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  • George W. Conely Residence

    These are photographs of sketches of Samuel M. Conely's and George W. Conely's residences taken from the 1880 "History of Livingston County" Book. 
  • HCDL-ngp-H004-02-0015_u.jpg

    This is a photograph of a sketch of the Residence of Thomas Woulds, Brighton Township, Livingston County, Michigan. This sketch was included in the book, "History of Livingston County Michigan, 1880".

    In 1875, T. Woulds owned 160 acres in section 15, Brighton Township, Livingston, Michigan.
  • HCDL-ngp-I001-01-0059_u.jpg

    These 1976 photographs are of Weld Mold Products.   According to their website, Weld Mold Company was "founded in 1945, is an international organization that specializes in manufacturing specialty high-alloy welding electrodes, cored wire and solid wire applications ranging from NiCrMo alloys to high-nickel and cobalt alloys to chrome carbide and chrome manganese alloys."

    Weld Mold Company is located at 750 Rickett Road, Brighton, Michigan.
  • HCDL-BrightonTwp-S1-01_m.pdf

    Names Mentioned

    Stephen Baker, John Burnham, Emily Burnham, Peter Wild, Horace Stowell, John Burnham, John Bamber, George Baker, Samantha Pierce, Wilber Baker, Julia Baker, Alonzo Baker, Adeline Baker, Syrd Baker, Harrison Gaunt, Lizzie Bamber, Frank Bamber, Mary Ann Bamber, Henry Ross, Judson Bamber, William Bamber, Anna Wood, Willis Lyons, John Schefer, Detroit Edison, J.W. Parker, John Schaefer, Theresa Schaefer, Delia Schaefer, Leo Schaefer, Robert Schaefer, Joseph Schaefer, Clara Schaefer, John Schaefer, Arthur Schaefer, Edwin Schaefer, Clara Schaefer Meyers, Lavina Schaefer Cruse Schaefer Lunch Incorporated, Edward O'Brien, Esther Morden, Joseph Murphy, Matilda Schaefer, Carol Schaefer, Jean Schaefer, Charlotte Schaefer, Leona Schaefer, Jean Schaefer, Ellen Schaefer, Charles Toy, Nellie Toy, General Motors Corporation, Alan Baker, Squire Baker, Mary Bamber, First State Bank, Mark Liddell, Alfred Garner, Alice Garner
  • HCDL-BrightonTwp-S1-02_m.pdf

    Names Mentioned

    Nathaniel Thurston, Ann Thurston, Nelson House, Peter Delamater, Rachel Delamater, Jeanette House,George House, Delos House, Augustus House, Mary Bradley, Eli House, Esbon Ross, Ford Bamber, Altie Bamber, John Barton, Floyd Morgan, Jessie Morgan, Martha Ross

  • HCDL-BrightonTwp-S1-03_m.pdf

    Names Mentioned

    Jacob Peters, Nathaniel Thurston, Ann Thurston, Peter Delamater, Rachel Delamater, Catherine Peters, Allen Stephens, Martha Stephens, Lewis Curran, John Perkins, James Rigney, John Oliver, Franklin Oliver, William Oliver, Athulunda Harrison, Sarah Oliver, Victory Oliver, Olin Oliver, Margaret Oliver, John Oliver, Charles Oliver, Celia Oliver, Eliza Rigney, Edward Rigney,Mary Bergin, Kate Rigney, John Rigney, Anna Bergin, Francis Rigney, Lucy Rigney, Agnes Rigney, Julia Taylor, Catherine Rigney, Eugene Stowe, Ann Gaffney, Frances Sands, Richard Sands, Faxon Sands, Katie Sands, Hyne Road, Bamber Road, General Motors Corporation, Ross Robb, Tracy Crandall, Melvin Hibner, Carl Kurkowsky, Katherine Sands, Maynard Sands, Willis Lyons, George Crouse, John Carter, Alfred Crawford, John Moore, Mary Crawford, Sophia Lambie, George Pearson, George Dudley,
  • HCDL-BrightonTwp-S1-04_m.pdf

    Names Mentioned

    Dora Barton, John Barton, Katie Calkins, Junior Barton, Brighton Argus, Livingston Democrat, Eugene Stowe, Floyd Jones, Homer Saxton, George Priestley, Mary Priestley, General Motors Corporation, John Carter
  • HCDL-BrightonTwp-S1-05_m.pdf

    Names Mentioned

    Stephen Baker, Eliza Ann Tenny, Philip Hubbell, Martin Van Buren, Van Buren, Samantha Baker, Horace Stowde, Platt Green, Job Cranson, Mary Cranson, Henry Ross, Lavius Tenny, Jonathan Field, Field, James Kingsley, William Maynard, Huldah Hubbell, Esbon Ross, Alonzo Kimberly, Mary Kimberly, Martha Ross, Celia McInillin, Martha Carter Ross, Mary Ann Ross, The Pure Oil Company, Scott, Arthur Storm, Dorothea Eastman, Herman Reynolds, Melonie Reynolds, Joseph Collins, John Burnham, Emily Jane Burnham, Peter Meed, Julia Kimberly
  • HCDL-BrightonTwp-S2-01_m.pdf

    Names Mentioned

    Nelson House, Martin VanBuren, Van Buren, Albert Crane, Anna Crane, Francis Crawford, Digby Bell, Jeannette House, George House, Delos House, Augustus House, Mary Bradley, Elij House, Esbon Ross, Sarah House, Kate House, Edward McPherson, Rosa McPherson, John Carter, Jeannette Carter, Martha Jane Ross, Henry Ross, May Ross, May Reynolds, Willis Lyons, Mary Ann Ross, The Pure Oil Company, Scott, Arthur Storm, Dorothea Eastman
  • HCDL-BrightonTwp-S2-02_m.pdf

    Names Mentioned

    Frederick Goodenoe, Frederick Goodnoe, Aurelia Goodenow, Fractional School District Number 1 of Brighton and Hartland Townships, Harris Rogers, Milo Gay, John Andrews, George Crouse, James Crouse, Lucia Crouse, James Crouse, Henry Crouse, Arthur Crouse, May Tenny, Frances Hamilton, Harry Reiney, Alice Reiney, Nathaniel Steingold, Julius Yale Burnstine, Joseph Nederlander, George Wimbles, John Cleaver, Williiam Kaplan, Max Steingold, Nathaniel Steingold, Maurice Steingold, Max Steingold & Sons, Nathan Steingold, Dorothy Steingold, Metropolitan Trust Company, Peter Bernstein, John Cleaver, R. & N. Coal Company, George Winbles, Henry Adelsperger, Homer Ferguson, Graham, Harry Stamler, Rae Stamler, Sarah Nederlander, Peter Drexelius, Frances Adelsperger, Isabella Cleaver, Townley, Kiess Townley, James Grubb, Mark Hill, Hibner, Latourette, Board of Education of Hartland Consolidated School, Paul Weiselberg, Anne Kaplan, William Sundburg, Millicent Sundburg, The Carter Oil Company, Humble Oil & Refining Company, e Corpporation, Cline, Violet Musson, Geraldine McAtee, Marguerite Fletcher, Milton McAtee, Charlotte Rogers, Eyebrook Tower, Ibrook Tower
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