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A Conversation with Denise Kennedy Bochinski



A Conversation with Denise Kennedy Bochinski


Denise lived with her grandparents in the Sheriff quarters in the first jail behind the Howell, Michigan court house in the 1930s. Her grandfather was Sheriff Irvin J. Kennedy. In later years the jail was torn down and a new jail was built behind the court house which served the county until the new jail was built in 1974 on Highlander Way, Howell, Michigan. (HCDL-bd-Conversation-Denise-Kennedy-Bochinski_m.mp4)

Persons, places, events, items mentioned during the interview:
  • Sheriff's residence
  • St. Joseph Catholic School
  • Johnny Kennedy
  • Gerald Kennedy
  • Davis Road
  • Pinckney
  • Mary Kennedy
  • Dexter
  • blacksmith
  • WWII
  • Bingo
  • Howell Theater
  • Locey's Recreation Center
  • Armory
  • Catholic Church
  • Thompson Lake
  • Post office
  • Howell High School
  • St. Mary's Cemetery
  • Ireland
  • Court Street
  • fire department
  • Dalmation dog
  • McPherson Hospital
  • fire escape
  • nun
  • Christmas
  • "Squeeky Door"
  • radio
  • courthouse
  • Clinton Street
  • State Street
  • Peanut Row
  • Baptist Church
  • funeral parlor
  • Goodnow's Department store
  • Sears & Roebuck Catalog
  • Becky Eager
  • scarlett fever
  • D 19
  • Dr. Huntington
  • sunken garden
  • playground
  • Grand River Avenue
  • Senior Center
  • Medilodge
  • Brian Kennedy
  • Bob Kennedy
  • Barnard Street
  • prisoners
  • gun collection
  • still
  • bedbugs





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