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  • HCDL-P002-1964-Melonpatch_u.jpg

    Melon Patch on Melonfest Parade Float in Howell, Michigan - 1964

    Left to Right: Judy Baldwin, rest are unknown
  • HCDL-P002-1979-Howell-Melon-Festival-Cookbook_m.pdf

    Howell Melon Cookbook , Howell, Michigan - 1979 compiled by the Howell Jaycee Auxiliary

    Compiled, edited, and typed by:

    Diane Blazon, Mary Lou Boutell, Pam Cunningham, Susan Jonckheere, Nancy Klynstra, Linda Koch, Isabel Light, Jill Moon, Lina Scott, Gretchen Shipley, Elaine Simo, Carol Thompson

    Names mentioned:

    Citizens Insurance Company, Lillian Craig Johns, August Schmitt, Hicksville farm, Willard Wiltse, Stanley Knight, Howard Dankers, Cliff Heller, Dr. May, Gerald Harmon, Stanley Dickson, Gene Burroughs, Les Merritt, Howard Gentry, Family Restaurant, Joe Harris, June Wroten, Toni Barger, Alice Neikirk, Barbara Jonckheere, Robert Frost
  • Screenshot 2022-09-14 131141.jpg

    In 2010 the Melon Festival, Howell, Michigan was 50 years old. Video of photos through the first 50 years of the Melon Festival, Howell, Michigan.

    • Through Their Eyes, Bradley Joseph
    • The Journey Continues, Background Music Artists

    • Honey Sweet Melon
    • August P. Schmitt
    • Joe Harris
    • Dr. Louis "Pat" May
    • Hicksville, Ohio
    • Howard Danker
    • Willard Wiltse
    • Stanley Knight
    • Patricia Dowen
    • Cliff Heller
    • Howell Livestock
    • Marathon Gas Station
    • Grand River Avenue
    • Melon Queen
    • Patsy Weller
    • Julie Allen
    • Garland's Mens
    • Miss Livingston 
    • Miss Melon Queen
    • Livingston County Courthouse
    • Howell Centennial
    • Eager's Restaurant
    • D & R Electric
    • Spagnuolo's Candy
    • Livingston Drugs
    • Baldwin's Hardware
    • Mayor Heller
    • Michigan Bell
    • W. D. Adams
    • Fred Catrell City Clerk
    • Goodnow's
    • First National Bank
    • Edison
    • Squadron 69
    • fire engines
    • Laverne Ott
    • Frank Ott
    • Elizabeth Ott
    • steam engine
    • color guard
    • Page Field
    • Elaine Copeland Farm Bureau Queen
    • Diamond Dot Market
    • Howell Jaycees
    • Howell High School Marching Band
    • Itsell's Clothing
    • Western Auto store
    • Campbell Discount store
    • Sutton's Hardware
    • Shippy's paint
    • Cub Scouts
    • Masonic Temple
    • Citizen's Insurance
    • Shriner's
    • Shrine Circus
    • Howell Theater
    • Standard Oil
    • Platypus
    • Phoenix
    • Livingston Arts & Craft Association
    • Esther Brown
    • Howell Carnegie Library
    • 5 K race
    • Melon Tent
    • State Street
    • Michigan Avenue
    • barbequed chicken
    • unknown persons
  • HCDL-P002-1971-Melonfest-Booklet_m.pdf

    11th Howell Melon Festival August 27, 28, 29 - 1971 Booklet, Howell, Michigan coordinated by Howell Jaycees.

    Names mentioned:

