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    Sections of video listing visible signs of businesses.

    • East Grand River South Side - Kroger, Howell Theatre,Midget Sandwich Shop, Goodnow & Jubb, National Hotel, Standard, Cozy Restaurant, Hotel Livingston, Howell Real Estate Agency, Livingston Reality Co. Citizens, Bowman's Variety Store, Adams Department Store, Todaro's Amber Lounge, Standard Office Supply, Adams Family Hair Center, Lathan's, O'Leary's Bakery Dairy Bar, Clear's Pub, Lud-mor Store, Western Auto Associate Store,Goodnow Dry Goods Store, First National Bank, Hausneer Bros. Fine Foods, McPherson State Bank
    • West Grand River South Side - Porter Clothing Co., Strobel's Grocery, Line's 5 & 10 Store, D & C, Western Auto, Family Restaurant, Johnson's Drug Store, Schafer's House of Music, Copper Pickle, Opera House, A Garland, Bennett Hardware Co., Chas. H. Sutton Hardware, The Palace Market, M.R.R. Hardware, Shippy's, Main Street Winery, Heller's Flowers, Cobb-Hall Insurance Group, McPherson Oil Co and Service, First Presbyterian Church, Russell Smith Ford, Masonic Temple
    • East Grand River North Side - Monroe Bro's, Cook, Larkin & Kruger Grocery, Greenaway Building, Cowdry's Drug Store, Baldwin's Drug Store, Bob's Pharmacy, Leist Sports, Uptown Coffeehouse, Yax Jewelry, Moe's Barber Shop, Gift Shoppe, Donald Jewelers, Dairy Queen, Court House, Citizens Mutual, Bell Telephone Co.
    • West Grand River North Side - Howell Carnegie District Library, Larson's Jewelery, Budget Tire Co., Kosin's Glass, Smith Ford Dealership, Baldwin, Line's 5 to 1.00 Store, Richards Electric, DR Electric, Mrs. Eagers Restaurant, Rexall Drugs, Spagnuola's Candy and Ice Cream, Livingston's Drugs, Charles W. Itsell, Dowen Town
    • Michigan Ave - Thompson Grist Mill, Mcpherson Mansion, Mcpherson Hospital, Mason Block, Repubican Newspaper, Howell Post Office, Masonic Temple, A.J. Parker & Co.
    • Michigan Ave & Sibley Street - Whipple Hotel, Young and Pohly Blacksmith Shop, J.W. Wright & Sons Planing Mill, Post Office, JC's Corner Pocket, Zemper, Central School, Howell High School & Junior High and Michigan Ave Middle School
    • State Street (Peanut Row)
    • Walnut Street - Post Office, Candy Kitchen, A. F. Peavy and Sons Mill, Lyndon's Studio, Parshall Flour Fill, Howell Co-op, Ten-Cent Barn, Rissman Plumbing & Heating Co.
    • Thompson Lake
    • Ann Arbor Railroad Howell Depot

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    Celebrating 105 years of the Howell Carnegie District Library. Created by the Howell Area Archives. (HCDL-bd-Howell-Library-1906-2011_m.mp4)
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    This is a photograph of the World War I Draft Parade in Howell Michigan.  This view is looking north from West Grand River, with the Howell Carnegie Libary in the background.

    The Draft Board of Livingston County called to Howell and sent away to the service about 460 men (“Honor Roll of Livingston County 1917-1918”) during World War I.  Most of these men were sent to Camp Custer in Battle Creek.   The first quota of approximately forty men was sent to Camp Custer mid September 1917.   On the home front in Livingston County, each group of draftees had a send off parade in Howell, Livingston, Michigan.

     The Livingston Republican provided the details of these parades which were similar in participants, attendees, and onlookers.  The first parade took place on September 27, 1917.  The parades usually had three bands, the Howell City Band, Ayre’s Martial Band, and the Conway Cornet Band, a contingent of G.A.R. veterans, pupils from Howell city schools, local businessmen, automobiles, and members of the Knights Templar post.  In 1918, the Red Cross Ladies joined the parade.  The purpose of the parades was to show support for the draftees and the U.S. effort in the war. 

    The World War I Draft Parade usually formed in North Division Street, marched north to Higgins Street, east to Court Street, south to Grand River Avenue, west to Chestnut St., then countermarched on Grand River Avenue to Division Street, turning south to Brooks Street, east to Fleming Street, then south to the Pere Marquette station. There appears to have been at least five parades, as documented in  The Parades took place in the morning as the Draftees needed to arrive for a 8:57AM departure from the station for Lansing and Fort Custer in Battle Creek. 

    The Photographs featured are labeled World War I Draft Parade.  

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    This is a photograph of C. S. Line and his new Buick station wagon car, in front of Howell Carnegie Library, on April 5, 1950.
  • HCDL-ngp-T004-03-0015_u.jpg

    A photograph of an automobile in front of the Howell Carnegie Library, Howell, Michigan, 1917.

    Names of persons in photograph are unknown.
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    This is a photograph, looking East from the roof of the new library, about 1911 - 1914.

    Grand River Avenue is unpaved.
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    Carnegie Library, Howell, Michigan - May 21, 1918 Later known as Howell Carnegie District Library 314 W. Grand River Ave., Howell, Michigan
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    This is a photograph of the Howell Foundry and Machine Shop, 300 block of Grand RiverAvenue, Howell, Michigan. (West Grand River Avenue, west of Center Street).

    The foundry was opened in 1865 by John Galloway and George L. Clark, and they manufactured box, cook, and parlor stoves, plows and all types of agricultural castings.

    The foundry later burned down (~1900), and the property became the site of the Howell Carnegie District Library.

    The date of this photograph is unknown.  (inlibraryuseonly)
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    Howell Carnegie District Library - Expansion Model Unveiling July 7, 1988
    Howell, Michigan
    Osler/Milling Architects, Inc.
  • HCDL-ngp-L002-02-0138_u.jpg

    Howell Carnegie District Library - Expansion Model Unveiling July 7, 1988
    Howell, Michigan
    Osler/Milling Architects, Inc.
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