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    These photographs are of Lakeside Trailer Park, located at 200 West Highland Road, at the intersection M-59 and Michigan Avenue, Howell, Michigan,  1952.  The trailer camp was located near Millsite Tackle Company.
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    Wickman Wire Works was established about May 1909 in Howell, Michigan.  The manufactuer occupied a building that was formerly the Methodist Church; the 1855 building was moved to a site on 200 block of West Grand River Avenue to make way for the next building about 1890. 

    That building on Grand River Avenue was used for a multitude of community purposes including a gymnasium and a manufacturing place.  It was last occupied by Wickman Wire Works.  (See item 10143, "200 Block of West Grand River").

    Pictured are the Machines to twist wire products.  Wickman Wire Works was owned by Henry J. Wickman who held a patent on wire eaves trough hangers.  Mr. Wickman also held patents on "Keep Em Alive" fish stringers, and several other items such as boat anchors.   He came to Howell in 1908 and opened his wire working machine shop in the old church building on West Grand River Avenue. 

    In 1912, the officers of Wickman Wire Works were R. Bruce McPherson, Henry J. Wickman, Hugh A. McPherson, F.P. Schroeder, and E. C. Shields, and the wireworks employed nine men.

    In 1910, Mr. Wickman purchased 30 acres on North Michigan Avenue where later Millsite Steel and Wire Works was established.  Mr. Wickman died in a cave-in November 20, 1930 as workmen were cutting down a hill with a steam shovel.  His widow, Leora M. Wickman dissolved the wireworks in 1945.  Robert Withey was her nephew who was later part owner of Millsite Tackle.
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