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    These photographs were taken following fire at the Pivot-Malloy Recycling Plant, 631 Dearborn Street, Howell, Michigan, July 21, 1918.

    The plant recycled plastic bottles from the Pepsi Cola Plant.  Cleveland Metal Abrasives Company formerly occupied this site.

    Livingston County Press & Argus/image/454328592/?terms=%22631%20Dearborn%22&match=1  (in library use only)

    Livingston County Press & Argus/image/454443051/?terms=%22Pivot-Malloy%22&match=1 (in library use only)
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    This is a series of aerial photographs of the Pepsi-Cola Metropolitian Bottling Company, Inc., McPherson Industrial Park, Howell, Michigan, Aerial Photos, 1983.

    In photo 0024, the view is looking east with the Pepsi-Cola Plant in the foreground.  In view 0025, looking northeast over the city of Howell, Thompson Lake is in the background.  Views 0026 through 0028, the view is looking north.  Finally, in photo 0023, the view is looking east with I-96 Expressway in the foreground, and Thompson Lake in the background.  In each photo, the Pepsi Plant is in view as well as the McPherson Industrial Park.
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    This group of photographs documents the construction in 1970 of the new Pepsi-Cola Metropolitan Bottling Company, Inc., canning plant.  The plant was built on a 21 acre parcel in the McPherson Industrial Park at 755 McPherson Park Drive, Howell, Michigan.  The building was 73,000 square feet, and at the time was the largest bottler in Michigan.
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