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  • HCDL-gn-Teeple-N043A_u.jpg

    This is a unknown group of persons standing on the sidewalk in front of a business believed to be in Livingston County, Michigan.
  • HCDL-bd-Conversation-Dick-Lane-Jim-Young-Pete-Baldwin_m.jpg

    A Conversation with Richard Lane, Jim Young, and Peter Baldwin - What happens when you gather a Mayor, Hardware owner and a hospital administrator Great stories about familiar faces, local places, hometown aces.

    Richard Lane was the Administrator for McPherson Hospital, Howell, Michigan 1970-1982.

    Jim Young was a 1953 graduate of Howell High School, Howell, Michigan, owner of Howell Auto Parts, Howell, Michigan and mayor of Howell, Michigan 1975-1985.

    Peter Baldwin was a 1953 graduate of Howell High School, Howell, Michigan and a 3rd generation ower of Baldwin Hardware, Howell, Michigan.


    Mentioned in the video:

    • Dodge showroom
    • Ration Board
    • Orly Young
    • WWII
    • Scrap drives
    • Baldwin Hardware
    • George Dunn
    • General Douglas MacArthur
    • Mike Hagman
    • Veterans' Memorial
    • Livingston County Fair
    • Catrell Street
    • Thureson Lumber
    • class reunions
    • Howell High School
    • Michigan Avenue
    • post office
    • Bob Lynn
    • John Page
    • Kris Christopherson
    • Sibley Street
    • Pinckney
    • Charlie Culver
    • Young Motor Sales
    • Howell Recreation Center
    • Joanne Faye
    • Lyman Faye
    • Howell Lake
    • Paul Bennett
    • Chemung Hills Country Club
    • Howard Gentry
    • Stan Dickson
    • Boy Scouts
    • Howell Armory
    • Howell Auto Parts
    • St. Joseph Catholic Church
    • Bob White
    • Standard Oil gas station
    • Howell Rotary Club
    • Troop 63
    • Marsh Dayton
    • Dick Yost
    • Bert Woodhams
    • Citizen's Insurance
    • Charlie Sutton
    • Family Restaurant
    • Eager's Restaurant
    • Midget Restaurant
    • Martin Lavan
    • Don Monroe
    • First National Bank
    • McPherson Hospital
    • Moe, the barber
    • Ed Garland
    • Clifton Heller
    • Heller's Flowers
    • Huron Clinton Metropolitan Authority Board
    • Dick Slayton
    • Archives of Howell
    • Bicentennial History book
    • Howell Fire Department
    • Rad Tucker
    • Don Williams
  • HCDL-bd-Livington-Centre-to-Howell_m.jpg

    Sections of video listing visible signs of businesses.

    • East Grand River South Side - Kroger, Howell Theatre,Midget Sandwich Shop, Goodnow & Jubb, National Hotel, Standard, Cozy Restaurant, Hotel Livingston, Howell Real Estate Agency, Livingston Reality Co. Citizens, Bowman's Variety Store, Adams Department Store, Todaro's Amber Lounge, Standard Office Supply, Adams Family Hair Center, Lathan's, O'Leary's Bakery Dairy Bar, Clear's Pub, Lud-mor Store, Western Auto Associate Store,Goodnow Dry Goods Store, First National Bank, Hausneer Bros. Fine Foods, McPherson State Bank
    • West Grand River South Side - Porter Clothing Co., Strobel's Grocery, Line's 5 & 10 Store, D & C, Western Auto, Family Restaurant, Johnson's Drug Store, Schafer's House of Music, Copper Pickle, Opera House, A Garland, Bennett Hardware Co., Chas. H. Sutton Hardware, The Palace Market, M.R.R. Hardware, Shippy's, Main Street Winery, Heller's Flowers, Cobb-Hall Insurance Group, McPherson Oil Co and Service, First Presbyterian Church, Russell Smith Ford, Masonic Temple
    • East Grand River North Side - Monroe Bro's, Cook, Larkin & Kruger Grocery, Greenaway Building, Cowdry's Drug Store, Baldwin's Drug Store, Bob's Pharmacy, Leist Sports, Uptown Coffeehouse, Yax Jewelry, Moe's Barber Shop, Gift Shoppe, Donald Jewelers, Dairy Queen, Court House, Citizens Mutual, Bell Telephone Co.
    • West Grand River North Side - Howell Carnegie District Library, Larson's Jewelery, Budget Tire Co., Kosin's Glass, Smith Ford Dealership, Baldwin, Line's 5 to 1.00 Store, Richards Electric, DR Electric, Mrs. Eagers Restaurant, Rexall Drugs, Spagnuola's Candy and Ice Cream, Livingston's Drugs, Charles W. Itsell, Dowen Town
    • Michigan Ave - Thompson Grist Mill, Mcpherson Mansion, Mcpherson Hospital, Mason Block, Repubican Newspaper, Howell Post Office, Masonic Temple, A.J. Parker & Co.
    • Michigan Ave & Sibley Street - Whipple Hotel, Young and Pohly Blacksmith Shop, J.W. Wright & Sons Planing Mill, Post Office, JC's Corner Pocket, Zemper, Central School, Howell High School & Junior High and Michigan Ave Middle School
    • State Street (Peanut Row)
    • Walnut Street - Post Office, Candy Kitchen, A. F. Peavy and Sons Mill, Lyndon's Studio, Parshall Flour Mill, Howell Co-op, Ten-Cent Barn, Rissman Plumbing & Heating Co.
    • Thompson Lake
    • Ann Arbor Railroad Howell Depot