    W.B. Anderson,Stephen Banicki,John Bennett,Robert Bennett,Matthew Brady,Roderick Brown,Donald Burkel,Cameron Carter,Eugene Chandler,Ron Ciesielski,James Curran,Bill Dalton,Frederick Dillingham,Paul Evans,William Frel,Jack Gamble,David Grandstaff,Joseph Grostic,Douglas Heinze,Raymond Hollingsworth,Geff Hubbell,Dennis Hull,John lshler,Daniel Jaros,Jack Jeffreys,Roy Johnston,Kenneth Johnson,David Jonckheere,Michael Kelly,Thomas Kopylowski,John Andrews,Jim Saad,Paul Evans,Harold Howard,L. E. May,Joseph Richards,Dean Smith,Radney Tucker,Bill White,Bob Goodwell,Duane Boutell,Ken Wimmer,Henry Knoop,Ted Kredo,Stub Fryer,Tom Baczkiewicz,Ken Farmer,Leo Faust,Fred Dillingham,Phil Pettie,Alvin Lahti,Gary Lamb,Stanley Latrille,Rich LaVoie,Joseph Lotoff,Marty Lucas,Norm McDougal,Brian O' Callaghan,James O' Donnell,GeroId Patton,Donald Peltier,Phil Pettie,Adam Plizga,Joe Poznanski,Sam Ritter,David Rossetter,Jack Shuker,Kenneth Smith,Richord Smith,Duane Steele,Lester Stiner,Paul Streng,Bernard Teeters,Gordon Sweet,Allen Turske,Theodore Tylman,Rex Welty,Michael West,Paul Baldwin,Robert Kennedy,Albert Latson,Edword McPherson, Stan Dickson, Dr.Pat May, Scott Eason, Joe Harris, Jiggs Harmon, Tom Kizer, August Schmidt, Patricia Dowen, Duane Zemper, Kroger, Carmin Bailer, Melon Maids, Governor Williams, The Old Howell House, John Drury, Faulkwood Shores GolfCourse, Akin-Akin, Insurance, Specialty House Printing, Willard Wiltse, Knight, Danker, Michigan State University, Howell Honey Rock, Howell Spartan Melon, Adam's, A&P Store, Bob's Pharmacy, The Bee Hive Beauty Shop, Joan Carol Ladies Apparel, Grand Hair Fashions, Goodnow's Inc., Helen's Beauty Shop, Howell College of Cosmetology, The Sewing Basket, Jo Anne's Sportswear, First Federal Savings & Loan Association, Lud-Mor Shoes, Matthew's Pharmacy, McPherson State Bank, Pearl's Beauty Salon, The Village Shop, Sears Roebuck Catalog Store, Yax Jewelery, Vessio's, Zemper's, First National Bank of Howell, Kandahar Barn Resort at Elmira, The Lucky Duck Day Care Centers, American Legion, Howell Armory, Livingston County Historical Society, Livingston County Firefighters Mutual Aid Society, Roy Reiss, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Farm Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Bruce Love, Howell Fuelgas, Sweet Adilines, Welcom Wagon Women, Kiwanis, Jaycettes, Howell Co-op, Harold R. Howard Insurance Agency, Chem-Trend,Carpentry Engineering, Inc, Citizens, Oasis Standard, Dama Golf Club, Master-Cast Company, Citgo, Dave Rossetter, Lincoln National Life Insurance, Co., D. & J. Gravel Company, Joe Poznaski, Maxey School for Boys
  • HCDL-P002-1990-Library-Bookworm_u.jpg

    Howell Carnegie District Library Bookworm, Mr. McLong, in Melonfest Parade, Howell, Michigan - 1990.  Kids participating in summer reading were able to be a part of Mr. McLong marching in Melonfest parade. Looking east on Grand River Avenue in front of Livingston County Courthouse, Michigan.
  • HCDL-P002-1994-Melons-Vine_u.jpg

    Melons on the Vine for Melonfest, Howell, Michigan - 1994

    Caption: Melons still on the vine will soon be making an appearance @ the melon fest. Gallery They're Here....
  • HCDL-P002-1988-Melonfest-Race_u.jpg

    Runners in Melonfest Race - 1988
    Participants unknown.
  • HCDL-P002-1987-Kids-Rides_u.jpg

    Kids Ride During Melonfest, Howell, Michigan - 1987.

    Caption: Kelly Rumohr (4) squeals with delight on one of the kids' rides.
  • HCDL-P002-1987-Dominos-Wagon_u.jpg

    Domino's Pizza Wagon Pulled by Miniature Horses in Melonfest Parade in Howell, Michigan - 1987.  The wagon is carrying (Left to Right) Former State Representative Tom Sharpe, State Senator Fred Dillingham, and State Representative Susan Grimes Munsell. The location is in front of the Livingston County Courthouse, Howell, Michigan. Viewing east on Grand River.  Can see signs for  Clark station, Howell Theater, Sunoco Station, Antiques Mall, and Amber Lounge.
  • HCDL-P002-1985-Miss-America_u.jpg

    Miss America 1955 Lee Merriweather in Melonfest Parade in Howell, Michigan - 1985. Swanns storefront is visible in the background. The parade is on Grand River Avenue. View of current building.
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