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    Sections of video listing visible signs of businesses.

    • East Grand River South Side - Kroger, Howell Theatre,Midget Sandwich Shop, Goodnow & Jubb, National Hotel, Standard, Cozy Restaurant, Hotel Livingston, Howell Real Estate Agency, Livingston Reality Co. Citizens, Bowman's Variety Store, Adams Department Store, Todaro's Amber Lounge, Standard Office Supply, Adams Family Hair Center, Lathan's, O'Leary's Bakery Dairy Bar, Clear's Pub, Lud-mor Store, Western Auto Associate Store,Goodnow Dry Goods Store, First National Bank, Hausneer Bros. Fine Foods, McPherson State Bank
    • West Grand River South Side - Porter Clothing Co., Strobel's Grocery, Line's 5 & 10 Store, D & C, Western Auto, Family Restaurant, Johnson's Drug Store, Schafer's House of Music, Copper Pickle, Opera House, A Garland, Bennett Hardware Co., Chas. H. Sutton Hardware, The Palace Market, M.R.R. Hardware, Shippy's, Main Street Winery, Heller's Flowers, Cobb-Hall Insurance Group, McPherson Oil Co and Service, First Presbyterian Church, Russell Smith Ford, Masonic Temple
    • East Grand River North Side - Monroe Bro's, Cook, Larkin & Kruger Grocery, Greenaway Building, Cowdry's Drug Store, Baldwin's Drug Store, Bob's Pharmacy, Leist Sports, Uptown Coffeehouse, Yax Jewelry, Moe's Barber Shop, Gift Shoppe, Donald Jewelers, Dairy Queen, Court House, Citizens Mutual, Bell Telephone Co.
    • West Grand River North Side - Howell Carnegie District Library, Larson's Jewelery, Budget Tire Co., Kosin's Glass, Smith Ford Dealership, Baldwin, Line's 5 to 1.00 Store, Richards Electric, DR Electric, Mrs. Eagers Restaurant, Rexall Drugs, Spagnuola's Candy and Ice Cream, Livingston's Drugs, Charles W. Itsell, Dowen Town
    • Michigan Ave - Thompson Grist Mill, Mcpherson Mansion, Mcpherson Hospital, Mason Block, Repubican Newspaper, Howell Post Office, Masonic Temple, A.J. Parker & Co.
    • Michigan Ave & Sibley Street - Whipple Hotel, Young and Pohly Blacksmith Shop, J.W. Wright & Sons Planing Mill, Post Office, JC's Corner Pocket, Zemper, Central School, Howell High School & Junior High and Michigan Ave Middle School
    • State Street (Peanut Row)
    • Walnut Street - Post Office, Candy Kitchen, A. F. Peavy and Sons Mill, Lyndon's Studio, Parshall Flour Mill, Howell Co-op, Ten-Cent Barn, Rissman Plumbing & Heating Co.
    • Thompson Lake
    • Ann Arbor Railroad Howell Depot

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    This is a photograph of the East Ward School that was located on Barnard Street near Thompson Lake, Howell, Michigan.  It was built in 1888.

    The date of this photograph is unknown.
  • HCDL-ngp-P006-01-0002_u.jpg

    This is an aerial photograph of the Howell Promenade Mall, Howell, Michigan, 1951.

    The view is looking south with the southeast shore of Thompson Lake in the foreground, the Livingston County Garage dated 1933 to the east, then to south, Grand River Avenue, and the Promenade Mall.   Also visible is Sutton Street off from North National and the beginnings of an industrial park.

    The I-96 Expressway had not yet been built and one can see Lucy/Fisk Road extending south, unbroken by a highway.
  • HCDL-ngp-M003-01-0035_u.jpg

    Moses Thompson and his family came to what was to become Howell in 1835. Thompson Lake was created by him when he dammed the stream and then built a sawmill.  The dammed stream made three small lakes/ponds. The ponds were separated by swamps/tamaracks.  While the first mill was owned by Moses Thompson, it was later owned by others.

    The first picture is believed to be the home of Andrew O. Hutchings who later owned the mill.  The next two pictures show a later Thompson Lake Dam and pipe with water coming in to work the mill.  In the last picture, one can see the north end of Howell Lake (Thompson Lake), an area that is now surrounded by homes.  In the foreground is the old wooden intake pipe to the mill.  The water area in the foreground was the old village "swimming hole".

    The exact dates of these photographs are unknown.

    "The Howell Bicentennial Hisotry and Photographic Supplement", Windmill Publications, 1992.
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    Canoeing on Thompson Lake, Howell, Michigan

    unknown year and people
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    The image name associated to this item is HCDL-ngp-L001-02-00020_u.jpg

    unknown person and unknown date
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    Bathing in Thompson Lake, Howell, Michigan

    unknown people and date
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    unknown people and unknown date
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    Canoeing on Thompson Lake, Howell, Michigan

    unknown year and people
  • HCDL-ngp-L001-02-0016_u.jpg

    Thompson Lake Beach, Howell, Michigan

    unknown year
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