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    A portrait of Judge and Mrs. Michael Carland.

    Judge Carland was Circuit Court Judge in Livingston and Shiawassee counties in Michigan 1958.
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    A portrait of Judge Joseph H. Collins, Circuit Court - 1918-1948

    Judge Joseph H. Collins served as 35th Judicial District Judge, which served Livingston and Shiawassee Counties, for more than thirty years.

    Judge Collins was born in Corunna, Shiawassee, Michigan in 1873, and died of a heart attack, in Owosso, Shiawassee, Michigan, April 4th, 1948.
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    Judge Michael Carland, Circuit Court - 1958

    Michael Carland was born in Detroit in 1906, and died in Durand July 30, 1984.

    In December 1959, Michael Carland was sworn in as Circuit Judge of the 35th Judicial Circuit, comprising Shiawassee and Livingston counties, for a term of six years.

    Judge Carland served in that position until his retirement on September 30, 1917.  Livingston County was split from that Circuit in 1968
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