  • HCDL-bd-Do-you-know-where-I-stood_m.jpg

    A quiz to test your history knowledge of buildings in Howell, Michigan. (HCDL-bd-Do-you-know-where-I-stood_m.mp4) 
    • State St, Peanut Row
    • Consumers Power Co
    • Farm Bureau
    • Hi Tech Safe
    • Leist Sports
    • Moe's BarBar
    • Anderson's Gifts
    • First National Bank
    • Flour Mill
    • Holkins Lumber
    • Swann's Store
    • Chemung Hills Country Club
    • Borek-Jennings Funeral Home
    • Schnackenberg Lamb Funeral Home
    • Hotel
    • Grand River
    • Michigan Avenue
    • Sibley St
    • Walnut St
    • State St
  • HCDL-bd-1970-flashback_m.jpg

    A Look back to the 1970s in Livingston County, Michigan (HCDL-bd-1970-flashback_m.mp4)

    Advertisements for:
    • Anchor Inn, Portage Lake, Michigan
    • Anthony's, Howell, Michigan
    • Consumers Discount Center, Howell, Michigan
    • Dancer's Fashions, Howell, Michigan
    • DR Electric, Howell, Michigan
    • Fowlerville Fair, Fowlerville, Michigan
    • History Town, Brighton, Michigan
    • Howell Apparel Shoppe, Howell, Michigan
    • Itsell's, Howell, Michigan
    • Jack's Custom Shop, Howell, Michigan
    • Frank's Mobil, Howell, Michigan
    • Jarvis Store, Inc, Brighton, Michigan
    • Joan Carol's, Howell, Michigan
    • John Roeder Dodge, Inc, Howell, Michigan
    • Livingston's Drug Store, Howell, Michigan
    • Lud-Mor Shoes, Howell, Michigan
    • MacDonald's Funeral Home, Howell, Michigan
    • A&W, Howell, Michigan
    • Matthew's Pharmacy Inc., Howell, Michigan
    • McPherson State Bank, Howell, Michigan
    • Michigan State Fair
    • Montgomery Ward, Max White, Howell, Michigan
    • Schafer's House of Music, Howell, Michigan and Brighton, Michigan
    • Schnackenberg-Lamb Funeral Home, Howell, Michigan
    • Swarthout-Lamb Funeral Home, Pinckney, Michigan
    • Sears, Howell, Michigan
    • Shippy's, Howell, Michigan
    • Slayton Motors, Howell, Michigan
    • Standard Office Supply Company, Howell, Michigan
    • Van Camp Sales & Service, Brighton, Michigan
    • IGA, Kay Voss, Howell, Michigan
    • Western Auto Associate Store, Orin Glassel, Howell, Michigan
  • HCDL-ngp-ZNB002-02-0056_u.jpg

    Ellen Spagnuola, owner of Spagnuola Candy Shop along with husband, George
  • HCDL-ngp-ZNB002-02-0034_u.jpg

    A portrait of Bill Hilton, owner of Hilton Sign Shop owner, 305 East Grand River Avenue,  Fowlerville Michigan.

    date unknown
  • HCDL-ngp-ZNB002-02-0030_u.jpg

    This is a portrait of Alfred Garland, Howell, Michigan.

    Alfred Garland was born in Sheffield, England in the 1850's, and died in Howell in May 1936.  He established with his brother, Arthur Garland, a tailoring business in downtown Howell.

    The date of the photograph is unknown.
  • HCDL-ngp-ZNB002-02-0001_u.jpg

    This is a portrait of Loretta Schafer, owner,  Schafer's House of Music, Howell, Livingston, Michigan,  1976
  • HCDL-ngp-W002-01-0018_u.jpg

    Windstorm Damage to Four Mile House Tavern, Livingston County, Michigan - May 29, 1942

    Was located at 4020 West Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan.

    On June 3rd, 1942, the Livingston County Press reported that the Four Mile House "did a rushing business after the storm winds tore off the front of the structure and made it an open-air spot".   
    The Tavern was rebuilt after the windstorm but suffered a fire March 16, 1946.

    Read the June 3, 1942 Livingston County Press article.
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