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  • HCDL-ngp-P002-02-0019_u.jpg

    This is a photograph of a pre-1915 Parade in Howell, Michigan.  The view is of north side of West Grand River Avenue.  Storefronts are in the background and in the upper right corner the peak of the Livingston County Courthouse is visible.  Grand River Avenue is unpaved.  

    The date of the parade is unknown.
  • HCDL-bd-Virtual-Memorial-Day-Parade-May 25-2020-Howell_m.jpg

    Virtual Memorial Day Parade, Howell, Michigan on May 25, 2020 (HCDL-bd-Virtual-Memorial-Day-Parade-May 25-2020-Howell_m.mp4)

    Names or Places mentioned in video:
    American Legion Devereaux Post 141
    Major Gerald M. Bloomfield, II
    Army Staff Sgt. Paul J. Johnson
    Staff Sgt. Thomas Christiansen
    Marine Lance Cpl. Andrew J. Kilpela
    Navy Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Benjamin Castiglione
    SP4 Brent Nauss
    Army Staff Sgt. Gregory W. McCoy
    PFC Jason Meyer
    Marine Cpl. Mark D. Kidd
    Army PFC Wilson A. Algrim
    Howell High School Highlander Band
    Howell Veterans Organization
    Disabled Vets of American
    1st Lieutenant Madeline Lucas
    Melissa Beck, Livingston County Auxiliary Member of the Year
    Frank Munsell, Vietnam
    Wayne Moulton, Army
    Ruben Moulton, Korea
    Brent Wackerle, Air Force
    Bob Proulx, U.S. Navy
    Butch Raby, U. S. Navy
    Jim Reed, Vietnam
    Rex Sawyer, Vietnam
    Donald Banfield, U.S. Marine Corps
    Erv Suida, U.S. Army
    Scott Mannor, U.S. Army
    Michael Dunn, U.S. Marine Corps
    Austin Nash, U.S. Army
    Howell High School Jr. ROTC Program
    Howell Area Historical Society
    Livingston County Sheriff Department
    Livingston County Sheriff Mounted Division
    Howell Area Fire Department
    Boy Scouts of America
    City of Howell Police Department
    City of Howell Public Works
    Richard Lim
  • HCDL-P002-1990-Library-Bookworm_u.jpg

    Howell Carnegie District Library Bookworm, Mr. McLong, in Melonfest Parade, Howell, Michigan - 1990.  Kids participating in summer reading were able to be a part of Mr. McLong marching in Melonfest parade. Looking east on Grand River Avenue in front of Livingston County Courthouse, Michigan.
  • HCDL-P002-1987-Dominos-Wagon_u.jpg

    Domino's Pizza Wagon Pulled by Miniature Horses in Melonfest Parade in Howell, Michigan - 1987.  The wagon is carrying (Left to Right) Former State Representative Tom Sharpe, State Senator Fred Dillingham, and State Representative Susan Grimes Munsell. The location is in front of the Livingston County Courthouse, Howell, Michigan. Viewing east on Grand River.  Can see signs for  Clark station, Howell Theater, Sunoco Station, Antiques Mall, and Amber Lounge.
  • HCDL-P002-1985-Miss-America_u.jpg

    Miss America 1955 Lee Merriweather in Melonfest Parade in Howell, Michigan - 1985. Swanns storefront is visible in the background. The parade is on Grand River Avenue. View of current building.
  • HCDL-P002-1983-Melonfest-HHSBand_u.jpg

    Howell High School, Howell, Michigan Pom-pom Squad Leads Band in Melonfest Parade - 1983. Viewing east on Grand River. Can see the United Way sign on the left.
  • HCDL-P002-1973-Mini-Bikes_u.jpg

    Keystone Cop Shriners on Mini-Bikes in Melonfest Parade, Howell, Michigan - 1973. The parade is on Grand River Avenue looking east.
  • HCDL-P002-1963-Melonfest-Float_u.jpg

    Michigan Bell float for the Melonfest parade, Howell, Michigan - 1963. Viewing west on Grand River Avenue and can see the courthouse clock tower in the background and the Edison building. In 2022, Coratti's Pizza is located at the Edison building site. View location.
  • HCDL-P002-1963-Melonfest-DiamondDot_u.jpg

    A photo of the Diamond Dot Market parade float, a covered wagon pulled by a pair of work horses. for the combined Melonfest and Michigan Centennial parade in Howell, Michigan in 1963. The parade was on Grand River Avenue.
  • HCDL-ngp-W001-03-0035_u.jpg

    A  photograph labeled WWI Draft Parade.
    Location: Grand River Avenue, Howell, Livingston, Michigan.  Looking west,
    Unknown participants

    The Draft Board of Livingston County called to Howell and sent away to the service about 460 men (“Honor Roll of Livingston County 1917-1918”) during World War I.  Most of these men were sent to Camp Custer in Battle Creek.   The first quota of approximately forty men was sent to Camp Custer mid September 1917.   On the home front in Livingston County, each group of draftees had a send off parade in Howell, Livingston, Michigan.

     The Livingston Republican provided the details of these parades which were similar in participants, attendees, and onlookers.  The first parade took place on September 27, 1917.  The parades usually had three bands, the Howell City Band, Ayre’s Martial Band, and the Conway Cornet Band, a contingent of G.A.R. veterans, pupils from Howell city schools, local businessmen, automobiles, and members of the Knights Templar post.  In 1918, the Red Cross Ladies joined the parade.  The purpose of the parades was to show support for the draftees and the U.S. effort in the war. 

    The World War I Draft Parade usually formed in North Division Street, marched north to Higgins Street, east to Court Street, south to Grand River Avenue, west to Chestnut St., then countermarched on Grand River Avenue to Division Street, turning south to Brooks Street, east to Fleming Street, then south to the Pere Marquette station. There appears to have been at least five parades, as documented in  The Parades took place in the morning as the Draftees needed to arrive for a 8:57AM departure from the station for Lansing and Fort Custer in Battle Creek. 

    The Photographs featured are labeled World War I Draft Parade.  

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