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  • HCDL-gn-Teeple-N102A_u.jpg

    These photographs show storefronts in the village of Pinckney, Michigan. The year is unknown. Shown are the Pinckney Branch of the McPherson State Bank, the Bell Telephone Office, Kennedy's General Store and the Basement Department Store.
  • HCDL-gn-Teeple-N083A_u.jpg

    This is a photograph taken during the visit by General Douglas MacArthur, Howell, Michigan, May 16, 1952.  There was a brief procession from the Library, and in this photograph, several men are greeting the General.  Mayor Charles Sutton accompanied the General, and top right is Clifton Heller.  The names of the others are unknown.  The photograph was taken on East Grand River Avenue, Howell, with First National Bank in the background.

    Livingston County Daily Press & Argus/image/454529766/?terms=macarthur&match=1  (in library use only)
  • HCDL-gn-Teeple-N037_u.jpg

    This is a photograph of the interior of the N.E. Miner and Sons General Store, Cohoctah, Michigan.  It was included in the 1976 Howell Bicentennial History Book.  The store owner, Norris E. Miner, is on the right, and to the left is long time clerk, George Killin.  The store also housed the Cohoctah Post Office for many years.  Rolland Miner was postmaster from 1919 to 1950.  In 1944, the store was sold, and the post office moved across the street to what was known as the bank building.
  • Grand River Avenue, south side, signs: First National Bank, Family Restaurant Fountain Services

    These are a series of photographs of the World War I Victory Parade, Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan.  Floats representing various townships in the county of Livingston were represented.
  • HCDL-gn-Teeple-N015A_u.jpg

    This photograph appeared in the August 28, 1963 issue of the Livingston County Press, and was originally published February 13, 1935.  Thomas Cotter  found a copy of this photograph in 1935 while going through the effects of his late mother, Mrs. Emma Watkins.  Mrs. Watkins died in 1934, and lived for many years on Fowler Street.  The photograph was said to have been made by photographer, W. E. Cleave  and older persons in the community estimated it was made sometime between 1865 and 1870. The photograph was later taken by Ed Beach and Wilbur Johnson to L. Nelson to be enlarged. 

     The view is from the top of Union School and is looking north towards the intersection of Grand River Avenue and Michigan Avenue (Division Street).  The exact year is unknown.

    A full description of the buildings in this picture are included in the  1935 Article.  The buildings include a hotel,  bank, dry goods store, grocery, print shop, Masonic Hall, barber shop, and in the distance three buildings on what was then the Bowers farm.

    W.E. Cleave photo  (in  library use only)

    Tale of Progress Told by Picture February 1935 article  (in library use only)

  • HCDL-gn-Teeple-N004_u.jpg

    This is a photograph of the building at 201 South Michigan Avenue, Howell, Michigan.  It housed the Paul Hougaboom State Farm Insurance Agency.  Also in view are cars on South Michigan Avenue, the Drive Through Branch of the First National Bank, on the northeast corner of Sibley Street and South Michigan Avenue, Christmas garland on the street lamp, the back of the buildings on the south side of East Grand River Avenue, and the Livingston County Courthouse.

    There is also signage for the intersection of M-155 and Business Loop I-96.

    The exact date is unknown but believed to be in the 1970's.
  • HCDL-ngp-ZNB002-02-0032_u.jpg

    Hugh McPherson was born in Scotland in 1864 and died in Pontiac, Michigan in 1945
  • HCDL-ngp-ZNB002-02-0019_u.jpg

    This is a portrait of Robert L. Willett, President and Chief Executive Officer of First National Bank of Howell, Michigan.  Mr. Willett was the campaign drive chairman of the Howell Area Community Chest in 1973.
  • HCDL-ngp-W001-02-0002_u.jpg

    This image was included in the 1st National Bank calendar, 2/1995. 

    Captioned:  "In parade, Civil War Veterans marching through Howell in 1912.  The First State Savings & Bank, in the background, merged with First National Bank in 1946."

    View: facing south, on East Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan.

    Names of Veterans: unknown
  • HCDL-ngp-T004-03-0019_u.jpg

    Howell, Michigan
    Slayton Chrysler and Plymouth - 1928
    Looking east at cars parked on the west side of First National Bank, Howell, corner of Grand River Avenue and Michigan Avenue, known locally as the Main Four.
    Unknown people.
    Photo was part of Display, First National Bank, Michigan Ave., Howell
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