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Circus Elephants at Howell Fairgrounds, Howell, Michigan




Circus Elephants at Howell Fairgrounds, Howell, Michigan


This is a photograph of Circus Elephants at the Howell Fairgrounds.  The Livingston Country Agricultural Fair was held at the Fairgrounds near Fair Street and Elm Street in Howell 1853 - 1888.  In 1888, the railroad was built and crossed through the fairgrounds, and from 1898 to 1913, Street fairs were held downtown Howell.  Around 1914, the Fairgrounds northeast of the original area became active. There was a racetrack, and grandstand, and a speaker stand as pictured.  Circuses came to town regularly, and separately from the countywide agricultural fairs.   The name of the circus and date of this photograph are unknown.



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“Circus Elephants at Howell Fairgrounds, Howell, Michigan,” Howell Area Archives Digital Archive, accessed February 5, 2023,
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