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    This photograph was included in David Finney's book, "Images of America: Howell", 2013, p. 104, and is titled "Queen of the Fair".  It noted that the "Queen" was wearing a sash, and was observing the poultry exhibit at the Agricultural Fair.  The fairgrounds were in the northeast section of the city of Howell.  The young men were wearing "white dusters" which were common for anyone driving an automobile in the early 1900's.

    The exact date and names of the persons are unknown.  It is believed the photographs was from the 1910's.

    View 1915 Livingston County Fair
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    This group of photographs were taken during Michigan Week and feature the Mayor Exchange,and the Farm Bureau Dairy Queen Candidates, Howell, Michigan, April, 1954.

    The Mayor of Howell was Orland Young, and the Mayor of Galesburg Michigan was Charles M. Waddles.

    Livingston County Daily Press & Argus/image/453662984/?terms=%22Mayor%20Exchange&match=1 (in library use only)
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