Fred Grieve (husband to Anna); Gertrude Katherine Grieve; Rhine and Annabelle Mapes; Isaac Davis (bowler hat); Thomas Farrell; Dora (Hemingway) Davis; Charlotte Farrell (unknown maiden name, wife of Thomas)

    Middle Row: Silas Hemingway; Phoebe (Hemingway) Grieve; William Hemingway; Ann Hemingway; Fred Hemingway

    Front Row: Casper Farrell?; Grace Grieve (married Hiram R. Smith); Harold Grieve; unknown; unknown
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