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    This photograph was labeled, "Smith House W. Grand River, Howell by airport. Also known as Gable House".   Fred Smith owned the home at 3720 West Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan in 1930.   It was also known as the House of Seven Gables.  The view is looking west from the property and in view is the Lone Pine Dairy, at 3750 West Grand River Avenue.

    A fire started by lightening in 1948 may have destroyed the barns.  The persons in the picture are unknown.  The date of this picture is unknown. 

    This “House of Seven Gables” was built in 1886-87 by the farm family of Frank J. and Ada Hecox. A plastered brick wall in the basement is inscribed with Frank Hecox’s initials and the date 1887. The Hecox family left the area by 1900, and Ada sold the farm in 1909. In 1963 the county acquired most of the acreage to form part of the site of the Livingston County Airport. This house, with its pressed-tin-shingle mansard roof, is a unique example of the Second Empire style in the Howell area.(

    In 1910, the August Krause family lived in this home.
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    This is a photograph of a storefront, Crouse & Parshall Dairy Products Company, F. J. Winslow, Grocer, Hartland, Michigan.

    The year  and name of person in the photograph are unknown.
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    Joyce Peckens was named Livingston County Dairy Princess.
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    Lansing man (Louis F. Schroeder) killed in acccident when collided with milk truck near Ira Wilson farm - January 17, 1951
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