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    A portrait of Judge Willis Lyons in 1935.

    He was born in 1877 and died in 1970. He held the following positions:

    • Livingston County, Michigan Clerk
    • Livingston County, Michigan Prosecutor
    • Livingston County, Michigan Probate Judge
    • Livingston County, Michigan Circuit Judge
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    C.B. Monroe - McPherson Bank - 1917
    Howell, Michigan
  • HCDL-ngp-P009-01-0038_u.jpg

    Howell, Michigan U.S. Post Office clerks and carriers 1936
    121 S. Walnut Street, Howell, Michigan

    Front row left to right: Al Pfau, William Bigelow, Kenneth Bucknell, Ford Beckwith, Royal Cranston.
    Middle row left to right: Bob Chapel, Sarah Cooper, Jessie Brayton, Arthur Willard, Raymond Miller,
    Back row left to right: Emmett Harris, Burt Purdy, Clyde Perkins, Harry Howe. - 1936
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