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    H. H. Mills & Son store build in the 1850's. Michigan Avenue north of Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan. Destroyed by fire in 1882.

    H. H. Mills was a son-in-law of Wm McPherson Sr.

    Photo shows adjoining building, store windows, merchandise, pedestrians. The building to the left is ? Daniels Restaurant and the building to the right is a hardware store.
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    These photographs were taken when a garbage truck caught on fire on South Michigan, Howell, Michigan,  across from Zemper Studio, 1980.  The truck and garbage in the streets is noted, and also there is a picture of the City of Howell Fire Department truck.
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    This is a picture of the 100 block of North Walnut where in May 1941 a fire damaged the Ten Cent Barn at 115 North Walnut, and Charlie's Steak House at 113 North Walnut Street, Howell, Michigan.

    The Livingston County Press and Argus/image/454510736/?terms=%22Charlie%27s%20steak%22%20fire&match=1  (in library use only).
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    This photograph was taken of the Pere Marquette Elevator/Freight Warehouse fire, 5-27-1909.   The fire started on 5/26/1909.   C. J. Jewett is noted at the fire.  In the foreground are the railroad tracks.   

    The Livingston Daily Press & Argus/image/453052459/?terms=Fire%20Marquette%22&match=1  (inlibrary use only).
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    Fire Chief Karl Welcker and Theodore Briggs climbing a ladder during a fire in the Howell Bowling Alley. The fire caused extensive damage to the top floor of the building. A crowd has gathered to observe.
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    These photographs were taken of the October 21st, 1947 fire at the Howell Bowling Alleys, Howell, Michigan.  The names of the persons in the pictures are unknown.

    The owner of the "Howell Bowling Alleys" was Charles Domine.  Several months later, construction was started on a new bowling alley on East Grand River Avenue near Fair Street.  The building was the property of Fred Cronenwett, and was adjacent to the Ude Sweet Shoppe at 213 East Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan.

    The Livingston County Press & Argus/image/454007351/?terms=%22bowling%20alley%22fire&match=1  (in library use only).
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    These photographs are of the fire at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Alizon,  2925 West Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan, March 8, 1954.  The house was built in 1927, and was deemed a total loss.

    The Livingston County Press and Argus, image/453654829/?terms=%22Alizon&match=1 (in library use only).
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    These photographs are of 809 North Michigan Avenue, Howell, Michigan, January 1962, following a housefire at this address.  Dr. Hollis Sigler perished in the fire.

    The Livingston Daily Press & Argus/image/454345935/?terms=%22Sigler%20fire%22  (in library use only).
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    On March 16th, 1946, the 100 year old Four Mile House inn, 4020 West Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan was destroyed by a fire.  These photographs were taken during and after the fire.

    The March 20th 1946 Edition of the Livingston County Daily Press and Argus described the event.  "The 100 year old Four Mile House, one of the historic landmarks of Livingston County burned to the ground March 16.  Officers were of the opinion the blaze might have been set by boisterous patrons to who the management had refused to sell beer.   The building was erected as a toll gate and later became a stage coach stop on the old plank road.  For a numbers of years, it had been used as a tavern. John Truhn was in charge of the establishment during the absence of Mr. Shelters (Irving), the owner".

    Some time (1942) prior, the front of the building was wrecked by a windstorm, and, the article noted, during the summer months, while awaiting repair, patrons were "served their beer in an open front room".

    Mr. Shelter did rebuild the Four Mile House, and it reopened in November 1946.

    Grand River Avenue is visible in the photographs; the other building is unknown.
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    This is a photograph of a barn fire north of Howell, Michigan, 1953.

    The date and exact location are unknown.
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