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    This is a collection of photographs taken at the Open House and Ribbon Cutting at the new campus of Cleary College, 3744 East Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan.   

    The celebration took place on September 21, 1980, with special guests Cleary College President Gilbert E. Bursley,  State Senator Kerry Kammer, and State Representative Fred Dillingham.   Other local dignitaries were also present, including in pictures, 0003, and 0009 Mayor James Young.  State Representative Fred Dillingham has been identified in picture 0032 and other pictures that portry the Ribbon Cutting.  

    In the Ribbon Cutting ceremony picture, Heather Ringe, age 7, was the ribbon cutter, and she is pictured with her mother, Sandra Ringe,  State Senator Ed Pierce, State Representative Fred Dillingham, and Cleary College President Gilbert E. Bursley.

    The names of the others in the photographs are unknown.
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