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    This image was included in the 1st National Bank Calendar.

    This photo is also found in the "Howell Bicentennial History and Photographic Supplement", 1975, p. 431.   The caption reads, "The Howell basketball team about 1912, with Gus Schmidt as coach.  This picture taken in the old skating rink where they played their home games.  The losing team had to sit on the floor." 

    This article, written  by Duane Zemper, noted the old roller skating rink was located "on the spot where Mike Hagman's Gas Station is now, across from McPherson Bank on Michigan Avenue.", p. 428.  The address is 202 North Michigan Avenue, Howell, Michigan.

    Mr. Zemper also noted that the high school team had no gym to play their games in the old Central School, but when the new school was built in 1921, on South Michigan Avenue, the team played there. 

    Persons pictured: unknown
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